The premiere was sensational! Loved every moment of the episode. So many sweet gestures, a gift given and many cute  Jisbon moments in between. This truly is the season of Jisbon. Vega fits really well into the team, Jane is his same witty charming self. He’s a mixture of season one Jane and the past few season’s of how he has been portrayed. There a few funny moments. Kim’s absence is explained pretty early on. Abbott is onto the Jisbon relationship. The Jisbon moments were sweet, tender and very open/honest. My heart is still glowing with happiness. They were radiating happiness throughout most themselves. Pike was on for a brief few minutes figured Jisbon were together now. Asked Jane what he could offer Lisbon. He had her a life and possible family. Pike said other then yourself, Jane. Lisbon shows up. Lisbon says to Pike nice seeing you and tell’s him goodbye. Lisbon asks Jane what Pike said he explains and then say’s they’ll do what feels right for their relationship. (move at their own pace) Lisbon smiles and agrees.  There is a great coffee scene with them at Lisbon’s house, boxes are explained. ;) Yes, the swan origami scene is in this episode. An old fashioned car comes into play at the end, a surprise. ;) The Cadillac car as a rental gift was sweet. He knew her love for them at the start with the model in her box. I also melted at seeing he still wears those wool socks she gave him as a gift. Pikes appearance is short and brief.  All in all fantastic episode. I like seeing the slow blossoming/beginning of Jane and Lisbon’s relationship. I really liked the case itself too.