• s1
  • haru:*goes through life apathetically*
  • haru:*uses swimming as escapism*
  • haru:*forms a team of good friends and makes it past swim tryouts*
  • haru:*is told by his childhood friend they'll never swim together again*
  • me:where the fuck are haru's parents
  • haru:*has an existential crisis*
  • haru:*goes to prefecturals anyway*
  • me:where the fuck are haru's parents
  • haru:*goes running out of the pool stadium to find his friend*
  • haru:*has to confront said friend, who is emotionally fucked up*
  • haru:*swims with friend, who is from another school, gets disqualified*
  • me:where the fuck are haru's parents
  • s2
  • haru:*enters third year of high school*
  • haru:*seriously struggles over his future path*
  • haru:*feels left behind by his friends*
  • me:where the fuck are haru's parents
  • haru:*suffers under others' expectations*
  • haru:*has a massive fucking breakdown*
  • haru:*screams at BOTH his best friends*
  • haru:*goes overseas with almost no warning*
  • haru:*discovers what his true dream is*
  • me:...
  • me:where. where are his parents.
My Favorite Japan Mascots!


Barysan is the mascot of Imabari, Japan. He’ll kick anyone’s ass. He’ll kick your ass. He’ll kick your dog’s ass. He’ll kick his own ass.


Kumamon is a mascot created by the government of the Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan. He likes to burn things to the ground.


Funassyi is the unofficial mascot of Funabashi, Chiba. Funassyi is neither a boy or a girl, but a pear. Funassyi’s theme song “Funa Funa Funassyi♪" has been recently featured in the music-rhythm game pop’n music Lapistoria and later in September 24th, Dance Evolution ARCADE.


Funassyi is very excited to dance to Funa Funa Funassyi on Dance Evolution.

Estranged Family

kirakirakazuki & silversetter

Sugawara’s exams, in his opinion had gone quite well; thankfully they weren’t his finals or entrance exams as there was always room for improvement.

     Finally, a day that he’d been dreading arrived. A family reunion with his father’s side of the family, if they were anything like him. Well, Koushi really didn’t want to be there, he’d discussed it with his mother, and according to her, they were actually really pleasant. A surprise indeed.

He sat in the back of the car, silent for the majority of their trip. They were traveling from the Miyagi prefecture to one a few prefectures over. He hadn’t really ever met them; they tried to put on a ‘happy family look’ but it was obviously going to come across as a facade.

   Several hours later, they’d found their destination.

a chance encounter || closed for lonelynagi

Itachi rarely left his flat, and when he did, it was either related to Sasuke or to his health. This time, it was one of his more favourite occasions - Sasuke’s swim team was going to prefecturals, and his otouto would be swimming in the breast stroke competition. Of course Itachi had to come and cheer him on.

He’d dolled himself up and taken, as usual, the driver so he could go and support his otouto. His joints ached ever so slightly, reminding him he would never do things like this. Even just climbing the stairs to his seat felt like a daunting task. His hips let out a somewhat disturbing creak as he sat down, hands balled in the soft  pink wool of his thrift store sweater, as he squinted behind his thick framed glasses to spot him out in the crowds below. 

It was then that a flash of sun-yellow hair caught his eye. A color so unusual easily attracted his attention and he focused on the youth that was one row beneath him. 


Animax Musix is doing it’s usual fan selection poll, and they’ve simplified the form this year — you don’t have to enter a prefecture or anything of the like.

Just go here and click the magenta button.On the next screen, select the November Yokohama show or the February Osaka show and click the purple button.

Then select your first act from the dropdown, select your second act and enter an anime/movie/ova and song. You don’t need to enter anything in the bottom box if you don’t want to; just click the purple button, confirm your choices and then click the next purple button.

And yes, that is GR and SuzuKen singing Uverworld’s D-technolife as my selection, because, dadgumit, I’m getting that Granrodeo cover of D-technolife some day….


Long Term Exposure of Mating Gold Fireflies

Japanese photographer Yuki Karo goes to various places around Maniwa and Okayama Prefectures in Japan and uses long exposure photography to capture some stunning shots of mating gold fireflies.


Dreams in Blue

Each year these blossoming blue fields attract thousands of tourists. Hitachi Park is located in the Ibaraki Prefecture on Honsyu in Japan. It’s a beautiful spectacle during the flowering of the nemophila. Nemophilas are annual flowers. The word is a combination of the Greek words “nemos” (small forest) and “phileo” (love). The Japanese word “hitachi” translates to dawn. Taken together: “small forest love in dawn.” A blue heaven on Earth.

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