ilwolf said:

The council gives them a large egg or they find it in the house and it hatches into their child and they both look after it (I might have thought about this a lot...)

YESSSS. Oh my goddd:
“C-Carlos, dear,…I have…I have some news. I am having many emotions.”

"Are you alright, honey? You look a little green-"

"Never mind that! Do you remember that egg that appeared in our bedroom a few months ago?"

"Yes, but-"

"You might want to sit down."


"It, ah, wasn’t a tyranadon egg like we thought-"

"Oh, how FASCINATING! Was it-"


"Ooh, you need to bring it over, I-"

"Carlos, you’re a daddy."


" And I’m a daddy too."

"… I think I need that sit down now…"

Pregnancy is an "inconvenience"

Let’s see what pregnancy can cause:

  • Depression [x]
  • Deep vein thrombosis [x] - second highest cause of maternal death after bleeding
  • Gestational diabetes [x]
  • Thyroid disease [x]
  • Preeclampsia [x] and eclampsia [x]
  • Loss of job [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] - while technically illegal, many pregnant people are fired under other guises (ex. given new physical tasks to do then fired when not able to complete them, etc.)
  • Loss of education [x] [x] [x]
  • Death [x] [x] - approx. 650 people in the US every year, 800 per day worldwide, 289 000 total around the world in 2013

Please, antichoicers, tell me again how pregnancy is just an “inconvenience” that everyone who becomes pregnant should have to go through.