I had a busy day, mel and I went to the hospital for a checkup on my thumb. It’s looking good i’ll wear a cast just for 3 more weeks, after the hospital we went for lunch then to a beauty salon to get a tan for mel and a brazilian wax for me. I’m still pregnant, spitting like a snake but I feel good my skin is smooth and silky.
Franz and I had a fight this morning, I asked him to kiss me and he gave me the “rest and relax” excuse. Now I can’t even get a kiss or have sex, it’s not good for my blood pressure doctor’s orders. F*ck that i’ll kiss him all I want and do more if I feel like it and if I die, i’ll die a very happy woman😘

Seabreeze was crammed in her hide all day today and I wasn’t about to disturb her, so here’s a pic from last week.

Six weeks away from her due date! I thought I’d be much more impatient for babies, but I’m mainly just thrilled she’s doing so well. She’s apparently got the pregnant ‘glow’ going on. If anything, I can’t wait for her to be done so I can pamper her with rats, soaks, and rest.   

            The fall of the Moon Tribe

Follow up to this headcannon

It was only a matter of time until the Moon tribe outlived their usefulness to the Dark Lord, and it wasn’t long before such a time came. It arrived with the creation of Yami’s final and most powerful demon. A dead snake, pregnant with seven offspring, was found within a bell and brought to Yami. From these ingredients, Yamato no Orochi was born. At last, the legion of demons this being of darkness had so sought to create was complete. Before the Tribe could seal Orochi away within the confines of the ark with the rest of his brethren, Yami ordered him to act. 

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7 weeks to go (I’m counting down). Lots of scale separation and she’s starting to get noticeably thinner up top. Still eating too, which is good.

No telling how many babies she’s going to drop - since she’s a first time mom I’d expect a small litter, but she’s also a pretty big-bodied girl. Guess we’ll find out… May can’t get here fast enough!


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I been trying to find this stupid comic strip that mentally pisses me off. It’s a pregnant snake (not laying fucking eyes like normal) and her husband is like “WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT YOU CAN FEEL THE BABY KICKING????” and theres a bear dressed as a mailman in the background.