he was at least 18-20 when he died, and since he does not age and we don’t know exactly when he died, he might be a lot older that that.

it was stated in asunder that he can handle himself very well. he was alone for a very long time and he knows how to take care of himself.

he’s lost in our world. that’s true. but he needs GUIDANCE, not a babysitter or a prent. he did have parents, one of them was abusive father and cole had to hide himself and his sister from him, and he did kill his own father. please DO NOT say he is a child and that he needs a prent. HE DOES NOT NEED A PARENT. AND CALLING SOLAS AS HIS FATHER FEELS WRONG (at least for me, you don’t have to agree, i don’t care) AND IT MIGHT BE A TRIGGER FOR HIM.

TL:DR - Cole is not a child and he doesn’t need a parent, and calling him as pet is disrespectful as for any human being.


Camren AU- It’s 2030 and Fifth Harmony are still touring and performing. The only difference is a new addition on the tour bus for the last 12 years, Camila and Lauren’s son, Cameron Grace Jauregui-Cabello

I'll pretend...

I’ll pretend that I’m over him, that he never mattered. I’ll pretend I don’t have to fight the urge to text him. I’ll keep my smile high on my face even though I know that I havent felt the same happiness since the day I left. I’ll cry my eyes out in hopes it’ll change something even though I know it won’t. I will hope that whereever you are, sometimes you look back and just think about me, about us. I know not a day goes by when I don’t want to just make sure you’re okay.

But I know this is wrong, I know I should be so thankful for what I’ve got. And I am, trust me. But I know somewhere deep down I still care for you, you still have a piece of me, and honestly I dont think i’ll ever get that part back. I will forever feel an emptiness where you used to be.

So i’ll continue to pretend, and lie when you ask if i’m okay, or if he means anything.

But just remember, he means something. But he’s the past, you’re the present. You matter. He doesnt. <3

dreamfulartist said:

BokuAka :D

  • Who made the first move: Akaashi. Bokuto’s too dense. 
  • Who said ‘I love you’ first: Well Bokuto kept saying I love you but pretty much to everyone; he’s an affectionate guy and he loves his friends very much. So when Akaashi said “I love you” Bokuto was sure that Akaashi meant it in a platonic way, and it took a kiss for Bokuto to realize that OH YOU MEAN IN THAT WAY I LOVE YOU TOO 
  • How often they fight: Sometimes, they’re usually nothing serious though and usually end up with silence treatment from Akaashi or pouting treatment from Bokuto. 
  • Whose big spoon/little spoon: Bokuto is really really clingy and he really likes holding Akaashi, too, so Akaashi never had much of a choice. 
  • What their nicknames are for each other: Akaashi sticks with Bokuto-san, and with time, Koutaro-san, and Bokuto, well Bokuto is really passionate about spy films and likes to prented he’s a spy, and therefore everyone around him too, and since Akaashi’s favourite food is rapeseed plants with karashi mustard dressing (Nanohana no Karashiae) Bokuto often calls him AGENT NANOHANA. Because Nanohana no Karashiae is just too long. 
  • Who’s the better cook: Bokuto is! He accidentally watched a culinary programme in TV once and then got obsessed with them, obsessed to the point where he started recording them when he couldn’t watch them, and thanks to that he found his passion for cooking. Not that Akaashi is complaining but some of these dishes shouldn’t probably exist, I mean who eats cucumbers with cotton candy, wHO 
  • Who remembers their anniversaries: Akaashi sometimes forgets because he’s pretty busy, but worry not Akaashi, even if he forgets, Bokuto remembers always and always makes a big deal out of it and comes up with the stupidest ideas to celebrate the day. 
  • Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex): Trips to the zoo! Or watching (spy) films. Or eventually, when Akaashi’s in a bad mood and Bokuto wants to cheer him up he lets him watch these boring documentary films buT THEY’RE SO BORING AKAASHI
  • Who is dominant in bed: Though they switch, Bokuto tops most often. 
  • How they would get engaged: Bokuto tried to make a dessert that would either read “Please marry me” or make a dessert as in an actual dessert ring, but he failed with the second one so he opted for the first one. Unfortunately it was summer and they were in Tokyo and it was hot and he wrote it with ice cream on their bad and it melted really quickly so Bokuto rushed out to buy a ring. Meanwhile Akaashi came back and still managed to make out what was written and god that was so like Bokuto/ 
  • What their wedding would be like: Kuroo kept teasing both of them and the whole Fukurodani came and congratulated them and Konoha and Komi even gave Akaashi their condolences because he made a concious decision of dealing with Bokuto forever now. Basically it was really lively, really loud, Bokuto and Kuroo had a dance off and they were both pretty drunk but it was really enjoyable. 
  • How many kids they’ll have: Bokuto had a dream that he was sure was a prophecy where Akaashi gave birth to 25 children and that’s when the idea that they should adopt popped out because KEIJI WOULDN’T YOU DIE “No Koutaro-san I can’t give birt-” WORRY NOT WE CAN ADOPT THEM. They didn’t adopt 25 children (though it took 2 hours of convincing that no it wasn’t possible for them to adopt the whole orphanage) and eventually both of them fell in love with a little girl. They adopted another child three years later. 

i do nt want to go to school tomorwwo and have to put up wit, people who are shit, peopl who nly pretend to care about m e, peope who dont even try to prented

God knows how many 11 questions I've answered

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  1. What is your favorite television series? Unfortunately, I don’t watch any TV series. I barely watch TV! Haha!
  2. Your happiness or parents’ happiness and why? My happiness: Clint (huehue), food (especially sweets!), everything about books, the different special activities happening in UST, making other people happy, and getting a good grade that I really worked for. I guess my prents’ happiness is seeing me and my siblings happy and doing goog in school and life.
  3. Rainy or sunny? Sunny! Actually, I’m not really fond of the sun (or going out in general), but I despise the rain sometimes. I hate stepping on puddles and getting wet from the rain ugh.
  4. How would you describe time? Time is an invention by man that consumes his mind and sanity until there is nothing left.
  5. What’s your most embarrassing moment? God, I have so many. I guess I’ll go with that one time I was reciting in class confidently, but then I misused one word. Ugh.
  6. Who in your life has influenced you the most? Clint did. Back then, I was a really shity person. Like I didn’t give one flipping fuck about grades, and I cared so little for my family and friends, and constantly mourned the fact that my feelings weren’t reciprocated by the guy I felt for. But since he came into my life, I started to look at things in a positive light. I started trying to get along with my family and striving for good grades, and just being a better person in general.
  7. What kind of music are you into? I’m into everything, I guess. I like OPM, pop, rock, country, etc. etc. My favorite genre is alternative, though.
  8. 3 movies you’d recommend to me. Welp, I’m really horrible when it comes to these. But you can never go wrong with “Miracle in Cell No. 7”, Adam Sandler movies, and Harry Potter movies.
  9. What makes you sad? Books on sale and not having money for it, Clint being so far away, shitty anything and everything, old people begging for alms on the street, people being shit to animals (especially dogs), etc. etc.
  10. What accomplishment are you most proud of? Passing the entrance exam of the pontifical and royal University of Santo Tomas.
  11. Sleeping or eating? Tough one. Eating, I suppose.

Too lazy to make questions and tag people, sorry. HAHA

bloodanddye said:

[text] cn't do it! I don't wnna see my prents in lingerie

(TEXT) We’ll dress them as Brad & Janet BEFORE they get wet in the rain!

(TEXT) So no lingerie required.