So, I realized I’ve never really done much in the way of a comprehensive post for this project.

A couple of months ago, I found out that the man who got me into mechanical design many years ago passed away. This is my goodbye gift to him, the TOFYJ-30/12. It’s a multi-caliber (.308, 7.62x54R, and 12 gauge, depending on barrel and extractor) straight-pull bolt-action garage gun that uses heavy gauge tubing as a receiver. At a bare minimum, it requires no milling or welding (I’m building the prototype exclusively using hand tools) and parts readily bought online. In accordance with the mannerisms of the man this project is devoted to, the blueprints will be available for free. Once the blueprints are made available, I’ll be encouraging the community to add to the number of parts- new magwells, new bolt designs- I’m sure a semi-auto one could be built. I want this project to grow. I want this to be a collective thanks to a great man.

Unfortunately, I cannot do this alone.
I’ve been working on this for a while now- I’ve got the basic design all patterned out, and most of the parts for the prototype either on order or already owned. I am, however, lacking in the long run- in terms of testing the prototype, I have about a box and a half of blanks, but I’m going to need low-pressure short-range training ammunition which runs about 100 dollars per case. I’ve got a small assortment of hand tools that may suffice for the most barebones of prototype builds, but that’s as far as they’ll get me. If anyone out there has Solidworks experience, a miter box, or a bench vise they don’t need any more, please send me an email at tetsuzoukamadani@gmail.com. For those who’d like to contribute but aren’t familiar with CAD or able to help with the tools, I’ve got a Bitcoin wallet set up (13w7mHkV84eP56F7kkgR5RxhiSuLnGhiEe) and would be very grateful for any donations made- they go a long way.

If anyone has any questions, please do send me an ask.


Burial Vault / Tube

studying tips

before you start studying the actual materials, you may want to find a study technique or method that benefits you. so the question is really this: how do you study effectively? these are some tips that seem to benefit me. if they don’t work for you, try a google search of study methods x x there are tons.

  • try the pomodoro method. there’s a timer here that will do all the work for you. the idea is you work hard for a solid 25 minutes and then take a short break of 3-5 minutes. after 2-4 rotations of this, if you’re still working, take a “long break” of 15-20 minutes and then rinse and repeat.
  • bring color into your work. get a good (cheap) set of pens (i prefer these) of various colors and use them to highlight, circle, star, rewrite, underline, etc important information.
  • write things down. even things you’ve written down before or think you can commit to memory. write it down and look it over a few times. use those colorful pens while you’re at it.
  • take practice tests (and evaluate your performance). particularly when studying for the act, you need to get a lot of practice. i personally like the xiggi method of studying for the act. the first few practice tests should be untimed— you should go through without putting additional pressure on yourself and see what you really, truly know. then review that information and try to commit it to memory. once you have major things down, start doing timed practice tests and work on your pacing.
  • listen to quiet music or sounds. soundrown (variety), rainymood (rain/thunder), uss enterprise (engine hum), morning in the forest (nature), coffitivity (coffee shop), my noise (variety), and naturespace (app) are all lovely for quiet sounds. there’s also lots of music in the 8tracks study and instrumental tags. alternatively, you could just listen to the music in your itunes you’ve acquired from shady websites. and who doesn’t like the irony of playing ac/dc at 2% volume? 

Prepblr, gunblr, whomever it may concern, I call on you. I’m looking for an extremely compact first aid kit to go in my work vest, which I belief is the standard ballistic plate carrier to give you an idea of the size of the pouch. Ideally it would contain bandages and a coagulation agent for, ya know, bullet wounds. Other suggestions are obviously welcome.


Slow Sand Water Filter

Water is pretty basic to survival and it is on my mind right now.  

Something like this would be a much more economical solution for water purification compared to some expensive man made water filters.

The Mathematics test is 60 minutes long and contains 60 questions. This leaves approximately 60 seconds per question. 

What’s on it?

  • 23% tests your knowledge of pre-algebra
  • 17% tests your knowledge of elementary algebra
  • 15% tests your knowledge of intermediate algebra
  • 15% tests your knowledge of coordinate geometry
  • 23% tests your knowledge of plane geometry
  • 7% tests your knowledge of trigonometry

butmuhgains 50caliberviking pursuit-of-mass tokillthedragon senjukannon sicsemperparatus johnmosesbrowningvevo
A few survival things I forgot I had:

  • 25 x waterproof matches & cotton with spare ignition strips
  • 10 x spare matches in waterproof case
  • Swedish firesteel
  • Shitty pocketknife for firesteel
  • AA Streamlight
  • PTEC AAA headlamp
  • Leatherman Wave multitool
  • Backup small multitool
  • SERE LDK 1.2
  • Carbon fiber GoTube with 10 x aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen, 30 x go pills, 5 x 6 different types
  • "Eat’n tool" spork/bottle opener & hex wrench
  • Shemagh/bandana

Got the HDPE for the prototype bolt the other day- Couldn’t get a single properly sized piece, so I’m just gonna bolt together a few blocks. Got a delay in that I don’t actually have much in the way of tools- I can’t seem to find my boxcutter, and my tap chuck hand drill is AWOL. Shouldn’t be much of a holdup, but I unfortunately also forgot to get material for the striker. I’ll be getting a PO box in the next week or so, so I can start ordering the other stuff I need (like .308 blanks and SRTA)

Gonna tag the next few posts on this project under the prepblr tag, because I think they might be interested.