Wishing that bad people didn’t exist will not protect you from them. Good intentions and high morals will not make you bulletproof. Ignoring the threat does not make it go away, and the innocent and unarmed are tragically more likely to become victims.

Armed Pacifism, because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

'San Andreas' Set to Shake Up Box Office Despite Faults meets Best Earthquake Kits and Bags


Director Brad Peyton grilled scientists, scoured earthquake footage and submerged sets in one of the world’s biggest water tanks to create the biggest earthquake ever to hit California in his new film “San Andreas.”

Published: May 28, 2015 at 12:44PM

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Armed Pacifism - one of the few things the Christian Bible, Mahatma Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Jackie Chan and Malcolm Reynolds all agree on! Not to mention that it is backed up by crime statistics and expert witnesses!

Armed Pacifist
A person (or group of persons) who believe in nonviolence, but having determined not to be victims, armed and trained themselves. Hoping to never use such knowledge or armament, but understanding in a less-than-perfect world, such preparedness has its place.

~ Pastor Decanus James

Be Prepared: Defense Against Terror, Hoodlums, & Disasters

If there is one motto inscribed on the marble lintel at the entrance of the temple of conservative thought, it is this: “wishing does not make it so.”

The police usually don’t break down the door in the nick of time and prevent a school teacher from being raped in a home invasion.  Most of the time, the police are there to draw a chalk outline around the body and start to figure out who did it and how to find them.

Being prepared means facing that reality despite our wishful thinking and understanding that the only person responsible for ourselves is ourselves.

A disaster is underway in your area and you have been notified by your local authorities that you are to evacuate your home and that you have 15 minutes to grab your personal belongs and leave. Are you prepared for this to happen right now?

This is an exercise my wife and I had a lengthy discussion about the other night. We went to the extent of talking specifically about who is responsible for what and when. The order or what we were to do and then also talked about where we currently are at with our preps for this situation. From there we were able to determine what we need to change and/or obtain to be better prepared.

So now I ask you to ask yourself the same question and go through the exercise and determine right now. Are you prepared?

Be Prepared Not Scared


It’s Hurricane Prepardeness Week!   Storm surge is the number one killer in a hurricane. Learn about this deadly danger and what you can do to stay safe. 


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