“I’m a preschool teacher, and my students are still obsessed with the movie Frozen. They love the music, so we decided to sing it on the bus one day without the soundtrack. When we got to "Let It Go,” one of my students told me I sounded just like Elsa and had to be a Disney princess in disguise. Those words spoke volumes to me because as a child, the other girls told me I was too weird to ever be a princess. Being one was always my dream, and now I’m one in disguise every day for my students.“

Today, a three-year-old and I bonded over the facts that our favorite rock is snowflake obsidian, our favorite bugs are tarantulas, and our favorite Batman villain is the Penguin. We are also both fans of protoceratops, though she prefers carnivorous dinosaurs. This is your daily reminder to chat with preschool age girls about their interests when you meet them and not just tell them that you like their outfits, because you might be missing out on all the cool things that three-year-old girls have to say!

Free Online Training: Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (10 hour training with an emphasis on working with young children who have experienced trauma)

PCIT is an evidence-based behavioral intervention for young children (ages 2– 7) and their caregivers that focuses on decreasing externalizing child behavior problems (e.g., defiance, aggression), increasing social skills and cooperation, and improving the parent-child attachment relationship. It teaches parents how to set up play sessions that promote bonding, to use social reinforcers of positive behavior and traditional behavior management skills to decrease negative child behavior.  Done with fidelity, the therapist watches the parent-child interaction through a two-way mirror and provides coaching with a headset/ear-piece on how to work therapeutically with the child, but the basic skills taught in this intro training could easily be incorporated into any treatment plan.

Getting ready for the little one’s week off of school! Just because he’s not in pre-k for the week doesn’t mean I am letting him slack off. :)

He has learned his letters and asks me all the time how to spell things. He loves it. So, I made an easy “game” (if I call it a game, he will do it. Obviously) where he finds the clothespins with the matching letters to form various words. I included a picture so he would be able to identify what the word is that he is spelling.



Decorating home made chocolate chip cookies with Mummy & Camilla.

Yesterday we had a visit from the lovely Camilla and she bought round all the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies. 
Lucas napped whilst we prepared the cookie dough and baked the huge amount of cookie dough, we underestimated much dough we would get out of the recipe we used. 
After baking cookies for over an hour, we let them cool and heard the baby waking from his nap. 

We let Lucas decorate his first biscuit! I iced it and gave him some sprinkles, he picked them up and played with them and some went on and then Camilla helped him and showed him what to do. 

We saved it so daddy could see it when he got home, and daddy was very impressed. we also saved some biscuits for daddy. 
We then enjoyed a cuppa tea and Lucas enjoyed a refreshing cold drink in his beaker. 

What a lovely afternoon and delicious biscuits.
I love capturing “firsts” it means so much and i’m now changing my shifts at work to 2 night shifts so I don’t miss out on as many “firsts” and more family time for us and more time to spare with friends.

love, peace, and wisdom
have touched countless hearts and minds,
shaping the future

“the teacher”
(for mom)

This is her college graduation photo from 1975.
She was a special education preschool teacher,
but has since retired.  No one can tear that woman
away from the schools.  She still substitute teaches.


It was Daddy Donut Day at Phia’s school today. She made me a tie and drew a picture of us together. It was so fun to sit with her (and some friends) to eat a Donut,. Then she showed me how they do “work” and we built a tower and village with blocks. She did NOT want me to leave, of course, but I eventually manged to get away with some help from Ms. Candice and promises that I’d be back soon to pick her up.