Pages from the Top 10: The Forty-Niners. Written by Alan Moore, drawn by me, colors by Art Lyon. Art is on Tumblr at artlyon

The Forty-Niners is a prequel to the present day set comics series Top 10, also written by Moore. My layout artist from Top 10 Zander Cannon didn’t work on this one, but he is the model for both young Jet Lad/Steve Traynor and for the precinct’s captain Doctor Omega.

anonymous said:

Hi! Can you do a background story to the mafia one you wrote with JB? Like what made Jackson join his gang and how JB fell for you? Thanks! xx

So this is the prequel to Can You Save Me.^^

* * *

You were only ten at that time when your parents died in a mysterious car accident off on an abandoned road. It was all put into play and the real mystery on how they ended up there was never found. No tire tracks were found on the roads nor was it on other roads near it. Fingerprints couldn’t be identified and the stab wounds from your parents seem to have bled somewhere else before placed into the car and disguised up as a “car accident”. You were young, so you couldn’t understand anything except know that you were now on your own with your older brother Jackson.

You and Jackson went from orphanage to orphanage, escaping each one due to strict rules or being held back. Jackson was quite the trouble maker, causing trouble wherever you both went. You couldn’t blame him for acting the way he was. The death of your parents took a hard hit to him than it did to you. Sometimes, you found yourself sleeping comfortably in a bed and other times, you were sleeping in an abandon building downtown. It was always like this; moving everywhere and getting into trouble. You couldn’t really stop Jackson because he was the only one left of your family. And you feared that if you said or did something wrong, he would leave you alone.

Since you two ran everywhere, Jackson knew you didn’t like to always rely on him to defend you. You wanted to defend yourself. He taught you hand-to-hand combat based on what he observed from military officials, helped you with your aiming skills, and even taught you a little or two about how to con people and so on. Everyday, you were becoming a little rebel just like him with common sense and to know when to defend yourself when you need to. The tricks he taught you and how to fight back were used little unless you were in a dire situation that called for it. Other than that, you just ran with Jackson, letting him handle everything that you knew he could do on his own than use a second hand to help.

About the age of 17, Jackson ended up messing with the wrong gang by robbing their small headquarter clean and telling you that you both will be able to live the way you both wanted to long ago. You stared at him with a brief case in his arms.

"Jackson…how did you-"

"They’re not smart," he said as he opened it to reveal a bunch of cash, neatly stacked next to one another to total up to $3 million dollars.

"Jackson! We’re going to get our asses killed!" you exclaimed, closing the case and staring at him. His face was always full of dirt, cuts, and dried up blood.

"They won’t find us here. Come on, we have to leave now," he said. You shook your head and laced up your shoes as you tossed him his backpack.

"Jackson, this isn’t the life mom and dad wants us to live," you said coldly as you tied your hair back.

"And how would you know? Mom and dad always told us to fight in order to survive in this shithole right?"

"Not like this. I’m tired of moving from place to place, leaving something behind for people like them to find us. You’re going to get us killed," you said as you gave him a cold look.

"This was the only choice! You want to be held back all the time and never be allowed to do what you want to do? The world we live in is fucked up. Wherever you go, you fight to win," he said as he looked at you. You sighed and began to unzip an empty duffle bag, helping Jackson place all the cash in it and destroy the brief case. This wasn’t what you wanted; to always have to savage in order to get what you want or fight to live. But what could you do when society had two classes and labeled you for where you grew up? So in a sense, Jackson was kind of right.

Soon, a bullet shot through the window of the building you both were hiding at and you cursed under your breath, peeking through the broken glass to see a hoard of men in suits surrounding the place.

"This place is surrounded! What are we going to do?!" you asked him. Jackson zipped up the bag and began to tie his black bandanna around his face, only to reveal his eyes. You knew what he was going to do and you began to tie your bandanna around your face, opening the door and quickly running down to the main floor scoping out to see if anyone was near the back entrance.

Soon, a loud explosion shook the ground and Jackson came running downstairs. You kicked down the back door and ran, telling Jackson to go first as you protected him from behind, loading your gun and aiming precisely at each enemy, targeting the leg, chest, and even head if you were lucky. As they were all down, you both made it to an empty road that you swore you would never walk on. You stopped and saw Jackson running, face full of black soot and cuts.

"Come on, ______! It’s been almost eight years!" he called. You sighed and began to run after him until a car came into your vision. You quickly jumped to the other side, tumbling to be helped up by Jackson.

"Don’t move," said a voice as guns were pointed at you. Jackson stared while you aimed your gun back, knowing a mere pistol couldn’t compete against their rifles and machine guns. You gave Jackson a look and he shook his head, his eyes saying he has no idea who they were and that he isn’t sure they’re affiliated with the others.

"What’s in the bag?" asked the guy with jet black hair as he approached you two. It was getting dark and you couldn’t tell who this guy is or how he even looked like.

"Nothing," you quickly said, knowing it was a cheap shot at a lie that could be seen. Jackson dropped the bag while a guy with semi-light brown hair opened it to reveal the cash. Any minute now, you expect to be shot and left to decay on a road that no one uses.

"Holy shit, how did you get this?" he asked. The black haired man lowered his gun and you lowered yours a bit, still holding it at him as you watched him walk over to the duffle bag.

"Did you steal this from those bastards at that headquarter in the sectors?" he asked.

"Sort of," answered Jackson. The guy let out a chuckle and unloaded his gun, making you sigh as you unloaded yours as well, standing next to Jackson as you eyed these two strangers. Who the hell were they and why do they seem so interested in the money? Well, anyone would, but the way their eyes widened when they saw it and the way he referred to those guys back there as "bastards" could mean that they either knew them, were enemies, or just planned to rob them clean some day.

"You know that getting in is kind of difficult unless you’re lucky enough to get to the back," he said as he looked at Jackson.

"I did go through the back and destroyed their security cams. And from there, I just saw this brief case of cash sitting in a room, stole it, and left." The black haired man let out a low laugh as he sucked in his breath between his teeth, standing up and stuck out his hand.

"I’m Jaebum but you can call me JB if you want. This is Mark. We need someone like you with us," he said as Jackson reached out to shake his hand. You gawked at what was going on and wondered if Jackson just shook hands with the devil in disguise. You were utterly confused and had no idea what was going on.

"I’m Jackson and this is my sister, ______. I think joining your group would be-"

"A stupid thing to do. Just take your money and leave us alone. We’re not getting our asses tracked down and murdered because of your dumb recruit to have him in your gang or whatever you are in," you stated as you gave him a look.

"Ouch. Listen, I’m not like them. So why won’t you let your brother decide and you stay quiet, okay?"

"You little-" Jackson quickly pulled you to the side and you heard him let out a low chuckle that got you fired up. Jackson looked at you and you sighed, still having an urge to beat his face into the ground.

"Listen to me for once, okay? Me joining their gang can save us from having to move from city to city. We won’t have to savage for anything or continue wearing ripped clothes and having to fight to live. If I agree with them, the life you always wanted will be given to you, okay? I know mom and dad are angry with me for the way I acted these last years, but they’ll be acceptable to know I’m putting my life on the line for my little sister. So just hear me out and we’ll see what happens from there, okay?" His little speech hit you in the heart and you glanced at the floor, hating Jackson for making you feel like this.

"Just…don’t die, okay? And if that Jaebum guy tries to do anything funny, I’m going to put a bullet through his skull," you muttered.

"I don’t think you’ll need to do that. He may seem cold at first, but he has the vibe of a good guy."

You sighed and walked back with Jackson. He told Jaebum he agreed to join his gang and he smiled, taking you both into his car and driving you to the city where he made quick arrangements to have two apartments saved for two important people and so on. As you stared out the window, you closed your eyes and pleaded with the heavens and your parents to watch over Jackson as he just sighed a contract with the devil. The ride there was full of questions thrown at Jackson rather than you. You didn’t mind. You couldn’t trust these people just yet.

The city came into view and it was what people had described it; rich, big, and noisy. You felt embarrassed to now live here. Everyone wore the latest designer clothes and walked on the grounds like they own the place. Their clothing attire was completely different from yours and you felt out of place to even be able to have been bought here. Soon, the car made a turn into the darker parts of the city and entered a garage of a tall building. You then all walked into the elevator and was bought up to the main lobby where everything was color-coordinated with monochrome colors and occasionally a dash of red here and there.

"This is our headquarters. Say anything about this location to anyone and you will be punished with death," he began. You knew truly that Jackson just sighed a contract with the devil.

"If you don’t know, I am Im Jaebum; the leader of a big mafia clan that usually stays under cover, but you probably heard of me in the sectors, right?"

"Sometimes," you muttered.

"Great. So you know not to get on my bad side, right?" he asked as he mainly stared at you. You were about to say something until Jackson squeezed your hand and you held back your tongue.

"Anyway, tomorrow you will begin your first mission with us. Mark will explain everything to you in that room over there. I expect you to be here by eight in the morning and what time will we return? Depends how everything turns out. Plans will always change or backfire, so be prepared.”

"Why do you sound like you have hope in me when I am not like the rest?" asked Jackson.

"Because you’re a natural and I can tell from the way you took out all those guys back there and stole back our money. I didn’t give a proper thank you, so thank you," he grinned. You felt your heart drop slightly to see such a horrible guy like him have such a beautiful smile. And the more you looked at him, the more you realized he is actually very handsome. You quickly looked away before he turned to you.

"And for you…we don’t want you to just lie around being…useless, right?” he asked as he emphasized on the word ‘useless’. You stood up and stared into his eyes, the others double-taking to see if they saw a bolt of electricity connect you two as the atmosphere got dense and serious.

"What the hell is wrong with your attitude?" you gritted.

"Nothing’s wrong with it. Maybe it’s the way you’re interpreting it," he winked as he stepped back. You really didn’t like this guy considering he’s being a pain in the ass. You looked at Jackson and he shrugged, knowing he couldn’t do anything. You sighed and sat back down, staring down at Jaebum.

"So what are you skilled in?" he asked.

"Kicking your ass," you simply replied, snickers made after your answer.

"Cute. You can use the spare training room over there to train if you want to or you can spend your time in the headquarter’s personal hospital on the top floor. Maybe you can find being there useful since it’s kind of where you belong," he grinned as he buttoned up his blazer and began to get ready to leave.

"You’re such a f-"

”______! Please!” said Jackson as he placed a finger to his lips to shush you and to warn you not to loose it. You let out a loud sigh and tossed your hands in the air, getting up as you went to the training room. As you slammed the door shut, you belted out every single cuss word aimed towards Jaebum and screamed. You then took off your t-shirt to reveal a black tank-top underneath. You found some wrist wraps and wrapped them around your hands as you began to punch the punching bag, practicing how hard you can hit and to blow some steam.

* * *

You arrived at the top floor after getting cleaned up. You decided to give your new clothes a try so you just wore a pair of light blue jeans and a thin white sweater with the sleeves colored black. Your hair was tied up as you wore your black converse. You looked around the hospital, surprised to see how large and clean it was. Soon, you bumped into someone and apologized, helping pick up some papers.

"Ah! You must be ______, right?" asked the woman who was in her late sixties.

"Yeah. How do you know?" you asked.

"Jaebum told me to find your medical records to see if you needed any shots or medicine if your health was low. I’m Elder Lee by the way," she said with a smile. You raised your eyebrow and handed her the papers.

"Really? And it’s nice to meet you," you said a bit surprised that Jaebum had a sense to worry about your health.

"And your health seems fine from what your records says. What brings you here?" she asked.

"Thought I learn some basics and help around if I can be a use of help," you answered. She gave you an eye smile that reminded how your mother would smile at you. A wave of nostalgic feeling of your parents washed over you, but you quickly shook it off.

"You can learn how to properly clean cuts and to bandage them. That seems to be the only thing we really have to worry about than major wounds."

"Oh. So they would usually come back with cuts and scratches rather than internal bleeding and broken bones?" you asked, hearing her laugh a bit. You smiled a bit, relieved to be able to talk to someone normal after so long. You even forgot how it felt to hold a conversation with someone else other than Jackson with the topic of where are you both going to go next.

"You’d be surprised. Jaebum is really kind to accept Jackson into his group," she said as she began to roll up bandages. You helped her and watched her carefully before trying it out yourself.

"I wanted Jackson to disagree, but his words made me give in. And Jaebum is such an ass," you quietly said.

"He’s like that that you first meet him. Once you get to know him better, he’s a nice guy."

"Nice guy? He basically called me useless!" you said as you clenched your fists.

"Jaebum is like that to people he likes," she chuckled a bit, "he acts like a jerk because he doesn’t know how to be honest with his feelings."

"L-Likes someone?" you asked, feeling flustered at the thought that he probably liked you. You then shook the thought off, scolding yourself for jumping to conclusions. But man it made you curious.

"How do you know for sure?" you asked, now watching her teach you how to properly clean a wound.

"I basically raised him ever since he was a little boy. His parents were always busy with work, so they dropped him off at my place. And since his parents passed away when he was about 16, I took custody and once he turned 18, he inherited his dad’s…mafia business."

"I guess we have one thing in common," you mumbled as you cleaned the wound on a practice dummy, dabbing the wound and then making sure the flesh was finished bleeding and now pink. She then applied a cream to help heal the cut faster and you did the same, finally placing a bandage on the wound.

"See? That wasn’t so hard, right? And one thing in common?"

"Oh. We both lost our parents so…that’s what we have in common," you replied as she began to give you a tour around the hospital and tell you who’s who. The day went on like this; her explaining everything to you about the history of this place, how their family line started, and that everything said and done in this building must remain here. She also began to tell you that there is a little feuding going on with this other gang, but to tell you not to fret about it since they have it under control. She then began to talk about how dangerous their job is and how many time they encountered near death. Just hearing her talk about this made you fear that Jackson could be dead at any second as you both speak.

After that, she then began to talk about Jaebum as you both ate in the local cafe below the hospital. She said that he may seem cold and a bit of a jerk at first, but warms up when you get to know him. She said that he was a rebel, always getting into fights and hated being restricted from doing what he can’t and can do. Sounds familiar?

"He sounds like Jackson in a way," you said.

She explained how his temper was the worst when he was angry and that it’s getting better. But it’s still terrible. She added in more detail at how he’s well-liked for his handsome looks, charms, and strength as well. You scoffed, wondering what charms does he even have. She continued to go on, talking about him until you realized it was almost six in the evening. But for some reason, you didn’t want her to stop talking. You wanted to hear more about Jaebum because in a sense, you could understand why he acts the way he does and why his attitude seems to bite hard at you. You let out a yawned and apologized.

"It’s fine! I seem to have gotten carried away. There’s a spare bedroom upstairs in the hospital. You can rest there for a bit. The boys won’t come back till midnight or around there,” she said.

"Are you sure?"

"I’m positive. Now go rest, okay?" You nodded and took the elevator back to the hospital. You asked for a spare room and the lady at the front desk pointed to the third door near the end of the hall way to the left. You thanked her and walked in, closing the door and lying on the bed, surprised to find it as comfy as the one back at your apartment. As you closed your eyes, all you could think about was Jackson’s safety and Jaebum.

You woke up and checked your watch to see that it was close to midnight. You quickly got out of your bed and stepped outside of the hallway. It was basically empty and you yawned, rubbing your eyes and knowing you should be back at your apartment. Soon, the elevator doors opened to reveal Jackson and a new guy you haven’t met, helping Jaebum who looked weak and badly beaten. But on the bright side, Jackson seems fine.

"Woah, what happened?" you asked, helping them put Jaebum into the room you just came out of.

"He had it bad," answered the new guy.

"Yeah. But they retreated so that’s good," answered Jackson.

"Not for him," you said as the allowed Jaebum to sit up on the bed. He was breathing heavily, his face covered in blood, sweat, and dirt.

"They’re just scratches," he said.

"That deep knife wound near the side of your jawline is definitely a scratch," huffed the other black haired boy.

They both set him down on the bed as you slowly removed his left hand from guarding a nasty cut near the side of his jawline. The cut wasn’t too deep, so it didn’t need any stitches.

"Get me a bowl of cold water and a rag please," you said as you began wash your hands before cleaning up his wounds. Soon, Jackson came back and left with the other guy to get themselves cleaned up. You dipped the rag into the cold water and squeezed the excess water out before cleaning his face.

"Care to explain?" you asked.

"They were using daggers and my defense isn’t the best," he said as he carefully watched you clean his face. Once it was free and some of the blood cleared up, you looked at him as you poured a bit of alcohol onto a cotton pad.

"Don’t…murder me if it stings, okay?" He chuckled a bit and didn’t realize how pretty you looked in the dim lights of the room.

"I’m used to it." You then proceeded to clean his wound, seeing him not flinch a bit. As you dabbed it clean and carefully as possible, Jaebum began to notice details of your face. You had beautiful bright eyes and full doll-like lips. Your eyelashes were long and casts a shadow beneath your eyes every time your lowered them or blinked. You were incredibly beautiful and he felt like he could stare at you forever. And truth be told, Jaebum always thought you were beautiful when he first saw you, but admired your beauty even closer.

"Sorry…about the way I acted," he said.

"I was waiting for an apology," you said as you changed the cotton pad into a new one to continue attending his wound.

"I just…act that way when I can’t straighten out my feelings correctly for someone I…sort of…like," he said as he managed to get the last word out. You both avoided eye contact with each other. You tried hard not to look into his dark eyes and blush. You even tried to ignore your nervous heart.

"I know. Elder Lee told me," you smiled a bit. Jaebum’s eyes sparked to see such a pretty smile even if it was small.

"She must’ve told you a lot then," he assumed as he sighed a bit.

"Sort of. But they were nice things."

"How nice?"

"That on the inside, you’re really sweet and kind. It took some convincing to let me believe if that was true," you said.

"It is. I just keep a cold exterior for reasons you already know."

"I understand. Split personalities for different groups of people, right?"

"Right. You must’ve had it way worse than me."

"How so?"

"Jackson told me that you are always pushing others away when they want to help."

"I relied on Jackson so much when I was younger, I thought I was becoming a burden to him. So, when he taught me how to defend myself, I’ve been relying on myself more than him," you admitted as you leaned in closer to his face, making sure the flesh was pink. After that, you grinned a bit to see that the wound looked much better. You then stared at the cut on his forehead and began to clean that one next.

"I see. But sometimes, you can’t always rely on yourself when you’re stuck in a situation you can’t get out of," he quietly said.

"It’s sort of a habit I can’t get out of. I just don’t like seeing people do things for me when I can do them myself."

"Then what if someone kidnaps you or threatens to kill you on the spot? What if you’re badly hurt and there’s no one there besides one of the guys or Jackson or even me?" he began, looking at you, "would you push us away? Would you push me away?"

"No but-"

"Then let me be the one that you will always rely on. Let me be the one that will come to your rescue and save you from anything that tries to hurt you, okay?" he softly said. This whole side of Jaebum you were witnessing made your heart and mind think differently of him. Maybe this is what Elder Lee said when you get to know him better and look past his cold exterior, he’s such a sweetheart on the inside. You remained quiet, not knowing what to say. As you began to bandage his wound, he quickly leaned in to lock lips with yours, a slow yet passionate kiss to be shared. He slowly parted and you stepped back, hands covering your lips.

"W-What was that?!" you asked, feeling flustered.

"A kiss?" he answered. You gave him a look and he just let out a low chuckle as his hair began to fall over his eyes slightly.

"I know it is, but why did you kiss me?!"

"You didn’t seem to mind," he smirked as he stood up. You were lost at words and too busy contemplating over the kiss you both shared a minute ago. He then stepped closer to you and bent down a bit so that he could see your face.

”______, remember that whenever you need someone, come to me first, okay? I want to be the one who will protect you and wash away the pain you endured for so long.”

"You better own up to your promise then," you finally said as you lightly punched him in the chest.

"And one more thing," he asked as you began to clean up the medical supplies.

"What is it?"

"Can I…kiss you again? So, you know, it’s clear that we’re together now?" You stared at him and laughed a bit. You then nodded and walked right up to him, tip-toeing a bit as he bent down so your lips and his can meet again.


Animedia August Tanslation

The good looking men who have special powers have come back! 

at the end of the prequel, nice of the hamatora detective duo who was thought to be dead, is actually doing so well that he can “spilt a watermelon with the speed of sound” on the beach.

Hamatora are showing us their trained bodies and hajime who is more active in the sequel to the addition, this summer will be hot with detective work and watermelon splitting! 「I think hajime with her big appetite would already be eating melon, before they start melon splitting…… 」Oh, it the entrance of director Kishi Seiji ! this watermelon is certainly the second one !!

even though Art started his mysterious actions the 3 of them are in good spirits, we can expect the HOT bonds from the prequel to come back even stronger.  「Actually even more than these 3, Ratio and Three will become even more HOT, Ratio will be unbelievably HOT (Laugh)」

The COOL ratio will change to HOT in『Re:_』!? hey why are you laughing! 

「Things you cannot imagine will happen one after another, so i think everyone will be surprised. In『Re:_』there will be new characters appearing, so visually wise and Audibly wise that’ll make you go “Eh? is this Okay!?”. While there is a comical episode, you’ll see Nice who is roaming/wandering about, concerned and brooding about Art, that balance is wonderful. While collecting the foreshadowing from the prequel, 『Those who have a talent and those who don’t』 was a theme, we’ll cut even deeper into the feelings and past of the minimum holders」

Something like we’ll even more uncover more of the minimum holders. The hearts of the people watching will overheat and panicking will be inevitable.



In 『Re:_』all of Art’s story will be continuously taking the stage!?

That’s about that「Art will be involved over the whole story and will be entagled with the incidents as well as the hamatora people」.「Wether Art is the enemy or ally of Nice and the others you can look forward to finding that out through the whole series, there’s no doubt it’ll become the axis of the story」

It seems we won’t have to worry about ending the story in the middle like in the prequel !? you can’t keep your eyes away from Art with his mysterious mood and his alluring presence!!

- (Next to Art’s Picture) He was Nice’s best friend ever since their school days. For some objective he is approaching minimum holders.


Between「」is kishi seiji the director talking! and thank you very much good7luck for the scans !!

ok so i accidentally stumbled across a video on youtube made by someone who (seemingly) hates the prequels and they were saying things wrong with the prequels and they literally said instead of the opening crawl saying “a long time ago” it should have said “a longer time ago” and they were so fixated on that and so upset about it

y’all prequel haters need to chill

amaranthine, pt. 0 (the prequel)

anonymous said: Rivamika prompt: Mikasa and Levi Airport AU!: stranded and bored. Mikasa wants to take a shower, but can’t leave her baggage unattended, asks some random fellow passenger (Levi) for help.

a/n: … i have an explanation for this. your prompt gave me a glorious idea… and it was to make this apart of my runaway au. i’m sorry i didn’t make it exactly like you wanted, but this chance was just too good to pass up.

but anon, you’re truly a lucky one. this is a full-blown fic yo. pls enjoy <3

prequel | part 1 | part 2

9:32 PM
New York City, NY

She stared up at the airport schedule board, wringing her wrists anxiously as she searched for her destination.


As she took in the words scanned across the table, her eyes widened, annoyance and moreover frustration growing. She clutched her only carry-on luggage with fervor, grunting as she quickly trudged away towards her departure gate.

This couldn’t be happening. Not tonight. Especially not tonight.

Not when she was trying to run away.

Read More

According to Re: Zaregoto, Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy will contain all the previous installments from the Chaos Rings series. That’s right! Square Enix will be releasing all four titles in one package as Chaps Rings III: Prequel Trilogy collection arrives for the PS Vita on 16th October in Japan.

The official website was also updated with new screenshots and artwork that can be viewed below:

All Chaos Rings Titles Arrive for PS Vita This Year | New Artwork And Screenshots According to Re: Zaregoto, Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy will contain all the previous installments from the Chaos Rings series.

anonymous said:

Does In the Flesh get any less boring after season one? Because everyone on tumblr recently has been going crazy about it but I thought all the episodes I watched were too dull to enjoy. You're right in that it's the show we all wish Teen Wolf was, except that the plots and characters just... weren't interesting at all to me. If that changes maybe I'll give it another shot, but if not, I'd rather watch a disappointing show that keeps me engaged.

Back when kedreeva was explaining ITF to me, before I ever watched, she told me this. Season One is the backstory. The prequel, the prologue, to Season Two’s main story.

In that aspect, she was completely right. I’ll go a step further and say that it’s a necessary prequel, a story that needed to be told the way it was, to be seen by viewers and not just referenced.

So does season two have more meat? Yes.

Is season two flashy? No. Is there an abundance of slo-mo and sweaty shirtless men and trite romances? No.

If you’re looking for any or all of these things, then I would suggest you do stick with the disappointing show we both know I’m talking about.

Here’s the thing: I can’t adequately answer your question. You and I are two completely different people. You found season one boring, to the point where you don’t know if you want to continue the show.

I found season one to be enjoyable. Was it slow at times? Yes. Do I prefer season two? Most definitely, yes, and not just because of Simon Monroe, whom you meet in the first episode of season two. (Okay, a little because of Simon.)

But I watch season one during my rewatches, too, because there are a lot of important things that I want to see and remember. There are scenes that break my heart every time I watch them no matter how many times I’ve watched them. There are dynamics that I love and characters that I love to hate and little tidbits that I pick up on that I may not have realized the last fourteen times I watched.

That being said, In The Flesh is not a traditional supernatural show and it’s not an action-driven show. In The Flesh is very much a meta show about the human condition and therefore, it focuses more on its characters than it does on the flashier aspects of television.

I would say yes, do give season two a chance, but I can’t tell you whether or not you’ll like it because ITF just might not be your cup of tea.

Watch on fyeahboyfriend.tumblr.com

140822 BOYFRIEND TV Okinawa ver. (Acting skill _ prequel) Video | cr. boyfriendjp

i really hope theres a prequel, because that means more sho

if there’s an anime, id be so happy because that means moving sho

i really hope there’s a sequel, so it can confirm that sho’s not erased muffled sobs

eeames said:

3, 26, 29

3: Is there a trope you wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole?

Oh godddd I think misunderstandings. I mean, I will fucking lap them up in a guilty pleasure fic, but I’m not capable of writing something where the whole mess could be cleared up with a five minute conversation. There has to be something more substantial keeping people apart than a simple ‘ohhh she’s your sister,’ or I get mad and start introducing evil fashion designers, plots and counter plots, and terrible OMC boyfriends. 

26: Do you beta yourself? If so, what kind of beta are you?

No I don’t—I’m no good at it! I don’t have that kind of brain, and anything I have read in the past I’ve been annoyingly equivocal about it I think. Plus, I don’t have the kind of nuts and bolts grammar knowledge to be a good beta

29: If you could write the sequel (or prequel) to any fic out there not written by yourself, which would you choose?

Compulsions. It would basically be stiles/dicks porn, with Stiles getting pregnant and Derek doing gross sex stuff and talking about his nipples. And Stiles getting dicked in the locker rooms, in his bedroom, in disused classrooms…it’s my favourite thing in the whole world. I’m not even ashamed. Write 10000 words of it, publish it, get a scribe to lavishly illuminate it on the finest calfhide.

anonymous said:

Hi akui-chan!!! Do you know where I can find the raw of the prequel and sequel for yuma??

(;-◞౪◟-) Heh. Yesh~. I scanned his right when it came out and uploaded to mediafire. I shared it with a few peeps and then I JUST SEE MY SCANS EVERYWHERE NEEH. ɿ(。・ɜ・)ɾ So, I don’t really care about giving out dem scans at this point.

Links To My Scans:

Yuma’s Prequel

Yuma’s Sequel

  • MrGuy:Oh
  • MrGuy:AKAGI is a prequel
  • MrGuy:I
  • MrGuy:was conflating it w/ kaiji.
  • MrGuy:because a's an i's and what not
  • The19thPerson: aeiou
  • The19thPerson:gambling spaceman johnmadden,
  • The19thPerson:*poker cards float in every direction as everyone is spinning and clipping through the door"
  • MrGuy:snrk
  • MrGuy:Aeiou Card
  • The19thPerson: the sun rules the moon, the moon confounds the astronauts
  • The19thPerson: but only the astronaut, with nothing to lose
  • The19thPerson: can confirm that the sun is flat
  • MrGuy:Drill in as far as it will go! I will bet nine nine nine, nine nine nine, nine nine nine nine...
  • The19thPerson: here comes another japanese wind storm OooOOooOooOOooOooooOOOota
I have three options

1. Start translating chapter 19 of TNYG
2. Write the second chapter of Normandy Landing for PiP and them post the prequel and epilogue
3.Start a New one-shot for PiP based on an AU where Peeta volunteer to go with Katniss to the Games.

Votes? 1, 2 or 3

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Confused Star Wars anon again: I've only ever seen 1, 6, and a few scenes from 4, which is probably why it confuses me so much. I can also never remember the names of secondary characters or places so it becomes difficult to follow a lot of the plot. But it's gotten to the point where everyone is always 'you haven't seen Star Wars?!?' and then never bothers to remove any of the many barriers to me watching it

ah, that makes sense.

but you have come to the right place. im going to get you into star wars, my friend.

it’s no wonder you’re confused - skipping around movies like that. i personally recommend watching 4 - 6 first. the original trilogy is the absolute best, imo. and the prequels (1-3) are pretty much shit. (COUGH JAR JAR BINKS COUGH)

so here is the original trilogy: A New Hope ; The Empire Strikes Back ; Return of the Jedi

edit: fixed the links. tell me if they aren’t working again

also, let me run you through the side characters a lil bit

we’ve got Chewbacca (called Chewie by his friends) ((and also not really a side character but not one of the Main Three so))


(look at him isn’t he adorable)

he’s a Wookie and the Millenium Falcon copilot. he’s mega protective of Han and, by extent, Leia and Luke as well. only speaks in roars and grunts and is fucking badass let me tell you. he enjoys shooting Imperials, flying ships, and being generally awesome tbh.

there’s also C3PO - Human-Cyborg relations.


adept in over 6 million forms of communication. kind of stuck up, really chatty for a droid and honestly a huge nerd baby. he’s kind of got this old married couple bickering thing going on with R2D2


R2 is Luke’s navi droid and a huge help with piloting/fixing ships, hacking into bases, and fucking shit up. he’s adventurous, stubborn, and a lil bit of a bitch. he only speaks and beeps but you can kind of tell he’s got not fucking chill

now, Lando Calrissian.


him and Han are old bros that go way back, basically since Han won the Falcon off him in the game of cards. he’s an untrustworthy, no good, back stabbing smuggler, but he can be pretty useful in a fight. he also. sold Han and Leia out to Darth Vader so the Imperials wouldn’t destroy his city. thereby getting Han tortured and encased in carbonite


you’ve probably seen this dude before. yes, it’s the infamous Boba Fett. the bounty hunter who had like 3 lines across the 2 movies he was in, yet still has a humungous fan base. like. what’s up with that. he’s the one that takes Han’s frozen body to Jabba the Hutt


yeah, that asshole.

Jabba the Hutt is a Hutt mob boss who used to be Han Solo’s employer. he sent a bunch of bounty hunters after him after Han failed to return the money he owed to him on time. spoiler alert - Leia CHOKES HIM THE DEATH WITH THE CHAINS HE IMPRISONED HER WITH



THIS IS MON MOTHMA!!! mon is super cool like holy shit. she’s a woman galactic senator who became the first Chief of State of the New Republic after the fall of the Empire. she doesn’t have much dialogue in the movies - but she’s a mega rad character in the EU and comics

okay next we have Owen and Beru Lars



not really that important, given that they die like 15 minutes into the movie. but still. i should talk about them a little bit.

Owen is Luke’s uncle and Anakin’s brother. he lives in Tatoonine as owner of a farm with his wife, Beru. they’re both killed by Clones in an attempt to kill Luke. their deaths are what spur him into leaving the planet with Ben/Obi-Wan and Han and Chewie

lastly, Emperor Fuckdick himself


this is Darth Sidious aka Emperor Palapatine aka The Sith Lord

he’s Mr. Fuck you himself. this is manipulative bastard that turned Anakin Dark, has killed countless Jedi, and nearly destroyed the entire fucking galaxy. he nrealy over powered fucking YODA for godsake. he is shown to be the basic Asshole in Charge. bossing people around. being a dick to Vader. being a manipulative fucknugget towards Luke. the works.

he rebuilt Anakin from scratch after his unfortunate happening with Obi-Wan on Mustafar. and when i say unfortunate happening i mean when the fought to the death and Obi-Wan cut off most of his limbs and Anakin caught fire from the Mustafarian lava

fuck that guy


The Greater Good movie posters, the most AWESOME prequel of Harry Potter!

1# Teaser Trailer

2# Official Trailer



Now I understand much better Aberforth/Albus Dumbledore relationship…Yeah, I can see it.

Movie + synopsis post

(Plus, here is the AO3 Dumbledore/Grindelwald tag)