Diets by Pregnant Women Spur Underweight Babies in Japan

If you’re pregnant in Japan and your doctor tells you to lose weight, tell him to fuck a cactus.

Women in Japan are dangerous levels of underweight when giving birth resulting in cases of premature delivery and growth-restricted infants are at increased risk of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and obesity as adults.

A friend of mine who recently had a baby was told she needed to LOSE weight while pregnant because she was gaining it too fast, fortunately her pediatrician father was shocked at her Japanese doctors assesment and told her to tell him to shove it and find a new doctor.

14 week & a few days.

I just noticed my first strechmarks on my legs! :(
I haven’t gain any weight yet. Though, It’s getting hard to zip my jacket. I can’t wear my old brahs anymore, even my hips got wider.
Lots of people have noticed my belly has grown. I use bio oil on it every day, it keeps my belly soft. I didnt use it on my legs though.. untill now..

I feel like I felt last summer and it freaks me out. I can’t take the smell of coffee, I don’t even drink it if it’s not an Ice soy latte. I’m freaking tired all the time, moody and dizzy no matter how much I sleep. Also I’ve so much water in my body that it hurts and the iron level is low so my skin ain’t good either.. at the moment I don’t wanna be me at all. I just want to cry out on a shoulder but big girls don’t do that, they shut up and smile.. i’ve been told


i walk downstairs after i put Kane in bed when i see Harry sleeping on the couch. he looks so precious sleeping. i gently put a blanket over him and whisper ‘thank you for being such an amazing friend’. i wouldn’t know what i would do without him. i was dating Edward and got pregnant from him. i told him and he broke up. Harry was there to catch me. has has been there for me since the begingin of my pregnantcy. he still helps me a lot. well everyday. he actually kinda lives here. he took care of Jayson the whole night and now he is sleeping on the couch. i laugh at myself as i hear the doorbell. it’s probably my dad. i smile big opening the door but my smile dissapears when i see Edward. my eyes go wide and i feel my heart beat faster.

hey uh.. can i come in?’. he ask. i look at him not sure what to do but then i hear Kane cry. i let Edward in and run upstairs to get him. ‘shhh don’t cry’. i whisper swaying him. i hear footsteps. someone is walking the stairs. i assume it is Harry. Kane must have woke him with his crying. i turn around but i see Edward standing by the doorstep. he stares at Kane not saying anything. i look at him and see his is holding a teddybear. i can’t help but smile.. i mean yes he did break me for breaking up because i was pregnant. but still he is Kane his father. and it would be nice if he will be a part of his life.

can i uh.. hold him?’. he ask softly. i nodd and hand him over. Edward holds him gently in his arms, he looks at him and starts to smile. it’s that smile i fell inlove with. the most beautiful smile in the world. the smile that makes me feel he has feelings too. i watch them for a while as Edward looks up. ‘i know i have been a total jerk for dumping you. for treathing you the way i did. it was not all your fault also mine. but i want you back. i want us to be a family. i will make it right. i swear’. he tells me. i bite my lip repeating the words he just said in my head. he did hurt me. he left me alone. i had to do this all alone. but i love him.. i do miss him.

i sigh and say ‘i miss you. but you hurt me terribly. i’m not sure if i can ever trust you again. and i am not going to jump into a relationship with you like i just to jump back.. you need to prove yourself. to me. to Kane and then we will see’. i have teary eyes while saying this. i want him back ofcourse i do. but he needs to prove himself. he nods staying quiet. then Harry walks in clearing his throat and frowns. ‘what the fuck is he doing here?’. he says quite harsh looking at us both. Edward rolls his eyes and looks at Harry. ‘visiting my girlfriend and son’. he tells Harry. i can see Harry’s body filling with anger and then he laugsh sarcasticly. ‘your son?! don’t make me laugh. maybe he has your DNA but i’ve done more father things for him than you. and i don’t think Shaylah is so stupid to take you ever back again. right?’. he says looking at me. i get pale. they both are looking at me now. and i have no idea what to say or to do.

onedirection-anonsforyou said:

*turns to you, smiling as we get to the dance floor and wraps my arms around your neck* Alright Niall, I forgot to ask you something. Why were you in detention today? *pulls my arm away to sip my beer* -Bianca

*smirks* i might have insulted a teacher.. i asked a teacher how far she was in her pregnantcy.. well she isn’t pregnant *laughs*- Niall