Haikyuu!! 2014, Sendai City Gymnasium, Miyagi, 2015

Had a transit stop in the late afternoon through Sendai station, which meant there was no time to do touristy things but still a good hour or two to kill, so Sendai City Gymnasium it was because reasons!!

The area around the gymnasium was rather quiet and deserted given that it’s a Friday afternoon, so I was kind of expecting it to be just as uneventful inside (not to mention it was kind of dark),  but it turned out there was actually a tournament that day…!

Okay well… it’s not volleyball but the “Miyagi Prefecture High School Spring Championship Handball Tournament” (roughly translated). Still, I hung around and watched the games a bit… like with most high school tournaments, they also had cool banners, rah-rah teams and handmade plastic bottle noisemakers not unlike the atmosphere you get with sports anime. You can practically smell the salon pas of youth in the air. あァァァ。。青春!

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INFO | ‘I Remember You’: Additional information on Kyungsoo’s character

KBS2’s new Mon-Tues drama ‘I Remember You’ will feature Lee Hyun (Seo Inguk), a genius criminal profiler who is more charming for being dangerous, and Cha Jian (Jang Nara), the passionate elite investigator observing him. 

Do Kyungsoo has been confirmed for the role of Lee Joonyoung, a dangerous man that Hyun’s father, Joongmin, was profiling. After following Joongmin to his prefecture, Joonyoung shared a conversation with Hyun by chance and realized his genius at once. He is a mysterious figure who has hugely influenced Hyun’s life since. By acting as part of a divided self invisible to others’ eyes in last year’s It’s Okay, It’s Love, D.O. of idol group EXO definitely established a place as actor Do Kyungsoo. With this role, Do Kyungsoo is expected to show another side of himself as an actor, with a face where good and evil coexist, and who evokes strong tension from the outset. 

The first episode is planned to broadcast on June 22nd.