Labor update

So I began contractions around 1130pm and now it’s 6am and I’m 7cm dilated without using any medications to speed contractions or cervix thinning! Baby Alexandra and I are a great team! She’s progressing well and fast and my body is handling things perfectly. My husband is getting beyond excited and it’s keeping me so calm. 3 more cm till I start pushing! Woo! I’m very happy and content right now. Only a few more hours or so!

Friends? Please?

Hi lovelies!

I’m on the hunt for lots of Mummy To Be friends on here, people to talk to and just to share journeys with! If there is anybody, please like this post or re-blog it and I’ll be sure to follow!

I have lots of thoughts and worries floating about it my head and it’ll be great to let off some steam!


38 weeks tomorrow and Alexandra’s nursery is complete until her arrival. i just want to add a few more photos on the wall when she arrives. her drawers are packed with clothes. she wont be in her crib for a while because i have a bassinet set up in my room. so until then ill keep the bumpers in the crib. 2 weeks til the due date!

oh and the thing holding her bibs is a paper towel holder with some ribbon added for “cuteness”. i wanted something to have the bibs be easily accessible.


take me back. take me back to Christmas morning when my pregnancy test was positive. take me back to the last week in January when we heard her heart beat for the first time. take me back January when we took photos to announce the pregnancy to our friends and family back home. we are silly. silly young parents who are madly in love and are ready to give our love to a child. this seems like so long ago. i miss it so much. but we’re just days away now from meeting her. from smothering her in hugs and kisses. the longest 9 months in a woman’s life. whether she is the pregnant one or even waiting to adopt from a surrogate, there is nothing better than having something you wanted for so long become yours.