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CS + 5

Disclaimer: I have never been pregnant nor have I known anyone who has been pregnant so I’m going off of what I’ve seen in movies and tv and the internet

Emma Swan cannot believe a simple one night stand with fellow Boston police officer Killian Jones ended up in a pregnancy (AO3, ff.net)

Definitely Not a One Time Thing

“Shit” Emma said quietly to herself as she sat on her bathroom floor, the positive pregnancy test still clutched in her hands. She should have known, she had been nauseous and vomiting for days and she had definitely missed her last period. She had tried to chalk it up to the stress of being a cop but there definitely was no denying it now. She was pregnant and it was her stupid coworker, Killian Jones’s baby. It was only meant to be a one time thing, a night of drinks and celebration over cracking a particularly hard case had led to them falling into his bed together and her sneaking out of his apartment before dawn. There had been no hard feelings from either side, they had both known it was just sex and was just a one night stand nothing more. But this? This definitely changed that.

Emma scrolled through her phone until she got to his number and debated whether this was news you call or text someone about. She held her breath as she pressed the call button and listened to the other line ring.

“Why Swan to what do I owe the pleasure?” he had answered jovially. Emma let out a shaky breath trying to figure out what she wanted to say.

“I need to talk to you about something, can um you come to my place so I can tell you?” she asked.

“Emma is everything all right?” Killian asked his voice suddenly full of concern.

“I’m pregnant,” she blurted out and long pause came from his end.

“Would you like me to bring some food for when we talk?” he asked breaking the silence.

“Ice cream would be nice,” she said wiping away a tear that was starting to fall.

“As you wish, I’ll be over there in 20 minutes,” he said before he hung up.

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Labour day

Alright so we are getting ready to leave for the hospital in an hour. I had a rough night of cramping, still cramping lots this morning and I think I lost my mucus plug. Whaaat lol. Crossing my fingers my body has done some of the work on my cervix already when we get there. I’m kinda hoping we’ve done enough warming up now that with a bit of encouragement it’ll get on with it. Positive thinking right?

Feeling a bit sick. Probably nerves. I did want to do this right?

Those Baby Hormones

Of course Happy was excited, he was soon going to be an Uncle, or brother…oh bother he always thought of Natsu as a brother but he insisted he be Happy’s father considering Natsu and Lisanna used to play house (well Lisanna did, Natsu just went along with it) as his parents…well in that case, this makes Lucy his step-mother, even though Happy considers her, his sister.
But generally when you come home and see your two best friends arguing over random pathetic issues you tend to wonder.
The entire guild had suspected something between the two of them, and Happy is overjoyed with their relationship considering they had strong feelings for each other, but never in Happy’s entire life had he thought this would be the outcome.
Wendy had explained that Lucy would be high strung throughout the pregnancy and that Happy should watch what he said in reference to her, considering Lucy would be easily offended.
And of course Happy obeyed obediently considering Carla shot him a warning look, he didn’t want to anger the Exceed of his dreams so he stood by their word and hadn’t spoken badly to Lucy.
But Natsu…not so much.
Lucy and Natsu had been bathing together one night, Happy wasn’t invited though…which made him feel disappointed.
But as soon as the door had been shut, no less than four minutes had it been when Lucy came running back out a little wobbly due to her stomach she was shaped in her towel it had been a big one considering her stomach constricted its use.
But her blonde hair was down her face and she appeared to be sobbing.
“You are so mean Natsu Dragneel!” she sobbed dramatically causing Happy to feel uncomfortable and try to snuggle deeper into the sheets hoping he could fly away from the awkwardness of the situation.
Natsu erupted through the door with a with an agitated moan, “Luce stop doing this!”
Natsu was angry, and it seemed Lucy was the target tonight, “Doing what? Stop being fat like you wanted!” she yelled in an unload like fashion.
“No stop being insecure,” he said gently but it seemed like he was getting fed up with this line, he must’ve said it a few times today, and Happy couldn’t really tell if or if not since he tried to avoid Lucy and any remarks about her weight he could throw at her.
“Insecure about what, first the ‘too much peanut butter’ , the: ‘don’t sit on me you’re to heavy’ , or: ‘wow Luce I can’t tell how many toes you have’ oh and my favourite, ‘see now we need to upgrade to a swimming pool’” typically Happy would have laughed at what Natsu said because it was witty, but the diamonds in Lucy’s eyes said to stay quiet or the Exceed would learn to regret it.
And typically and always as stupid as he can get, Natsu said: “Are you sure you are not having twins,” Happy was pretty sure the area around Lucy darkened as a cloud of black mist coated her barely dressed figure.
She looks like Erza…only worse, and that made Happy glad that they lived nowhere near the Fernandez residence, and hopefully Erza would hold off on having children for the mean time, ‘we don’t need two hormonal women slaughtering men who thought they were humorous,’ Happy thought to himself.
Lucy let out a long exhale before looking up at Natsu again, “If you will excuse me I am going to the bath’s at the guild do not disturb me.” she dressed grabbing a bag with some clothes in it…oh no, not the overnight bag.
Natsu visibly grew panicked, standing in full dragon mode.
“No! No way, you’re not staying at Levy’s tonight…” no one, not even me, could make Natsu as scared as Lucy can.
Lucy shot him a glare, “Why not? I may not fit on the bed tonight,” she sneered causing the small exceed to shiver.
Natsu groaned, “Luce you know I still have those dreams and without you…I need you,”
Lucy’s eyes softened and she caved putting the bag down gently walking over to Natsu who pulled her into his body.
“I think you owe me an apology,”
He nodded sheepishly-relief clear on his face, “Sorry Lushi…you know I love you though. Even if we need to buy a King Sized Bed,” Happy shook his head.
What weirdo’s.

Well this is a weird situation to be in. We know we’re having a baby tomorrow. She has made no indication that she’ll be changing the plan. I’ve dropped our sausage dog off at his babysitter’s, I’ve done the last bit of washing and packed the suitcase, my mother and grandparents are coming to town tomorrow and will be waiting around to hear news.

I’m not thinking about it. Lol.

I don’t know if it’s still showing as good after the media compression, but here’s a little clip of Bean kicking…
I think he’s excited because today was the first time I sunbathed my bare belly - it must have been really bright in my womb, a totally new experience after those cold winter months for my little boy!

So I have been on oxytocin for 2 hours now and am currently at a level 10 (10 milliunits/minute).

I’m currently feeling it a little bit in my back and some cramps. Like a mild period pain basically.

Mat and I are just chillin watchin Netflix and I have a stupid amount of energy.

The IV is really awkward so I can’t move my hand or arm much, but it’s on my right hand and I am left handed so it’s all good lol.

Thanks for all of the encouraging messages and keep checking for more updates!

You guys rock!

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Hi, this isn't really a question, I just wanted to rant, if that's okay? I'm DFAB and pregnant, and while being pregnant isn't making me dysphoric at all, the way people treat me is. Strangers, doctors, birthing class instructors, no matter how I present everyone always assumes I'm a pregnant woman and I'm not.

Ranting is alright. I’m sorry this has been happening to you.