Thank you so much everyone for your support and congratulations!

I’m still in shock a bit, I haven’t had any symptoms except for a missed period and a weird week where I suddenly thought all coffee tasted awful. I was 99.9% confidant that I wasn’t pregnant, I just happened to walk by the tests last night after work and grabbed one for the hell of it just to knock out that 0.01% thought that I might be.

I have a boyfriend and a family that supports whatever decision I decide to make. (And you guys of course.) After a night of shock I’m about 80% sure I don’t want to have this baby. I’m still so young and I just got promoted at work and it’s just not the right time. Also I feel like it’s not only a baby but also a marriage contract. Do I really want to stay with my boyfriend forever? I don’t know. The pressure is on, too, because my boyfriend was told by a doctor that he has a very slim chance of ever having children. So yeah. But that 20% of uneasiness is still there. I’ve got a lot of thinking to do.