At a meeting for my #UnitarianUniversalist church - there are #Christians, and #Athiests and people of all ages and backgrounds - we don’t argue or promote any negativity. We are open to all cultures and we learn about the spirituality of all different walks of life. I love my #faith. :) I was raised #UU from age 9, but spent 5 years in a #Presbytarian #Christian youth group with my friends @_Allioop_ and @LaurenRoth14. I see the truth in all ways of thinking. ♈️♉️♊️♋️♌️💠➿♿️🚻🚾🚹 #UU #Spirituality #Love #Happiness (at United Church of Christ In Petaluma)

alright, I decided..I decided that I’ll fast on tumblr. And also, no more meat on Fridays. I’m constantly on tumblr (I’m probably addicted >_> hahahaha) , so I might as well limit myself. I won’t go on all week, except Sundays. I wasn’t really informed about Ash wednesday, and none of my family is doing it ._. (probably because it’s mostly applied to Catholics. ) but hey, why not. I want to challenge myself, as well as not be completely away from my religion. I’m one of the most irreligious people I know OTL. I don’t even remember the last time I fasted. So this year, I’ll follow it.