CBS Pre-pre events!

Let’s give this a whirl!

Start Date: NOW

End Date: Next Wednesday, August 28th, 11:59 PM! If KOG delays the CBS release again, we’ll extend this event!

General Things:

  • This event is for Elsword NA!
  • You must have your ask open!
  • If you don’t claim your prize in 24h, it goes to someone else!
  • A minimum of 5 people must participate in any given event in order for there to be a winner!
  • Please post all entries with “PrePreCBSEvent” if you post them on your own blog so they’re easier to find!
  • You may start an account on Tumblr after the event has started but it has to be active. If the blog is sparse of activity when the awards are given, you will be disqualified for the events needing an account.
  • It must be on your MAIN blog if it requires a tumblr account.
  • You do not have to be watching us to participate.

Anyways, without further ado~!

Is your Code Ready?

Is your Electra prepared to ascend to a new level of power? If not, what are you waiting for? Get your Electra to level 35 and we’ll give you a ton of nifty stuff! First, each participant will be entered in the lottery for one of 3 sealed +6 Iron Heads!! What’s more, the early birds get a free armor set of their choice from the following: Altera Set, Feita Royal Knight, Velder Militia, Glitter Hunter. First come, first serve! Of course, you must be below level 35 prior to the start of this event. Submit a screenshot of your level 35 get, or post it in the tag! Oh, and everyone’ll get a handful of dark el shards! Exactly how many dark el shards you get is unknown yet, this is because the dark el shards will be contributed by…

Give her to me NOW.

Hey Electra veterans! Maybe CBS is farther away than you thought, but maybe not as far away as you think right now! Send dark el shards to the user “Robutt” (don’t forget to capitalize!) to put your name in the lottery for 1000 K ching! That’ll be enough for you to buy a class change ticket in the cash shop! One dark el shard will equate to one lottery entry. May the odds be in your favor, future queens!

You also do not need to have a Tumblr account to participate in this one btw!

Electra Pride!

Provide a screenshot of an all Code Electra party owning them dungeons for a chance at winning an 500 k ching game card! That’ll be enough for you to get the 4th locked skill immediately! You get another entry for each Electra in the party that’s from Tumblr if you can prove it!

Forever alone? Worry not!

Let’s get leveling!

Join us at 11 AM PST and 5:30 PM PST on Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday at Bethma’s Dicey Sky Road on channel 7, on the lower platformer by Helen, to join in on parties hosted by Tumblr users to help level your Code Electra! Anyone who appears on Saturday, Sunday, either time, or Tuesday morning will be entered to win a free exp medal to use all day Tuesday(Or whenever you have the time). Must be an Electra to win the medal but anyone is welcome to join the parties!

Yes, of course screenshots of Tumblr parties at this event counts towards the Electra Pride event! Don’t miss out!!

You also do not need to have a Tumblr account to participate in this one btw!

What will complete my CBS?

Message me the last item you need to complete the fashion outfit for your CBS! If you win, your wish will be granted! The K-ching limit is 1000, one item only!

Please send the message to me in this format: “I need a ______ to complete my CBS!” Add whatever you’d like after that too!

Fanart extravaganza!

Think of a piece of art that makes your body yearn for dat CBS? Share the love with the eltag! Post your original work or any properly sourced Code Battle Seraph art in the tag to enter yourself in! Gifs of CBS showing off her skills will also qualify! Overlaps will no longer count as an entry, and the limit per day is 2, so give everyone a chance! One lucky winner will get a magic necklace!

I will acknowledge your fanart post when I reblog it here on fyeah. If you’ve posted CBS fanart in the past, send me a link to the post/posts via fanmail and that will count as credit too! I’d really like to avoid repeats spamming the tag, you see.

PVP those Stamina blues away!:

For any Electra out there a bit blue about the lack of a certain blue potion but are a bit uneasy about PVPing to get coins for those stamina potions should keep an eye out for a post on any given day on FyeahElsword about pvping today. There will be details of where to meet up, what the quest is, and how long we will be open to help. We can’t guarantee any wins but we’ll sure as heck try! And you never know, you might get a few free attack speed or critical sparring magic stones for coming! Anyone confident in their skills are more than welcome to try to help out those CBS-to-be in need.

A huge, huge thank you to the following users for helping us make this happen:


PS: Do not forget about the Battle Seraph give away by Nightscape-Seraph going on now!


We destroyed that dungeon. (That covered name is MageOfSpace.)

I also got a Spriggan’s Feather Skull out of these runs!

I thought the second picture was pretty cool, so I’m including it.

EDIT: My Time and Space Benders bent time and space to partially escape the picture!

If you wouldn't mind...

Please give my friend, Picky, a few thanks for putting these events together as well as making up the rewards…as well as working out some kinks to make this all work out! She deserves a lot of gratitude after the other person*coughABakaMEcough* decided to try some events. 

Despite not being so smooth I think it went well enough! Also, thanks for participating! Hope you at least enjoyed it!

PS: You can just reblog or reply to this, she can see it! Or send an ask if you want to too! I don’t think she wants her main blog known to be honest XD;

PM: I’ve been messaging people via my main since idk how to ask under the fyeahelsword name so my main blog isn’t exactly an entire mystery lol. AB calls me Picky because of my Elsword IGN, which has the initials PM. Thanks everyone! Your support means a lot to us, :’D

Some are so easy I’m surprised very few have tried entering, especially “What will complete my CBS” and “Fanart Extravaganza”!

In fact, only one person has asked for a piece of free fashion so far!! 

With so many who liked or reblogged, I can’t understand why any other people haven’t dropped an ask in our box telling us what fashion item they’d like! Are you guys all swimming in K ching or something?

Come on sleepy heads

Let’s go!

For those who haven’t seen, and a reminder to those who have! You can win…

  • A handful of dark el shards and perhaps a +6 Iron Head and a dungeon set just for getting off your butt and leveling your Electra to 35!
  • A Henir Weapon Mold or 1000 k ching to get yourself an instant job advancement ticket for putting your luck into a few dark el shards!
  • A mana eater pet, 2 of Electra’s skill notes, or instantly getting CBS’s new induction mode with 500 k ching if you happen to stumble into a party full of Code Electras!
  • A free exp medal if you show up at our levelling event where many of Tumblr’s powerful players will help you charge through the dungeons you need!
  • A free fashion item of your choice under 1000 k ching, just for asking!
  • A shiny magic necklace simply for posting sourced CBS fanart!
  • Attack speed/ critical sparring magic stones just for showing up at our PVP event!

How can you possibly resist? If you aren’t participating,

Help us run the levelling event more smoothly!

Hi, for those of you who don’t know, we’re hosting a levelling event mainly dedicated to help level people’s Electras, but everyone is welcome! You might even score your Electra an exp medal! See all the other events we’re doing here!

It’d really help us organize parties and get the event going if you could tell us your needs in advance in this survey! Having your name in the survey is a more solid confirmation that we will put your name into the basket for the medal, and we’ll probably throw some magic stones at you as a thanks for taking the time to fill this out, so please do!

See you there!

PrePreCBS Event Winners!

Sorry for the wait, but here they are~

Elsword IGN MiraMisaki wins the $10 Karma Koin card! I’ve PM’d you in game!

the-queen-of-kabukichou wins a Eve yukata hair (white) for her CBS! Weren’t you glad you decided to participate? 8D

Shabuyaki-hime wins the magic necklace! I’m happy for you!

Those who participated in the Electra Pride event, borderoflifeanddeath (at least for the valiant effort) and petting-sinon, will split the dark el shards we amassed from the lottery. If you guys don’t need dark shards, just sell them for a nice wad of cash!

Also, all of you who filled out the leveling event survey will get some magic stones.

Getting all the prizes to you all might take a while, so please bear with us! Congratulations to all of you, and thank you everyone for participating! We hope you had fun and are super hyped for CBS!

Don't miss the tumblr leveling party!

Remember, you’re welcome to join even if you don’t have an Electra, but if you do, you’ll be entered in for an exp medal(if lower than level 60) on Tuesday, to use whenever you wish!

This will definitely help if you want to do the screenshot event! 8D That, and our parties are pretty effing awesome, if I do say myself! We’ll be setting up in two hours from now!(Now being 12 PM EST,9 AM PST, and starting at 2 PM/11 AM). Remember we have a second one going on later tonight if you want to finish up leveling if you missed the first event, 8 and half hours from now!)

Also, a bit off topic, but we WILL be giving out codes for game cards to use for K-ching in replace the Job Change and Skill Unlock prizes! So get to work on those if you want to win!

Giveaway Log 02: One Buff After Another...

just means good news…!

Thanks to a very generous donation by the amazingly talented Kichiro, the giveaway have been buffed! We’ve also added one special prize tier~

Wanna get ahead in the game? Stats a lil’ too awkward? ‘c’

  • 1x Velder Lost Space Weapon Mold
  • 1x Choice of Skill Note from this list:
             Lava Gusher
             Soul Movement
             Shock and Awe
             Burn Baby Burn
             Phoenix’s Affinity
             New Stance
             Modified Chaos Engine
             Push and Push
             Wide Explosion
  • 4x Choice of Superior Magic Stones (Quickness, Explosion, etc.)
  • 30 mil ED
  • 1 Colored Head Shot Commission

The Following Changes to Currently Existing Prizes are:

  • First Place: 25m  ED —-> 50m
  • Second Place: 15m ED —-> 30m
  • Third Place 10m ED  —-> 20m
  • +40 Notes Tier: 5m ED —-> 10m
    As well as +2 Recovery Potions

This post is meant to serve as an update notification. For the actual give away, please continue to check the original giveaway post here: clicky for linky

Again, thank you for the generous OP donation, Kichi ;u;~!

Good luck to all users!! 

 shabuyaki-hime said: Casually tries but gets nothing *dead* Also a question,my CEl is lv. 45,will you still help me lv then? Derp.

The tumblr hosted leveling parties are open to literally everyone. The only thing is that only Electras can win the exp medal(and only if they’re not level 60 as well).

I will be there to help set up and organize the parties so we should have everyone accommodated. I personally can not stay there for long due to work but I will help out if needed to fill a part for a while!


PS: If anyone has anymore questions, do not be afraid to ask!

Giveaway Log 05: The Winner's Announcement Livestream

Setting up the livestream as you’re reading this ;)

Winner’s Annoucement Livestream for the PrePre CBS Giveaway will start today at 5pm PST Game Time.

A total of 111 names are to be chosen from so good luck in a couple of hours! I’m here to give you some links that may be in your interest~

Livestream link: SilverNightSky
Google Doc Containing Your Names: List of Entrants

  • List will be updated once the stream gets started. In here, you’ll find your tumblr usernames.(Ctfl + F is your friend )
  • This is not the final order. As mentioned in a previous log, the list will be generated. (Going to roll 3 times o3o) 
  • Another thing I need to mention: If you do not see your user name, I did not deem your blog as active, due to lack of content. However, if you can somehow convince me before the livestream that it is, send an ask or whisp me on any of my characters.
  • If you feel you reblogged twice for an extra chance (as well as liking it), I reduced your chance to two. My wording was incorrect in the rules that allowed a loophole for multiple reblogs. However, I’ve decided it’s unfair for all users. Thanks for your cooperation.

Should you decide to participate in the livestream, please read as follows…

  1. You must be courteous to one another. Do not start fights.
  2. Watch the language and keep it clean.
  3. There is no tolerance about comments concerning racism, sexism, rape, and the like. Viewer will be subjected to an instant ban. No questions asked and will be disqualified from the giveaway. I have a habit of holding grudges too, fyi.
  4. Despite these rules relax and enjoy yourselves ;u;/

For a reminder of what the prizes are like click here~ : huehue agogo 

Again, a blessing of good luck to you all and see you at the livestream /o/