Helpful graphic. Even if you think you’re not making enough milk, you’re probably making enough milk. Babies are SUPPOSE to eat every 2 hours or so. It is not unusual for a nursing session to last a long time, hours even, in the first few months to help establish a healthy breastmilk supply and help baby put on weight. Breastmilk is the perfect food for tiny tummies, therefore their bodies use it much more efficiently than formula. More of it is put to good use in their bodies than formula, hence the difference in bowel movements between formula and breastfed infants. Since more of it is put to good use, and it is digested quicker, they need topped off sooner. It’s not because they are hungry, it’s because their digestive system is healthy, and it’s doing it’s job perfectly. Formula fed babies take longer in between feedings because their stomach has to struggle to digest the formula, not because they are more ‘satisfied’ by the formula than the breastmilk. Supplementing with formula leads to a drop is supply, which leads to baby truly not being satisifed, which leads to more bottles until before you know it you really aren’t making enough milk. Breastfeeding is supply and demand. If you don’t meet the demand, then you don’t have any use for the supply, so your body stops wasting it’s time trying to make it. To give yourself an edge on establishing a healthy breastfeeding relationship, avoid the use of bottles or pacifiers until the infant is closer to 6 weeks old. This not only helps build a good supply, it helps avoid nipple confusion and the likelihood that baby will begin to reject to breast for the ‘convenience’ and ‘ease’ of the faster flowing bottle. Woot random breastfeeding information. :)


When I was 18 years old I got pregnant. I’ve been abused, neglected, starved, beaten, and  kicked out of two families. So when I say it was the hardest year of my life, I dont take that lightly.

My parents were never there for me, and said and done things that I wouldn’t damn any child to go through.

In spanish, the word for pregnant is “embarazada”. “embarrassed”. and I was. I know what an 18 year old pregnancy looks like. Ignorance, stupidity, shameful, slutty. I was not educated about sex by my parents. I was told that if I used birth control that I was going to hell. That if I used condoms I was going to hell. and I paid the price of ignorance.

All that being said; I didn’t want an abortion. I saw a life, and a future that could be wonderful. through out the pregnancy I came to realize that, though I wasn’t wrong, I couldn’t be the one to provide that life. 

My partner and I found a family that I can only describe as amazing. They had a life that I could only dream of giving my son. They are beautiful, loving, intelligent, and awe inspiring people. My son will be wise, calm, brave, cultured, healthy and loved. 

If I could ever pick parents for myself, i would want that kind of stability. So we made the easiest, hard decision of our lives.

I dont tell very many people I have a son. and I certainly dont upload pictures and videos boasting about my premature pregnancy. But I am so proud, and grateful. I love him and think about him all the time. His parents sent me this. its the first time ive ever heard my son talk. and Im so touched that I wanted to share for the first time in complete and total pride: this is my baby boy Benjamin.