Crossed (Crossed 0.5) by Lacy Silks

Crossed by Lacey Silks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lacy Silks has delivered an incredibly hot romance, with danger, suspense and some mystery in this series prequil.

Emma Cross’s best freind Gracie has come to the attaention of Emma’s co-worker Hunter. Hunter Reeve,a former navy seal and an agent working for Cross Investigations, not only does she turn out to be a person of intrest in the current case Hunter is working.Hunter is incredibly attracted to Grace, simply just seeing her across has him picturing all the things he would like to di to her and with her, but first he needs an introduction.

Grace’s estranged family is involved in some very questionable business and Hunter feels she may need protection from them and what they are involved ;in so before leaving for an undercover op he secures a promise from Emma of an introduction.

Three months later Hunter returns but,she is not the man he was, Emma takes him to Grace’s salon to be cleaned up before heading of to a mental institution. At first glance Grace sees a caveman, long hair , long beard, dirty and in dirty clothes and figures she should start him with a shower, which leads to him totally naked in the shower and her washing his hair fully clothed.
From, this point on Hunter comes out of his silent stupor and these two can not seem to keep their hands of of each other.(bring your fan, you are going to need it!)

Hunter is all in but as much as Grace is into Hunter she tries to keep her expectations low and who can blame her, she is recovering from a pretty bad loss and to add to that her estranged family is trying to pull her into their dirty business deals. Thank goodness for Hunter, Gracie’s Safety is paramount.

As the plot line is revealed, you learn more and more about gracies crazy family Dynamic and how she became close to Emma and her family.

Great read, do not miss out!

Arc graciously provided by MyLit Publishing via Netgalley.

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