Racist Police of California

Body cameras won’t save anyone from police brutality. The video of Eric Garner’s death is spread on internet, but murderers are still on the loose. Now I’ll tell you another situation which proves that cops are truly bastards and don’t seem to change. In Barstow, California they performed a painful wristlock and forced belly first into the pavement the 8 month pregnant black woman Charlena Michelle Cooks. Cops acted violently because Cooks refused to show her ID during traffic dispute (she had a right to do that). More than that she was found not guilty after all! But the city officials said that officers had acted properly! They brutalized pregnant woman and no one to blame! What’s going on?  

Risaroo Wovens Lumen Citrina {Woven Wrap Review}

Blend: 55% cotton, 45% tencel (100% awesome!)
Price: $150 - $200; $155 for a ring sling
Wrapper level: Beginner to Expert
Release Date: June 1st at 11CDT

I recently had the pleasure of testing out this gorgeous new release from Risaroo Wovens.  This beauty is a new colorway and blend in the Lumen line, Citrina!  It was not only my try with a Risaroo, but also with a cotton/tencel blend, and the hype did not disappoint.

This wrap came to me already ready to go, so I can’t speak of what it’s like in loom state.  I can tell you though that it felt fairly broken in, and super soft.  I’ve heard people use the term “buttery” before, but until now, I didn’t quite get it.  Citrina was definitely “buttery” soft!  I would highly recommend it as a newborn wrap due to the softness and amazing cuddles it provides.

When it came to wrapping, it was great.  It had great glide, a fair amount of stretch, and it went where I wanted it to go.  Now I described this as soft, but I wouldn’t necessarily say it was cushy.  It was very modable, and pretty easy on the shoulders.  Citrina was a bit on the slippery side, but it did grip a bit, so the passes I made stayed in place.

I tried getting my 3 year old to cooperate and let me wrap him, but he wasn’t feeling it, haha.  So I only got a chance to use it on my 4 ½ month old.  It supported him effortlessly, and his weight didn’t bother me at all.  

The look of Lumen Citrina is gorgeous.  It’s a beautiful pale yellow.  I was afraid it wouldn’t look right on me, but it surprised me!  In the sunlight, this baby has amazing shimmer to it.  I definitely enjoyed using it, and this wrap went with every outfit.  I didn’t have to plan around it!  It’s like a great pair of jeans, it just goes with everything!

All in all, I recommend this wrap if you’re looking for something soft, gorgeous, and supportive!  This was another hit for Risaroo!

- Misty


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