As we grow we lose people in our lives that we thought we would have by our sides forever but it’s not really a loss. These people helped you evolve into who you are today. Try to be grateful of the time spent together. Someday everything we love will die, so love endlessly, even the temporary.
—  Me, APT
I'm done dwelling in the past. It's time to move forward.

For a few months now I was downright depressed because of the fact that everyone around me was in a committed relationship, engaged, or married and have a kid right now. It was hard to even see my sisters with their boyfriends on a daily basis, and my dogs for gawds sake. I’ve had a lot of heartbreaks, rejections, and blunt disappointments in the past…and for awhile, I regret it. I truly did. I’ve learned that regrets just lead to self-misery, affliction, woe, and grief, if you will.

But, you know what? I’m done with it. I’m done. I’m cutting out all of the toxicity in my life. It’s time to turn the page onto the next chapter in life. There’s no dwelling in the past anymore. It’s okay that I’m single. :] I’m happy, I love myself, and when ‘the one' finally walks into my life, I'll know it. I have this outright feeling I will.

Until then, I’m grateful for all of my wonderful friends AND followers, for showing me that I’m worth something. You guys won’t ever let me forget it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything; You saved me, and have given me life.

To say the least, I’ve burned a lot of bridges in my day. What’s done is done; I cannot truly repair a bridge back to perfection, but I’m happy to say I’ve made amends to all those past bridges. That, I am grateful for. Flipping onto the next chapter in life. :D