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The reason I think Miles wants Maya out of his life, or he says that to her is because I think Maya goes to his parents and tells them something is going on with him. Miles has deep seeded issues steaming from his family. His actions are beyond concerning. I know everyone is excited for Triles, but I think he has a bigger story line coming up and it is more of a mental break down then a boy discovering his sexuality. Maybe they will overlap, who knows, most likely they will. But I think Maya is the one who takes action and Maybe his parents put him in a mental hospital or do something where he feels she has crossed the line as far as his business.

In my opinion there is no way she is all upset and throwing laptops over Triles. If so my opinion on Maya will really change. But I would like to think she is more mature then that. The girl has been very understanding and forgiving of just about everyone, even Miles, she did forgive 3 or 4 times this past season for some outrageous stuff. When she find out about Triles,  I’m sure at first she might be like, what the hell. But I don’t think she be angry at Miles or scared for him and his sexuality, And in the promo Maya looks scared for him. I think it could be the jumping off balconies and doing god knows what else this season. so, I think the “stay out of my life” really has nothing to do with Maya not liking Triles, and more to do with her actually helping him and him rejecting her help because either in his opinion its making things at home worse or he just doesn’t want Maya of all people helping him right now. And I have always had the impression Maya just doesn’t get or understand Miles’s home life situation , she seems to think Miles just needs to be good and his life will be okay. So her not understanding and trying to get involved might make a mess for Miles and he is upset about it. Anyway that is my take from the Promos and quotes we saw and herd. I guess we will find out soon:)

  • Aries:You will celebrate your birthday between March 21st and April 19th
  • Taurus:You will celebrate your birthday between April 20th and May 20th
  • Gemini:You will celebrate your birthday between May 21st and June 20th
  • Cancer:You will celebrate your birthday between June 21st and July 22nd
  • Leo:You will celebrate your birthday between July 23rd and August 22nd
  • Virgo:You will celebrate your birthday between August 23rd and September 22nd
  • Libra:You will celebrate your birthday between September 23rd and October 22nd
  • Scorpio:theres a chocolate coin in your ass remove it b4 ur nxt dr's appt.
  • Sagittarius:You will celebrate your birthday between November 22nd and December 21st
  • Capricorn:You will celebrate your birthday between December 22nd and January 19th
  • Aquarius:You will celebrate your birthday between January 20th and February 18th
  • Pisces:You will celebrate your birthday between February 19th and March 20th

We’re all waiting for the Apple iWatch to come out, and there have been very weird rumor pictures of how it might look, though this is my favorite.

Is it going to come out? YES. How do we know? We have more than enough perfect proof that starts months ago:

1) A few months ago, Nike laid off it’s whole group that worked on Nike Fuelband. The product was discontinued, just like that. But Nike had a reason behind it. They’re known to be close partners with Apple. And if Nike quit Fuelband, it means that something else will come up, a partnership between Nike and Apple that will drown Fuelband, and take over. That’s iWatch.  That’s the only logical reason that Fuelband was discontinued.

2) Then, a very recent news arrived. Apple just hired a senior executive from Swiss luxury watch brand Tag Heuer, which could be (obviously) to help it with the launch of its iWatch expected this autumn. Tag Heuer, part of luxury goods group LVMH, said on Friday its vice president for sales, Patrick Pruniaux, who had been with the brand for seven years, was leaving on Monday to join Apple. Of course, why would Apple hire a swiss luxury watch salesmen? iWatch.

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PART 1: 2x06 - 2x08 

FIND PART 2: 2x09 - 2x10 + BONUS HERE

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Watch the Mid-Season trailer and see for yourself


Colleges will always have freshmen, and freshmen will always find increasingly stupid ways to embarrass the rest of the campus. It’s the circle of collegiate life. As such, we’ve put together a series of predictions to help you better prepare yourself for this academic onslaught of inexperience.

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Interactive tool shows the latest predictions for the midterms — and it doesn’t look good for Democrats 

Mic has unveiled the 2014 Microsoft Bing Predictions widget, your definitive guide to all the latest forecasts in this election season’s biggest Senate and gubernatorial races. 

The interactive graphic was built by the Microsoft Research team and is powered by a model created by applied economist David Rothschild. It provides up-to-date forecasts and predictions on individual contests and give you a fun, easy way of tracking the Senate’s shifting balance of power.

The tool uses all the best practices of established poll watchers, but adds context — even keeping an eye on social media — to give us the best and most timely picture of these rapidly developing contests.


Mashima, I see what you did there.

On another note: 

Juvia, who seemed relatively calm last chapter, now seems scared beyond reason. She is shaking (you can tell by the outline around her), her eyes are wide. I wonder if she is unconsciously reacting to Gray’s death by the dragons now that dragons have reappeared. Considering what filler we were given in the recent episode and my personal headcanon that they all remembered their “visions”, I think Juvia knows that Gray really died, or at least has the strong feeling (same as Gray) that he did. If that’s the case, she would know he sacrificed himself for her and seeing the dragons may have triggered that same fear— along with if dragons can hide inside a body, how many are there truly left in the world?

There was really no reason to have Juvia in this chapter, or the commentary in the last one, so I am inclined to believe this goes back to Juvia’s bad feeling and what I originally believed was her bad feeling being about herself (when she was poisoned) was probably not right. So even though her commentary seems odd, there must be a reason why she keeps popping up, making the statements, appearing frightened .There is a reason she was left the task of protecting Gray (END is a flame demon, Gray is an Ice demon slayer but Juvia is a WATER mage, or maybe there is more to her power than we know), and the task of destroying Keith.

I am trying to stay cautiously optimistic, but I can’t help but believe Juvia has a huge role to play in this arc still that we haven’t seen. There is a lot of parallels laid out in this arc that are pulling her earlier comments into the story at current. 

Lets go over a few things that have happened with Juvia since the beginning of the Arc:

- Juvia informed Gray she had a bad feeling, one that wasn’t sad, it was different. He comforted her and told her he was with her.

- Juvia tried to stay as close to Gray as possible when they first entered the fray, protecting him from a demon she assumed was trying to hug him.

- Juvia was proven to be the only member of Fairy Tail who could injure Keith when she protect Gajeel (and was subsequently protected by Gray)

- Keith chose her as his opponent, despite knowing she could injure him— there was a reason he wanted to be sure he defeated her.

- Keith’s plan to have Silver and Gray destroy each other was his bargaining chip on weakening Juvia

- Keith knew Silver was going to betray them and their plan to bring about E.N.D— a flame demon. So Keith was trying to take out every water related mage at the same exact time— and planned on Juvia as his weapon to destroy  her friends.

- Juvia was underestimated because no one was able to predict that she could turn into water, a trait that the demons did not realize a human mage could have, and she defeated Keith in a single blow.

- Silver entrusted Juvia to destroy Keith, knowing Keith was key in stopping FACE (which didn’t happen), but I can also assume at this point because he knew Keith was trying to destroy the only mages that could stop E.N.D. 

- Juvia was sidelined for Torafusa’s fight, because more than likely she would have been able to defeat him too.

- Silver left “everything to Gray” (meaning the power to defeat a flame demon with his demon slaying) but he left Gray to Juvia. Meaning not only did he tell her he trusts her to protect his son and care for him, but also the task he entrusted to Gray must be protected, and that has been entrusted to Juvia. A fellow water-type mage.

- Juvia has managed to overcome a poisoning that has Laxus out for the count when every part of her body was immersed in it. Juvia is the only one who managed to do that— without an antidote.

- Juvia’s commentary and need to see Gray, her guilt over what happened to Silver, and her involvement with the dragons shows that not only is she not out of the story, but her emotional attachments to all aspects of this story are key in what is going to happen next.


Especially with Igneel’s warning not to open the book of END and Natsu being the only one who can steal it, more and more I feel this is going to be a battle that Juvia’s ability to make the hard decisions is going to have to play a major role. Because if Natsu IS END or is taken over by END, Gray is going to have a hard time fighting him alone.

I was browsing Tumblr, when I found this post: http://windycitygirl89.tumblr.com/post/89308438243/teen-wolf-season-4-spoilers-information-so-far  The reason I’m writing this, is because under her heading for the The Pack, she has it stated that “A member of the pack will go missing and only one man can track them down.” Now, when I first read it, I didn’t think anything about it. Until, I remembered this:


I’m pretty much certain that the one that goes missing from the Pack is Stiles. It would make the most sense, with him being human and all. 

Then, I thought about this: 


It’s obvious that the person fighting the security is Derek, and its also pretty obvious that the two people in the background are Malia and Stiles. 

If you put two and two together, it becomes quite possible that Stiles is the one that goes missing, and that Derek is the one that “hunts him down”. It would make sense, considering that back in season 3B, Derek was the only werewolf able to track Stiles’ scent, even though Scott, his best friend, his brother, couldn’t. 

Mark my word, Stiles WILL go missing from the Pack, and Derek WILL be the one to hunt him down. 

Actually wait this has the potential of going well for us
  • Hannah:Cas I love u
  • Cas:I was in love once...
  • Hannah:Oh what happened?
  • Cas:Well...
  • Cas internally:Wait what did end up happening
  • Cas internally:Fuck did I ever figure out where Meg went
  • Cas internally:Oh shit there was all the tablet business to deal with and I just sorta let her go and then I had to deal with being human and everything was so out of control there was no time for--fuck
  • Cas:brb Hera I gotta go ask Sam Winchester a quick question
  • Hannah:It's Han--
  • Cas:#gottafindmeg

With the introduction of a potentially still alive Robert Lecter and Murasaki, this means that Will might learn, himself, about Lecters past and I can’t stop imagining his reaction to it. 

Fuller and Co could through him even deeper down the rabbit how and have him empathising with a 7 year old Lecter. 

What if wherever what happened to them, is still standing and like a crime scene and Will goes there.

Oh christ I can see this all going horribly wrong.