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I'm trying to maintain some tiny hope here. We don't know how that information got out of Jake's mouth. Maybe the guy asked him "hey how it's the next few episodes going to be Nick and Jess wise?" And then he said that. He probably meant it up to the Valentines Day episode. There's still like 6 eps left to shoot at least. A lot can happen in 6 eps. Judging by the spoilers up to 3x15 we could NEVER tell a break up was coming. Or the Jess sister thing. Or Schmidt moving back in. Or whatever.

THANK YOU. You make such a great point here. A lot can happen in 6 episodes,and non of the actors know, so we should still have some hope. You’re so right. We really didn’t see a breakup between Nick and Jess was coming when things were going so well up until the middle of season 3. So something unexpected could happen.To be honest, I really don’t know who or what to believe anymore from the show. One minute things are great, the next minute things aren’t. But since they still have more episodes to film for Season 4, I’m hoping Jake is wrong, and some spark or something happens between Nick and Jess, and a turning point for them,where season 4 will end on a happy note,leading into season 5! 

Here are my 2015 Pop Predictions.

I think I’ve got every major artist represented here. Apologies to anyone I forgot. Or whatever.

• Klingande’s saxy “Jubel” will break in the US literally years after the rest of the world has heard it already. Expect many mostly instrumental “deep house” hits imported from Europe to impact US radio massively in 2015. Loads of more one hit wonders by indie pop acts that have massive viral hits. Clips of songs used on Vine will become barometer of a songs success for Billboard.

• HAIM will see significant chart success after winning big at the Grammy’s.

• Nicki Minaj’s The Pinkprint era will be quite the flop and they will rush release the dance pop EP for early Q1.

• Madonna’s lead single for her new album will be controversial and edgy and possibly feature Nas. The album will be released in a BEYONCÉ style manner, but with an even more unconventional method that is a massive success due to Madonna managing to pique the interest of your average music fan by her innovative release plan. It won’t have a hit single, but it will be a big album for her.

• Miley Cyrus will release her follow up to 2013’s Bangerz with a psychedelic pop/rock influenced album of dirges about love, money, party and other matters of utter importance. Decidedly not a success.

• A huge scandal will rock Iggy Azalea and possibly threaten to derail her career in a massive way. She may take 2015 off.

• 1989 will continue to be a massive seller and success, and will have many singles, Teenage Dream style, including at least #1 single in either ‘Wildest Dreams’ or ‘Style’. Touring will be massive as well.

• Adele is coming.

• Britney Spears is coming as well with a much more involved 9th album, that of which will feature a top 10 single. Vegas residency will continue well into 2015 and will maintain its success.

• Beyoncé lies low for 2015, musically, and we don’t hear much of anything from her until at least Q4 2015 or Spring 2016. Solange, however, will release in 2015, and have more attention than ever following SolangeGate. Expect a top 40 showing for her in the singles charts. There will not be any Dev Hynes on this album.

• Charli XCX will have another Top 10 single in the year, with a single from Sucker. She will have another high profile collaboration that becomes a massive viral hit. She may or may not do a commercial.

• Kelly Clarkson will release and have a massive lead single but titter away soon after it. She will release another Christmas album.

• Rihanna attempts a Beyoncé style release and - shocker - BESTS Beyoncé’s opening day sales. She also bests Beyoncé her promo by releasing a selection of singles, all of which are massive to moderate hits.

• Mariah Carey will take another break from recording new music and will return 2017ish.

• Rita Ora’s album will be shelved and she will be dropped from her label, but her Adidas line becomes massively successful in 2015 and she makes the gradual transition from recording artist to full time fashion hot plate/personality.

• Jessie J continues to attempt to break in the US. Whether the attempts to succeed are not as obvious.

• Gwen Stefani will be in for a rude awakening when she finds herself in the middle of a very heated controversy regarding a video of hers that leaves a dent in her massive promo campaign for her comeback album. The singles for the album will all be middling, success wise and artistically, and there will be exactly three OBVIOUS hits on the album that are ignored. The campaign will fizzle out by Q2.

• Fergie will score at least one massive top 10 single (Possibly in a follow up to the middling “LA Love” from this year.) The album will struggle to pass 30k. The Black Eyed Peas will be back by Q4.

• One Direction will announce their final album for a November 2015 release. 5 Seconds of Summer will disband, as will Neon Jungle and Fifth Harmony. Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone will feud. There will be many a think piece on the possibility of the “teen pop” era of the 10s fading away.

• Becky G will have another top 10 hit (top 5). Her album will be released and not be very good and she will never be heard from again following the massive controversy of her main producer Dr. Luke and Kesha. That case will find itself in court. The court hearing will be a MASSIVE event in pop and will have witnesses from Katy Perry to Britney Spears called to the stand. Think Michael Jackson trials, but maybe less chaotic.

• Dr. Luke will be found guilty.

• Kesha will have a small comeback, with a very raw but good single (She would have the public on her side), but she will fail to supply another good single and will retire as a singer and work as a songwriter behind the scenes.

• Sia will have a massive hit.

• The Lorde x Kanye song from The Hunger Games soundtrack will be huge.

• Kanye West will release yet another massively controversial album. He and Kim will renew their vows. Wendy Williams will have a convulsion.

• Ariana Grande will have a #1 in the US. On a solo track. It may or may not be for a new project.

• Lady Gaga will get on with it, but it won’t be a very marketable or radio friendly or pop friendly release. I also see another jazz project in her future for 2015, but it will be a solo venture. Possibly featuring reworkings of oldest tracks. ARTPOP 2 will never see the light of day.

• Tinashe will release ‘Wildfire’ and have another Top 10 hit.

• A Vine star will attempt a pop career and will have a massively embarrassing showing on a very popular, highly rated primetime show.

• Kylie Jenner will release a single featuring Tyga. It will be produced by DJ Mustard. It won’t be a hit.

• Lana del Rey will record a new song for a film soundtrack and will be recognized at the film awards for it.
She will possibly be recognized at the Grammys in the form of a nomination, but won’t win. She will perform, though.

• We will never hear from Meghan Trainor again. Title will debut on the charts at a position lower than #12.

• Janet Jackson will release her comeback single, produced by a very buzzy producer that has yet to have a US hit. It will be a good year for her.

• Exactly two pop icons will die. One pop legend will have a health scare.

• Sam Smith will record a Bond theme.

• Tove Lo likely will never be heard from again.

• Kate Bush will plop a new single (and it’s as strong as anything on Hounds of Love) on iTunes and the Internet will implode for a bit.

• Dr. Luke will have a horrible year.

• Max Martin will have an amazing year.

• MNEK will have a huge international hit on his hands, but only as a producer.

• MKS will not release.

• Azealia Banks will release.

• Zayn Malik will go solo.

• Little Mix will have a big hit in the US.

• M.O will release a very good debut album, with very little fanfare.

• MØ won’t see the success Charli XCX has since her collaboration with Iggy Azalea, as her single won’t be a hit in any sense of the word.

• Christina Aguilera will release a new album and use The Voice as a platform to promote it. It will be the opposite of Lotus and Bionic.

• Katy Perry will rerelease Prism with exactly three new songs, one of which is an instant #1, prior to her Super Bowl performance. She will perform her latest #1. She will perform very well for her performance and will see her sales rise greatly on iTunes. There will be a controversy/backlash regarding her performance. Not as brutal as Janet.

What do you think? Let me know.


Okay holy shit look. At the end of XY when AZ fell to the floor we heard a loud klink and were confused as hell and now we realize its some type of brace, Zinnia also wears some type of brace but uses it as her key stone holder. Ok ok but look Zinnias whismur is named Aster. Aster and Zinnia. AZ. Hmmm, why is Zinnia caught up with the asteroid that has to do with something 3000 YEARS AGO TO AROUND THE TIME OF AZ and what legend told of the day of when the asteroid will hit. She also talks about truths and ideals so black and white whatever that has to do with it might be related to N or Iris since she has a mega salamence. Or even be related to Emma who knows. Or might be emma hmm. But the best bet is that she is a relative to AZ. Her name backwards is AinniZ. Hmm. Speculations. How exciting.

Reamy/Karmy Midseason Prediction Post

I had a feeling about this after seeing the midseason trailer, but the promo for 2x07 has convinced me even more that this is what is going to happen to our ships in the rest of season 2A:


  • Everyone in the gang goes on a group date.
  • Reagan and Amy already have a fight. Amy feels the need to keep certain things from Reagan that come out at the dinner, which shows that Amy and Reagan, although have a very close physical relationship (eg making out on Amy’s bed, this part is important to boost Amy’s otherwise low confidence), have not opened up to each other emotionally
  • This is very similar to Karma and Liam’s relationship, as both of them still have not completely opened up to the other one. This is because Amy and Karma, whether they admit it or not, are in an emotional relationship with each other. It occupies a space that is deeper than friendship, which is why they cannot open up to their significant others.
  • Karma starts feeling jealous during this episode. She doesn’t like Reagan, who purposely calls her the wrong name, but she also feels protective over Amy. This is shown in the midseason trailer where she saves Amy from an allergic reaction while smiling, almost as if she’s proving that Amy is hers. Later in the car, Liam is yelling at Karma because Karma is upset that Amy might love someone as much as she loves Karma. This is obviously upsetting to Karma, because even though she’s with Liam, she shares that emotional connection mentioned earlier only with Amy.
  • Nothing too extreme is going to happen in this episode in regards to kiam, karmy, or reamy, but it’s setting up for much more interesting events down the road.


  • The pageant episode where Karma’s brother comes into town.
  • Not much is known about this, but Reagan and Amy are already fighting. Notice that Amy is in the pageant, which isn’t something she’d normally do. This is probably to please her mother. Reagan doesn’t seem like the kind of person who’s down for pageants, and I’m guessing they will have some sort of fight over it (why else would they have them fight the last episode if they weren’t foreshadowing a rocky relationship?)
  • Amy will try to explain to Reagan her crappy home life and her crazy mother that she can never quite please, but Reagan will not be as understanding as Karma. This is when Amy will realize she and Reagan cannot share the same emotional connection that Amy and Karma share. Her relationship with Reagan will either take a break or become strained.
  • This is the episode that Liam tells Karma he slept with somebody.
  • Her relationship with Liam will either break off or become strained.
  • Liam doesn’t tell Karma that person was Amy, and from the clothes in the midseason trailer, Karma doesn’t find out until 2x10 that it was Amy.
  • This leaves an entire episode where Karma is angry with Liam and Amy is fighting with Reagan, but Karma doesn’t know that Amy slept with Liam. Which brings us to…


  • The episode we have been suspiciously left in the dark on. Hmm, I wonder why…
  • In the midseason trailer, all of the scenes were easily linked to which episode they came from, except for the most important scene in the midseason trailer, which was:
  • Woah. I know.
  • This is the episode that happens. No, it’s not a fantasy Amy is having while Reagan is going down on her. No, it’s not a dream that Karma is having. It’s happening.
  • Karma believed that Liam was this amazing guy who could do no wrong, but when that image was ripped from her, she began to question everything, including rejecting Amy, so, she goes over to Amy’s house.
  • For whatever reason, they are camping, because this scene happens in a tent. Notice the background behind Karma looks very tentish, and Amy’s pillow is also on a dark background. Amy is not on her bed, which has a light background.
  • I don’t think Karma’s going down on Amy, but I do think they hook up. The midseason trailer just made it look extra sexified. Karma finally gives in and realizes she does like being with Amy, and decides to give it a shot.
  • Amy feels guilty, and decides to tell Karma that she actually slept with Liam, but tries to enjoy being with her before she has to fuck everything up again.
  • Before Amy can tell Karma, it slips out some other way, and now Karma is more upset than ever. This brings us to…


  • Busted
  • For whatever reason, Amy and Karma are in jail
  • Amy gives Karma an ultimatum. I’m assuming she apologizes like ten thousand times before she gives Karma this ultimatum. She tells Karma to decide if Amy should be in her life anymore.
  • Karma is too upset and either says no or gets let out of jail or something.
  • Amy decides it really is time to move on, that this ran it’s course for too long and it’s too fucked up to try and put back together.
  • She decides to give Reagan a try.
  • Karma cries all night and decides she can’t live without Amy, that she is in love with Amy, and she understands now why Amy did what she did, because she finally feels that same crazy powerful sensation that Amy had felt all along.
  • She gets to Amy’s house to find Reagan’s car or something indicating that Reagan is with Amy, and realizes it’s too late.
  • Season cliffhanger: Karma is in love with Amy, but Amy has already moved on.

Thanks to major-cosmic-shift for being my partner in crime.

Also, thegaywomenchannel, these are my predictions :)

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are there even any other matching nautical tatts they could get or have these fuckers used all of the options already? lol

Louis could always get a trident to match the mermaid. DO YOU SEE THIS LOUIS? YOU COULD GET A TRIDENT! *waits another 6+ months*

>microsoft e3 2015 conference
>lights dim
>giant 3 illuminates the room
>silhouette of a man walks on stage
>it’s john vechey
>screams “PEGGGGLE 3” at the top of his lungs
>dubstep music blaring
>beings foaming at the mouth
>rips off shirt still yelling “PEGGGGGGGGGGGGGLE 3”
>proceeds to have full on mental breakdown
>has to be forcibly removed from the stage

best e3 conference ever held


December 14th 1503: Nostradamus born

On this day in 1503, Michel de Nostredame or ‘Nostradamus’ was born in Provence in the south of France. Little is known of his childhood, except that he was from a large family and began study at the University of Avignon when he was fifteen, though he left the university when it closed due to a plague outbreak. He was later expelled from another university while studying medicine when it was discovered he had been an apothecary. Nostradamus is best known for his work which came out of a fascination with the occult - his prophecies, of which he published thousands in almanacs. People look to these apparent prophecies and see them as predicting many major world events. However, the supposed prophecies are very tenuous, and are often considered just the result of misunderstanding and mistranslation. That being said, the work of this French seer remains interesting for its remarkable correlations to future events. One oft-cited example of Nostradamus’s prophecies is his supposed prediction of the Second World War:

"Beasts ferocious from hunger will swim across rivers:
Greater part of the army will be against Hister
The greater one will cause it to be dragged in an iron cage
When the Germany child will observe nothing.

Guys… I’m just as happy as the next guy about Chuck showing up but… Ummm… How do I put this lightly… HE WAS IN THE FUTURE WITH THE VIRUS! This is gunna happen. That’s how it’s ending. I’m positive. Cas is losing his grace. Chuck is back. The brother know about Adam so I bet they try and get him back which results in Lucifer getting out and he possesses Sam since he already has permission and then… BOOM! Croatoan!



PART 1: 2x06 - 2x08 HERE

PART 2: 2x09 - 2x10 + BONUS


Watch the Mid-Season trailer and see for yourself


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Mashima, I see what you did there.

On another note: 

Juvia, who seemed relatively calm last chapter, now seems scared beyond reason. She is shaking (you can tell by the outline around her), her eyes are wide. I wonder if she is unconsciously reacting to Gray’s death by the dragons now that dragons have reappeared. Considering what filler we were given in the recent episode and my personal headcanon that they all remembered their “visions”, I think Juvia knows that Gray really died, or at least has the strong feeling (same as Gray) that he did. If that’s the case, she would know he sacrificed himself for her and seeing the dragons may have triggered that same fear— along with if dragons can hide inside a body, how many are there truly left in the world?

There was really no reason to have Juvia in this chapter, or the commentary in the last one, so I am inclined to believe this goes back to Juvia’s bad feeling and what I originally believed was her bad feeling being about herself (when she was poisoned) was probably not right. So even though her commentary seems odd, there must be a reason why she keeps popping up, making the statements, appearing frightened .There is a reason she was left the task of protecting Gray (END is a flame demon, Gray is an Ice demon slayer but Juvia is a WATER mage, or maybe there is more to her power than we know), and the task of destroying Keith.

I am trying to stay cautiously optimistic, but I can’t help but believe Juvia has a huge role to play in this arc still that we haven’t seen. There is a lot of parallels laid out in this arc that are pulling her earlier comments into the story at current. 

Lets go over a few things that have happened with Juvia since the beginning of the Arc:

- Juvia informed Gray she had a bad feeling, one that wasn’t sad, it was different. He comforted her and told her he was with her.

- Juvia tried to stay as close to Gray as possible when they first entered the fray, protecting him from a demon she assumed was trying to hug him.

- Juvia was proven to be the only member of Fairy Tail who could injure Keith when she protect Gajeel (and was subsequently protected by Gray)

- Keith chose her as his opponent, despite knowing she could injure him— there was a reason he wanted to be sure he defeated her.

- Keith’s plan to have Silver and Gray destroy each other was his bargaining chip on weakening Juvia

- Keith knew Silver was going to betray them and their plan to bring about E.N.D— a flame demon. So Keith was trying to take out every water related mage at the same exact time— and planned on Juvia as his weapon to destroy  her friends.

- Juvia was underestimated because no one was able to predict that she could turn into water, a trait that the demons did not realize a human mage could have, and she defeated Keith in a single blow.

- Silver entrusted Juvia to destroy Keith, knowing Keith was key in stopping FACE (which didn’t happen), but I can also assume at this point because he knew Keith was trying to destroy the only mages that could stop E.N.D. 

- Juvia was sidelined for Torafusa’s fight, because more than likely she would have been able to defeat him too.

- Silver left “everything to Gray” (meaning the power to defeat a flame demon with his demon slaying) but he left Gray to Juvia. Meaning not only did he tell her he trusts her to protect his son and care for him, but also the task he entrusted to Gray must be protected, and that has been entrusted to Juvia. A fellow water-type mage.

- Juvia has managed to overcome a poisoning that has Laxus out for the count when every part of her body was immersed in it. Juvia is the only one who managed to do that— without an antidote.

- Juvia’s commentary and need to see Gray, her guilt over what happened to Silver, and her involvement with the dragons shows that not only is she not out of the story, but her emotional attachments to all aspects of this story are key in what is going to happen next.


Especially with Igneel’s warning not to open the book of END and Natsu being the only one who can steal it, more and more I feel this is going to be a battle that Juvia’s ability to make the hard decisions is going to have to play a major role. Because if Natsu IS END or is taken over by END, Gray is going to have a hard time fighting him alone.


Interactive tool shows the latest predictions for the midterms — and it doesn’t look good for Democrats 

Mic has unveiled the 2014 Microsoft Bing Predictions widget, your definitive guide to all the latest forecasts in this election season’s biggest Senate and gubernatorial races. 

The interactive graphic was built by the Microsoft Research team and is powered by a model created by applied economist David Rothschild. It provides up-to-date forecasts and predictions on individual contests and give you a fun, easy way of tracking the Senate’s shifting balance of power.

The tool uses all the best practices of established poll watchers, but adds context — even keeping an eye on social media — to give us the best and most timely picture of these rapidly developing contests.

Can we talk about this picture for a moment?

I don’t know if anyone has already had this idea so let’s just imagine…

It shows Abby and Bellamy and he’s obviously not pleased with the situation. Here are my thoughts aka what I think this dispute could be about:

a) Most likely Abby is putting the safety of Camp Jaha before the risiky mission of saving the remaining 100. And Bellamy as their former leader is not so happy about it.

b) This could be about Clarke. Yeah, I know it would be too good (for the fandom) to be true but with Clarke sacrificing herself for Finn and a pact with the Grounders I think it’s pretty possible. While Abby would do everything to protect her daughter she is still the momentary chancellor and has certain responsibilities. But Clarke is Bellamy’s co-leader so he would be mad as hell that she is acting as this martyr in the first place and if Abby can’t or won’t help he’ll go on his own.

c) There are also pictures of Raven being captured for acting out because of the Clarke thing (?). Maybe he’s defending her?

d) Lincoln is talking about how the Grounders won’t agree to a compromise. Maybe he’s warning Abby and she’s still defending Clarke’s decision?

e) Abby wants Bellamy to take Clarke’s last name in case of marriage. 

For now we only now that Bell is pissed and has a dispute with Abby. I am so looking forward to that scene no matter what it is about! Bellamy did step back as a leader in the last few episodes and I’d love to see him back to the roots a bit.