heres to the kids who have oral presentations coming up and struggle with social anxiety

heres to the kids that are prepping for exams and are completely stressed

heres to the kids who have asthma and want to try out for that team but are afraid they’ll fail

heres to the kids who fake being sick to skip school

heres to the kids who have to dress in a dress code/uniform that doesn’t flatter their body and makes them uncomfortable

heres to the kids who say high school is the worst four years of their lives

you’re all going to be okay and I love you all

23/04 // 1:21pm Chai latte, raspberry candle, yoghurt covered fruit balls and my Aboriginal Studies presentation. Weather where I live in Australia has been incredibly crazy lately - category 2 cyclone and flooding, meaning that I haven’t done a lot of uni work lately. Had to go outside in the storm and cut down our beloved gum tree as it was starting to uproot our backyard!

Please, help me, this is very important to me!😔

Ok, so today at high school, I had to do a presentation about a topic our teacher made us choose. One of those topics was “Same sex couples”, which I really like it, so I chose this one, and my presentation started. I used photos of men kissing each others and girls happily married, and I explained all of the sexualities that exist. All of them. I was explaining what being agender means, but suddenly, the teacher interrupted me. She’s an old Catholic homophobic woman who said that being agender wasn’t real. I tried to explain her what that meant once more, as all of my classmates already understood it and thought it was ok, but she said that she’s going to make my mark lower because I used some “disturbing” and “violent” pics without asking her in the first place, and that my presentation was very boring and that agender people didn’t exist at all. Please, I need your help. I can’t get a low mark on this subject, I worked very hard in my presentation. And it’s so unfair that she doesn’t support my point of view, which is the same as everyone in my class. I can’t get a lower mark. I need to have this mark so I can study what I want. Please, if you think this is unfair, and you think I deserve to have the grade I deserve, reblog this. I’ll show it to my high school’s principal. I totally support the LGBT community and I don’t want this woman to ruin my future😞

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Do you have any tips on for appearing male? I mostly identify as male & Im very sick of not being taken seriously as bigender I am shy, giggly, 'fangirl', easily embarrassed & feminine. my best friend is the worst at taking me seriously as a demiboy Ive talked to him multiple times about it hopefully presenting myself better will help me show that my identity is serious. I havent been able to buy a binder yet but I am cutting my hair, thank you so much<3 tag: #ryanon

Here’s a list of tips. You can do some of them or all of them depending on what makes you most comfortable.

  • Bind your chest
    • you don’t have to do this, but breasts are what often “gives away” people who are trying to pass as a cis male.
    • never bind with ace bandages
  • Bind your hips
    • I’ve never done this but I think wearing spanx or compression shorts can minimize the curves of hips and thighs if that worries you
  • Pack
    • you could look into buying a packer, or just use a sock. I’ve never done this so I can’t help you much here sorry.
  • Wear layers on your upper half to minimize chest
    • vests, button downs, button ups, hoodies and jackets are good for layering
    • avoid clingy fabric
    • avoid words across your chest
  • Camouflage your hips
    • avoid fabric that emphasizes your hips
    • darker colors are better
    • find a happy medium between skin tight and baggy - you want to have your leg shape shown, but not overemphasized
  • Walk from your shoulders, not from your hips (minimize swaying)
  • Don’t be afraid to take up space
  • Speak without elevation at the end (eg. “Hi, my name is Bion” rather than “Hi, my name is Bion?”)

Hope this helps,


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I'm transmale and I had a fight with my cousin who said I'm not allowed to wear makeup. Is it okay that I wear makeup? How can I convince him that it's okay if it is?

Ren says:

Why would it not be okay for you to wear makeup? Ask him that. How does it make you any less of a guy? Would he be less of a guy if he put assorted minerals, water, and pigments on his face? Why would he be? Why would you be?

There is literally no reason why anyone cannot or should not wear makeup, unless they are allergic to it. That would be ill-advised. Anyone who tells you that you cannot or should not wear makeup needs to be asking themselves why they’re so stuck on that concept.