”Hello!” Beamed a boy as he walked up to Nico. Nico looked around confused, maybe he was talking to someone else. Nobody had talked to Nico the entire day. He didn’t mind too much though, he liked being isolated.

It was Nico’s first day of preschool, and frankly, it wasn’t as fun as everyone made it out to be. Story time, wow the little engine could, big deal. Art, coloring, he could do that at home if he wanted too, which he didn’t. Music, a pitchy song of the ”Itsy bitsy spider.” And lunch, that food was gross. It was now playtime and all he was doing was sitting in the corner all alone.

”Are you talking to me?” Nico asked pointing to himself. The boy nodded enthusiastically and joined Nico on the floor.

”I’z been wonderen why you being all alone and stuff,” the boy answered.

Nico shrugged. ”I guess because nobody like me…”

”Wells, I likes you.”

”But,” Nico said looking up at the boy, ”you’s don’t even knows me.”

”So, that don’t mean we’s can’t be freind’s” The boy reassured.

”Okay!” Nico jumped up, for once happy to be there.

”I Jason.” The boy, Jason, thrust out his hand. Nico shook it.


”Well Nico,” Jason poked him on the shoulder, ”tag, you’re it!” He laughed, racing away.

”No fair!” Nico complained, but chased after the boy anyways.

They played tag for the rest of playtime. Jason also laid next to Nico during nap time and  held his hand when Nico couldn’t fall asleep. Jason even shared his cookies and juice box during snack time. Nico was actually genuinely sad when it was time to leave.  

”That’s my sister…” Nico said sullenly as Bianca entered the classroom.

”So you gots to go bye-bye?” Jason said, his tone matching Nico’s.

”Yeah,” Nico paused but then brightened up,”But, I’ll see you tomorrow right?”

”Course!” Jason also perked up,

”Nico, come on!” Bianca called.

”Ok bye-bye,” Jason said encasing Nico in a warm hug and giving him a kiss on the cheek. Nico blushed but tried not to show it as he raced to his sister.

”Bye-bye!” Nico called as he waved behind him, Bianca grabbing hold of his other hand and leading him outside.

”So I see you found yourself a friend,” she observed.

”Yeah! His name Jason. He’s pretty isn’t he?”

Bianca looked a little shocked at first but then smiled, ”Yeah, I guess he is. You know his sister, Thalia, is in my archery class. I could set you two up a play date if you want.”

Nico jumped up. ”Yeah!” He cheered. ”I could show him my Mythomagic cards, and we could play tag, and hold hands, and have cookies, and…” The list went on and on as the siblings walked home. Bianca was thrilled that her little brother had finally found a friend and was for once happy.

i had to leave work for a while today

because i had to take care of some important business.

when i got back, my five-year-olds all wanted to know where i had been.  so i told them i had to go do some work so that i can get married.  they wanted to know:

"are you going to marry a he or a she?"

i told them i was going to marry another girl.  they all said, “wowwww!!”

and then they told me about all the plans they had also been making recently to marry each other, and how some of them were going to have two-to-five people in their marriages, and how jeez, that was gonna be like, a lot of work.

i’m just thinking about how unbelievable it is that i was able to tell my students my news.  this is not at all how i envisioned being granted the right to marry the person i love.  but i have a lot of hope about the future.