At least 12 injured in East Village, New York, explosion

The New York Times: A preliminary investigation suggests the explosion at an East Village, New York, building that injured 12 people was related to plumbing and gas work, officials said Thursday.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said that contracted work failed a Con Edison inspection hours before the explosion and 7-alarm fire.

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Photo: An explosion rocked the East Village on Thursday afternoon. The blast occurred at 2nd Avenue and East 7th Street. (Joseph Burgess / The New York Times)

7 Alarm Building Fire & collapse.
A powerful explosion in the East Village near 2nd Ave & East 7th Street caused one building to collapse and sparked a large fire in a neighboring building on Thursday afternoon, leaving at least a dozen people injured, at least three critically.
Francis X. Gribbon, the chief spokesman for the New York Fire Department, said the preliminary indication was that some kind of gas explosion preceded the inferno.


I love things like the uncut silk panel (for a waistcoat), and the sketches & preliminary designs for a waistcoat pocket. I love them because they give a hint into the mind of the person doing the work and creating the garment. 


Uncut ivory silk vest, embroidered with floral motifs, not made up into vest - Museum Rotterdam

Drawing for a waistcoat done 1780-1790. In the Cooper Hewitt collection.

Pen, blue ink, watercolor, gouache, graphite Support: laid paper.

Inscription says:

Inscription (in French): la baguette en paillete et une cordon de cannetille sourde d’or, tout ce que est blance en foeuille et en fleurs passe argant, les paillons lisiere en canetille sourde argent et en diamantbouchete au millieu, l’houpe passe or et argent. 

Translation: outline in sequins and a cord of matte coiled gold wire, all that is white in leaves and flowers in flat silver, the colored and shaped spangles edged with matte silver wire and also the faceted “diamond” in the middle, the tufts in faded gold and silver. 


This will possibly be the only sample I will post from my kindle version of this E-Book from Arlene Holmes. I don’t want to infringe upon her sales (which are being donated btw) but more or less, kind of offer a sample if you will. These are two excerpts from the book she has published, I’ve just started reading it today - but my heart already goes out to her. Especially on preliminary hearing day 2 chapter, that was brutal to read.

Personally as a mother, I don’t think I could be as strong. We hear it all the time, the survivors and their parents - how they struggle to move forward day to day… I couldn’t imagine their pain either nor do I take away from the very true fact that THEY are the most affected by this. However, I love that Arlene isn’t sitting quietly on the sidelines in this either. She forces you to remember (in a subtle and almost gentle but realistic way), that the suspects families are just as affected too. The foreword of this was sad to read.

I’ll give a full review of this when I’m done reading it. But wow. This book is actually an eye opener. I hate that she’s had to write it, I really hate that, but I’m very thankful that she has… Oh man…

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World map sounds like an allusion to that map I used for one of my preliminary theories remember? It had the logo drawn on it but it was way off….

Wonder if you can REDRAW IT given the call me baby cities being fully known….. getlayd ooxehuns


I’ve been hearing a lot about awful anti-feminist and anti-sjws lately and even though I keep asking for proof and links no one has been able to provide me with any as of yet.  So I decided to do my own research.

I’d like to start by saying I will be expanding my research soon, so this is only preliminary results, however from what I can see there are acceptable percentages of crazy nut-jobs and then unacceptable percentages of crazy nut-jobs.

For about every 1 awful anti-sjw/anti-feminist I found at least 20 awful sjws and feminists.

Again, I will be doing a more in depth study when I have time.

Every single group that has ever existed, even the most noble and kind of them, have had their extremists and it should be allowed for a small percentage of crazy-assholes to exist without demonizing an entire group.  However, once that percentage gets too high it can be considered that the entire group is tainted and broken beyond repair.

Will post when I have more information, but from what I can tell right now there is still a very low number of crazy anti-sjws out there and still a high number of moronic sjws and feminists.  Please, I am all ears to any arguments that might be said.  Legitimate arguments.

I’m going to make my theory about who’s next and everything later. Right now I wanna get this out there.

Xiumin and Suho were the two people who ((allegedly)) found an exit but were blocked by the forcefield, correct? Even if it wasn’t necessarily an exit, the two were obstructed by the forcefield and then the MV started.

I’m betting money that Suho, when he appears in the teasers, isn’t going to be wearing rings either and for now I’ll leave it at that.


ACE BETH WEEK: After months of conversations about Beth’s lack of desire for her boyfriend, or anyone for that matter, and “cold fish” comments from Paul, Art suggests an answer to his partner.