My sociology presentation on Gender Socialization/Gender Roles in My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic.
No critique wanted on this, it was done quickly haha.
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Giving a big presentation tomorrow on Europa and Enceladus. One might suppose I’d be nervous but I actually feel pretty good about it.

"I’d like to start off with a joke… how does NASA get ready for a party? They planet."

"And so the tidal forces allow for liquid water. It wouldn’t be much of a STRETCH to say there could be a biosphere."

Can you say hostage audience?

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Is there a way too booast your confidence, i have a speech soon and i really want to feel confident when talking in front of people.

-Stop caring about what other people think. - A professor told me a long time ago that most people hardly pay attention or would even remember your presentation in class (assuming your talking about a class speech).

-Know what you are talking about. - If you are afraid you’ll mess up, make sure you know the in’s and out’s of what you are talking about. For my English paper/presentation, I wrote about the life cycle of cicadas. I did hours of researching and knew far more than I had to know for that presentation/paper. But it felt good to know, that you know what you are talking about.

-Your audience is ignorant. - The term ignorant has negative connotations, but what it does mean is that your audience lacks knowledge that you must give them in your speech. That means if it sounds like you know what you are talking about then they will believe you know what you are talking about.

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ok so im a trans boy and i like wearing skirts and eyeliner and i want to talk about my identity w my parents i want to be open so i can finaLLY get a binder and be referred to as 'he' but they wouldnt take me seriously since i literally wear makeup every day and it s like? ? ? am i not a boy am i wrong about my identity i want to pass as a boy but i cant if i do these things can i ?? i dont know i just want to wear eyeliner and be called 'he' is that too much to ask for or am i not trans helP

Ren says:

You are absolutely trans!!! There’s a lot of feminine trans boys and it doesn’t invalidate your identity at all. <3