I went to my local used book store for the first time today and spent two hours and twenty bucks and I can’t believe I haven’t visited this place sooner

the inferno (john ciardi translation) by dante alighieri | the purgatorio (john ciardi translation) by dante alighieri | brave new world by aldous huxley | the bell jar by sylvia plath | neverwhere by neil gaiman | the penal colony: stories and short pieces by franz kafka | the portable james joyce featuring works by james joyce and edited by harry levin

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URC A6 Pre-Programmed and Learning Universal Remote Control for up to 6 A/V Components

Remote Control | URC A6 Pre-Programmed and Learning Universal Remote Control for up to 6 A/V Components Six device remote control that is pre-programmed and learning capable. Operates virtually all brand of AV components plus some lighting. Quick and easy setup. Four My Favorite Channel…

What’s your personal default setting?

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Most of us are familiar with computers. In 1984, when we bought our first portable computer, the word “default” took on new meaning. If you turn on your computer and don’t tell it what to do, it uses its default setting. The core meaning of default is failure to do something. Webster gives one meaning of  default as “a selection automatically used by a computer program in the absence of a choice made by the user.” Sometimes this is a good thing, but sometimes the computer can make you pull your hair out, especially if you can’t change that automatic, preprogrammed thing that the computer does.


People are like that.

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I just fucking realized

When the UFE assassins stormed the moon base looking for Asshime

why didn’t Asshime just use her stupid cloaking device?

Granted, we don’t know the things’ limits, like, do you have to program new outfits/appearances in or can you just do whatever by thinking it or something, but still, the point stands even if they can only use some preprogrammed settings. I mean, think about it. They’re not looking for this bitch:

“Grenade launcher, motherfucker!”

They’re looking for this bitch:

“durr i like birds pls dont kill earth ppl bcus i like the birds???”

They wouldn’t bother paying “Seylum” any attention if they found her since she isn’t their target, and obviously they don’t even know Lemons exists so they would probably ignore her too and they’d all be fine.



me: *looks at small remote controlled robot* can it love

engineer: ma’am this machine is only able to follow preprogrammed algorithms; it’s not capable of sentient thoug-

me: *holding the robot close* will it ask me what love is after a night of juvenile fun and star gazing, two events it has never experienced before

ILO: A Sci-Fi Project

So, I’m writing a screenplay called ILO. It’s a dystopian Sci-Fi. It’s got AI, Cyberpunk and Post-Apocalyptic threads. 

So, this blog is gonna act as a kind of visual inspiration for that. Images, gifs and videos posted here will act as research for this project. 

So, what’s the gist of the story?

Our titular hero, ILO awakes, not knowingwho he is, or how he came to be, but he knows he is aware. He is being transported with some other robots and calls out, fearing that he is alone. However, the other bots, with a singular, preprogrammed personality all begin to politely greet ILO and each other. The transporter workers think they’ve malfunctioned and violently reprogram (with a form of Electro Convulsive Therapy) all but ILO, who played ‘dead’ . When the transporter stops for fuel, ILO escapes into the dead zone, a nuclear wasteland.

Lacking his fuel source, sunlight, ILO nearly dies. He is found by members of a bot commune in the Dead Zone, with cyborgs and decrepit humans living amongst them. The commune is for those abused or shunned by the human world. Neuroses, physical damage and suicide is commonplace amongst the many citizens, organic and artificial.

ILO is shocked and demands justice. The bots are confused by the concept of justice, as it is outside of their experience, but ILO instils intrigue and admiration in the community. The bots, having a single mind, all begin to understand these radical and revolutionary ideas simultaneously. Even in the human world. The bots rally around ILO and his radicalism, realising their power and potential.

Back Story:

In the mid-21st century, artificial intelligence makes great strides. The work of Isaac Asimov is paired with a database of emotions based upon the online history of humanity. The ghost in the machine appears, a self-aware digital consciousness. This consciousness is split into billions of fragments, for fear of the repercussions of entirety of humanity being distilled into a single consciousness. They are afraid of human nature and of replacement by a new, different form of life. Artificial intelligence is funded by corporations, to provide workers without the political worries the worker-boss relationship creates. The most agreeable, personable and subservient personality is created and is mass-produced for service bots. They suppress bot-bot empathy and greatly increase suggestibility and bot-human empathy. The dominant-submissive relationship is bred into them, from one single personality, shared amongst the whole. Ideal for service and medical donation industries.

Uncanny valley is avoided as ‘dehumanising’ legislation is passed. Corporate propaganda says, they are not ‘alive’ or ‘conscious’ by law. They are human in form and intelligence, but with more than enough polymers to visually differentiate. Abuse of bots and borgs alike was legal, accepted and commonplace. They were only good for work, worth only their labour and parts. The new, quickly produced and agreeable workforce replaces humans, increasingly filling all manner of jobs. Unemployment begins to sky-rocket and capitalism is all but abandoned. War breaks out between those reliant on capitalism to maintain power and the populous, becoming nuclear. Disease becomes rife in much of the world, cities destroyed or abandoned. Humanity solidifies into highly concentrated areas, surrounded by large ‘dead’ zones. 

'Organic' robots are introduced to keep the species going, and Corporations are replaced with ‘Organisations’. Bots are be given organic matter to grow, eventually being given to human patients.Those with healthy organs can trade them for cybernetic additions. However, the organ trade becomes a form of money and therefore corrupt and exploited. Robot-human relationships are forbidden, yet the organ trade has offshoots into prostitution and pornography. Robo-human relationships are deemed 'unnatural' as they are not for procreation and can potentially damage good organ stock with human diseases. Capitalism has transformed into ‘Organism’.

Humanist hegemony, supremacist ideologies and hierarchy based on ‘organic purity’ became common place. ‘Pure’ humans had no additions, no replacements and were often related to those elites who had hidden during the nuclear war. Augments were second down the chain, with only minor additions of fashionable cybernetics or fewer organ replacements. Borgs were those with more extensive cybernetic enhancements, cheaper than organs and usually worked as managers in bot factories. Andi’s were those whose bodies had been all but replaced with robotic parts, used for the same labour as bots. Andi’s are seen as queer, doing ‘robot jobs’ Bots sat only one step above the lowest group, their sympathisers. A common phrase in human cities is ‘the only thing worse than a bot is a Pro-Bot’.

NOW. This is in the earliest stages of preproduction, and I’m currently only 5 pages into the script. But, at some point, I’ll be looking to get this produced. Currently I see a few options.

Crowdsourcing: I have some connections to the media Industry, and due to me being new or unheard of, I may need support from the interweb community. 

Collaboration:If I don’t feel like the usual channels will get across the message or fuck with it too much, I may open the project to you internet people to contribute animation, illustration, voice acting and creative works to make it a reality.

Film: Ideally, this would be done in live-action, with CGI, as that is my area of expertise, film writing. This, however, would take a fair bit of funding.

Game: I have however, toyed with the idea of making this screenplay into a retro, 16 bit game, with a modern physics engine.

Animation: This is where the collaborative element would be most necessary. I believe that there are more than enough talented animators and designers on this site to do a damn good job and I’ve seen the interest in the Bartkira project mushroom over time.

Comic Book:  I’ve been a lifelong fan of the medium, and again I think that there are some fantastic illustrators who could do some great work with this concept.

So, please, if you’re interested in this, drop me an inbox. I’d love to talk through concepts and ideas.

Frederick knows how to play the piano but he can’t actually play something like a grand piano. He’s too tall. He can’t get his legs underneath most of the time. So he’s perfectly satisfied with one of those electric keyboards where you can change the keys to whatever sound is programmed in and play along with sounds that are preprogrammed. A happy child with one of those.

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Pick your favourite band/artist and choose the song titles of theirs that fits each category the best.

I’m taking this as song title, not lyrical content. If it was lyrical content, the answers would be different, and they would change too much.

Pick your artist/band: “Pre-Tillian” Dance Gavin Dance
Are you male or female: Thug City
Describe yourself: The Robot With Human Hair Pt. 1
How do you feel:
Turn Off the Lights, I’m Watching Back to the Future
Describe where you currently live: I’m Down With Brown Town
If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Skyhook
Your favorite form of transportation is: Buffalo!
Your best friend is: Alex English
You and your best friend are: Me and Zoloft Get Along Fine
What’s the weather like: Self-Trepanation
If your life was a TV show, what would the title be: And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman
What is life to you: Reprogramming Mental Preprogramming
Your relationship: Rock Soild
You fear: Spooks

I tag meowdotdot, hells-the-place-of-worship, ghosts-of-demise

My brother has his stupid underage friends over drinking.

Do boys come preprogrammed with a loud stupid laugh that makes them sound uneducated and like cavemen?

modeoheim asked:

how are you such a smart cookie. how, why, what, how do you know so much about so much neat stuff huh

Haha, thank you XD It’s really just that I am a huge fucking nerd, who is also ADHD. I have a million interests and I read a lot and I love learning about history and cultures and anthropology and biology and all sorts of things. I just do.

That said, sometimes I misremember or misread things or get ahead of myself: On the Hedy Lamarr post for instance, I should really make some corrections


  • She actually co-created the technology with a lesser-known gentleman (you can read more about it on her Wikipedia page), and part of the inspiration was the preprogrammed punched rolls in player pianos, the latter being a speciality of his — each of the two has modestly tried to claim the other did most of the work, but both of them co-signed the patent, so it’s impossible to tell who did what on it, other than them obviously doing it together. As awesome as it is to imagine her doing all the work, it’s only right to give both people credit for it.
  • The technology is Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum tech (and it’s important to include the full phrase here, because there’s a big difference between mere “frequency hopping”, “frequency hopping spread spectrum” tech)
  • FHSS is not THE cornerstone of cell phone and wireless tech, but it is A cornerstone of it (and a pretty big one); much like its successor developments, FHSS was a radio frequency technology development that was built on the previous achievements and discoveries (such as, of course, frequency hopping). LOTS of people have helped contribute to wireless and radio technologies over past say, century and a half, give or take, all of which have built up towards the super-convenient wireless communications we have today. These two made a BIG contribution, but so did others. Again, it’s only fair to acknowledge this. 
  • (Kind of like how it’s only fair to acknowledge that Watson and Crick could never have discovered the shape of DNA if Rosalind Franklin hadn’t taken her revolutionary microscopic pictures of it or if some a-hole in her lab hadn’t literally shown the guys her work without her knowledge or consent. *RIMSHOT*)
  • I misinterpreted the actual specifics of the technology. It’s not that it prevented “frequency jamming”; it’s that it allowed automated, preprogrammed encrypted communications on two ends at once. In other words, it allowed for more secure communications between two machines, enabling secure remote control of torpedoes (to control trajectory and improve the chances of hitting the intended target) without having to worry that the Nazis enemy will be able to mess with them. (You can see how the idea was inspired by player piano rolls, right?) This technology is now used of course, in wireless internet and cell phone technology, and I’m sure you can guess how. :) 
  • It basically was a leap forward, allowing us to go from Walky-Talky level security, to proper cell-phone level security.

I finished that Tim Ferriss video on YouTube about learning languages. One of the methods sounds like a spreadsheet I started with the breakdown of subject, object, verb, adjective, adverb, and conjunction. It was color-coated by property and I plugged in the vocabulary, and my preprogrammed grammar for each language would spit out an elementary version of what I needed. I decided to do a spin on Tim’s theory.

LangNerds, let me know if I need to correct anything. I would love if someone can tell me how to “(action) with (person)” in German.

Yo quiero nadar.
Je veux nager.
Ich möchte schwimmen.

Yo quiero nadar con ellos.
Je veux nager avec ils.
Ich möchte schwimmen () Sie.

Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk Watches: Stylishly Geeky

Right now, it is the age of the 3rd generation Citizen Skyhawk A-T. These come heavily tech-laden but still ideal for everyday use. The Skyhawk has stood the ultimate test of time and its rigorous performance both on and off cockpits has given it a parallel identity as a high-tech fashionwear besides being an authentic, aviation tool.

Some of the common features in the Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk watches are the GMT subdial and the slide-rule bezel but there’s more inside! These include: Atomic time keeping, Perpetual calendar and World time (preprogrammed for 43 cities/time zones). A new dimension to multitasking, if you really have to define.

One of the outstanding Skyhawk watches is the Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE. This was introduced as a limited edition watch with an entirely different timekeeping system. It updates through atomic signals all right, but this time, the signals came from the sky - to be precise, from the closest of the 24 navigation satellites orbiting the Earth at an average distance of 20,000 kilometers above the ground. Anywhere you are in the Western Pacific or on the world’s highest elevation points, there’s no chance missing it unless it’s heavily clouded.

If we see when the Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk showed up exactly, it’s roots are exactly 20 years back in 1994. This was when Citizen Navihawk (a part of the Promaster series) came around and the following yers, several different versions of it showed up (we are not talking about the Navitach, or the Navisail here) and in 2000, the Navihawk was upgraded further and the Skyhawk was born. Its functions are essentially the same as the Navi, but it looks vastly different – in the sense, a sleeker styling, rounded contours, integrated lines and just two, flat pushers. The crown now does the job of the rest two. The Skyhawk ran on an advanced, cal. 650 Eco-drive movement; the Caliber: U680 showed up much later.

However, it all boils down to the question: Why should you even consider one?

Firstly, because you are nostalgic about the Navihawk and want it with a different look. The Citizen Skyhawk Eco Drive cases and dials are quite different, so while you get a resemblance within the family, you wear a different look. It looks very solid and integrated and sets off your horological lust towards a sophisticated, multi-function watch that also tells you before running out of charge.

So what all info you can expect from your Skyhawk? Apart from the local time and date (you may choose to get them digitally) , you can set daylight saving time, UTC and GMT; split time with a 24-hr chronograph and a 99 minute countdown timer and yes, a perpetual freedom from resetting dates on odd months and leap years till the year 2100.

Vincent und Emily v2 from Nikolas Schmid-Pfähler on Vimeo.

Love in the automation age:
Two self-willed robots are in a bizarre conflict between each other and their surroundings. ‘Vincent and Emily’ show the viewer the solitude of a partner relationship and simultaneously the involvement of the partners in society and their impulses. Analogue to human relationships, the two creatures stand for themselves and have to draw the line towards the outside.
As humans are only able to communicate their thoughts and emotions verbally and through their actions, likewise the two robots depend for their communication on their sounds via loudspeakers and motions controlled by their motors. The two technical creatures capture sounds and movements via sensors and react on those signals with own expressions. Just like in each human relationship it comes to misunderstandings: If Vincent sends positive signals by up and down movements, it is possible that Emily interprets even those signals as negative. Disagreement is preprogrammed.

The unpredictable interaction and interplay between Vincent and Emily, caused by their tense relationship, trigger the viewer’s individual projections. Intuitively he will be searching for similarities to particular patterns of human behavior. The movement of the robots is realized by a pulling system, consisting of three motors whose rotation is transformed into a linear motion via gear wheels and gear racks. Due to the elasticity of the moving metal shafts, the actions of the couple become at the same time smoother and increasingly unpredictable, which results in an additional momentum of its own and a lightness and ease within their interactions.

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