My Predictions for the Final Five

And no I’m not talking about sports teams.

All right so here’s the deal.  We’ve got speculation on top of speculation right now about where Agents of Shield is going to go, whose going to die and such and I decided why not I’ll throw my own two cents into this as well.  Here is my speculation for what’s going to happen sometime between now and the finale.

Death Watch:  These are the characters I expect to either die in the season finale or come very close.

Skye:  We talk about parallels all the time between Skye and Grant.  Skye was shot in the first season, Grant was shot in the second season.  Grant had his heart stopped in the first season so I’m expecting Skye to have another near death experience dealing with her heart this season.  I expect it to happen in front of Grant much as his happened in front of her at a time when she desperately wanted to hate him much as he likely desperately wants to hate her right now.  I expect the scene to be utilized to make baby steps to fixing SkyeWard’s relationship.  I would like to not I do not expect a grandiose ride off into the sunset true love moment.  I’m expecting a little bit of understanding from Skye re Ward and a touch of forgiveness from Ward re Skye that’s it not kissing or makeout sessions or anything else my shipper heart desperately wants.  (Side note I’m also expecting it to be Shield that causes this to Skye again in a parallel to the Ward scene the people Skye is desperately loyal to almost killing her to get something from Ward it would fit in nicely with where we seem to be seeing this season heading.)

Gonzalez:  I believe he’s going to die.  It’s not personal as I love Gonzalez character and I love the actor but I believe his death will be what will unite the two shields under one banner.  I also believe it’s likely he will be killed by an inhuman that he is trying to kill capture which will set up next season/civil war and the conflict with the inhumans quite nicely.  Given Coulson killed Garrett last season I’m leaning towards Cal or Jiaying killing Gonzalez this season more to set up the parallel of a parental figure of Skye’s killing the “big bad” type of deal than anything else, but I can also see it being Raina, Lincoln or Gordon all three have the ability it could also be a party we have yet to meet or one I haven’t thought of but I do predict that Gonzalez will die by the end of the season.

Cal:  *sorry leaf-onthewind*  Not only does Kyle have the Twin Peaks return coming but I think storyline wise I can see Cal dying and it being before Skye or Jiaying forgives him becoming the monster he became to reunite them all as a family.  I can see his death being the catalyst for Skye’s real break with Shield as opposed to this temporary hiatus we are on now with Skye and Shield.  In case you can’t figure it out I can totally see Shield being the instrument behind Cal’s death.  I also believe this will be a finale death possibly at Coulson’s hands.

Gordon and Lincoln:  These two are kind of in the same boat for me.  I can see either of them dying because they are in reality canon fodder at this point and will be used to either cause or assist in Skye’s departure from Shield or add to Raina’s villain origin story.

Mac:  As he is the only one not elevated to season regular yet I feel that may bode well for him.  He’ll either be a victim of the finale or one of the episodes leading up to it or he’ll suffer from Trip syndrome where he’ll be relegated to wall paper.

End of Season Round Up:

At the end of the season as I said in my interview with zoroark3496 I stated my belief that the season would end with Shield whole and united stronger than before but the original team fractured and scattered to the four winds. 

This isn’t an uncommon occurrence in television as NCIS for example once ended the season by taking the core team and literally scattering them to the four winds.  Ziva going back to Israel, Dinozzo aboard a Navy Vessel, McGee in Washington DC and Gibbs faced with training a whole new team.  They reunited the team in the series premier but fans of the show spent the whole summer wondering how on earth the team was going to reunite and how horrible of the show to split them up.  This was at a time when my parents weren’t as big a NCIS watchers as they are now so my sister had to watch the episode in another room but my mom still remembers how upset my sister was when the episode was over so much so that she came out and kicked the laundry basket across the room.

I foresee something similar happening this season on Agents of Shield in part due to the spin off speculation by fracturing the team on the show the summer will be full of all sorts of speculation as to who will be on the spin off and who won’t, which fracture point will the spin off focus on etc. I however have my doubts that for all the promotion of the Marvel spin off that it’ll be a new series this fall, my prediction is that the episode they are hawking as the pilot being filmed to be placed in contention with all the other pilots filmed to be put on a plate for consideration for the fall lineup will wind up being more of a backdoor pilot to a new series starting fall of 2016 like Criminal Minds episode Beyond Borders this season where the introduced a whole new BAU team headed by Gary Sinise which they are hoping will get enough buzz to be able to launch a spin off for Criminal Minds that is my prediction any ways for the spin off.

Back to where the team ends up finale wise.  I do not believe the show will address the issue of Coulson selling Grant Ward to his abuser.  I believe the show will hype the St Coulson trope right up till the end when he turns to Grant and in a benevolent way offers him a job and a place in Shield again in the finale Grant laughs at him and tells him that he was never a member of Coulson’s “team” and walks away.  (Side note I also believe the tag scene for this episode will be Grant focused in the finale as opposed to Coulson focused as it has become very obvious that we the fans are very much invested in Grant Ward as opposed to Phil Coulson)  I believe Skye will be betrayed by Shield, either by the possible almost death I hypothesized or by one of the deaths I hypothesized and will walk away from them intending to join the Inhumans of Afterlife permanently gain control of her powers and such as well as build a relationship with her mother.  I believe that we are going to see a very deep schism between May and Coulson and while they may wind up on the same side, meaning Shield I believe there will be a deep gap between them in regards to their relationship.  I believe the Council will remain with May as a member and Coulson will be director and well will see a more balance of powers thing going on where Coulson is the director but the council keeps him in check sort of thing.  I believe this will be a case of May and Coulson operating as equals for perhaps the first time on the show and it won’t be a pleasant relationship when the show ends.  I believe that we will also see a schism in FitzSimmons relationship where one of them, my money’s on Fitz chooses to leave Shield because they don’t like the policy they are adopting re gifted/inhumans and the fact that Jemma is right there with them. I can see Fitz going to a regular job either with Stark Tech or perhaps with another company that has fewer Shield ties as an engineer while Jemma continues with Shield and starts looking for other ways to limit inhuman powers and turning Gifteds back into regular humans.  This is where I see the finale going everyone scattered.  Coulson maintaining his power but being alone with it the people who supported him abandoning him for other causes (Skye inhumans; Fitz for the private sector) and left with people who no longer trust his judgement and are questioning him (May and Simmons).  Hunter, Bobbi and Mac I don’t speculate to much on because I feel that Bobbi is Shield through and through and her relationship with Hunter is going to be much like Coulson and May’s at the end of the season where they are working together but it’s now an icy cold working relationship with a complete lack of trust and as I stated before I see Mac possibly dying and if he does die it will be his death that turns Fitz off of Shield much how I feel Cal or possible inhuman death will be what sends Skye packing from Shield.


These are my predictions brought to you all live from me April 18th 2015 before the final five start and before Age of Ultron hits theaters to spoil me as well.  How accurate I am well I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the season plays out.

anonymous asked:

Do you know if Anna Chlumsky is going to return in S3? I'd really like to see more of Miriam. I was pretty disappointed in S2 with how little attention her reappearance was given - when I first read the spoiler that she was alive, I thought it was going to be a huge story arc. But I know there were contract dramas limiting her screen time. Her character was so interesting and still has so much potential. I want to know what happened with Hannibal and why she was wearing that dress!

There has been literally no news, the only guest star I believe that has been confirmed as returning is Eddie Izzard. Then new guest stars, people like Quinto.

(I mean, we can make assumptions about others but I believe there is no official word)

Like erm, Jonathan Tucker hasn’t confirmed yet either. So I imagine not. He’s busy doing other shows anyway. 

There are pretty comprehensive cast lists for each episode on IMDB, I don’t know how accurate they are but they appear to be pretty on the money with what I was expecting. 

I’m sad Miriam doesn’t seem to be returning. The amount she was in season 2 matched the amount in season 1. If they do a character story like Miriams, they tend to be just in one episode, think about Bella in Takiawase (although she did appear in Mizumono like Miriam appearing in Futamono) this is, not only because of time constraints, but financial constraints too. If they just have a character in one episode they have them for a 5 day block or something and that is it.

Also, hannibal is a slowwwww burner. Hannibal, Will, Alana, Jack, their stories and relationships change and develop slowly. So each episode really does need something quick, some plot to be resolved or not. You can’t have every characters story taking 10 episodes to sort or people won’t watch. I mean, mad people like me might, but “casual” viewers, who just switch on every week, then switch off, won’t. 

So yeah, I’m sad but what can ya do. Maybe they tried and it didn’t work out.

With regards to the dress, my theory is that is harks back to Elise Nichols. Hannibal had a soft spot for her, he kept her alive because she was brilliant. The only difference is he could afford to return her alive because he could wipe himself from her memory.

Elise was important for Hannibal and Will, also her innocence is symbolised in that white dress, and the love that Hobbes felt he had for her. So yeah, that is why I think she was wearing it.

I hope that helps, although there isn’t much to talk about I seem to have found alot!

So talking with kanarenee and squisherific we came up with a theory based on the parallels Mashima has hinted at since the start of the timeskip.

Phantom Lord:

- Gajeel hurts Levy
- Gajeel targets Lucy
- Gray defends Lucy and says he won’t hand her over
- Gray is a member of Fairy Tail, Juvia is the enemy (and so is Gajeel)
- Juvia could not fight Gray because of her feelings for him
- Gray saves Juvia (took away her rain)


- Gajeel teams up with Levy in the council
- Gray lets Lucy get hurt and watches her suffer
- Juvia is the “Fairy Tail member” (Gajeel is also on the good side), Gray is the enemy
- (Prediction) Gajeel will save Lucy
- (Prediction) Gray won’t be able to hurt or fight Juvia because of how he feels about her
- (Prediction) Juvia will save Gray (seal his darkness, Ur parallel)

The two Phantom Lord people will be the heroes. WE HAVE CRACKED THE CODE.

Rose’s Strawberry Army

There’s a lot of evidence to suggest that at one point, Rose Quartz had a Strawberry army. Let’s explore a few aspects of this idea.

First, just like how the other Crystal Gem’s designs are based on basic shapes (squares for Garnet, triangles for Pearl, circles for Amethyst), Steven’s design is based on hearts. In fact, a lot of things related to Rose show similar heart design, as can be seen in Lion’s head shape and nose. Strawberries fit into this theme very nicely, since they are little heart-shaped fruits.

Steven has also shown a particular fondness for strawberries as a food. In “Together Breakfast” the placement of the strawberry on top of the pancakes is given special attention, not just by Steven but also by the shift in music. In “Open Book” when Connie complains that the wedding cake was described for fifty pages, Steven discounts the cake by saying, “That cake was worthy of twenty pages, tops! There weren’t even strawberries on it!” This affinity for strawberries is likely a holdover from his mom’s personality.

It’s no accident that the gem battlefield is overgrown with wild strawberries, as we first see it in “Serious Steven.” In “Watermelon Steven” we learned that Rose Quartz had the ability to grow sentient plants that, in Garnet’s words, “lived to fight.” If her plant of choice was strawberries, its very easy to believe that when they died in battle, they would drop a lot of seeds, so that after thousands of years, their descendants would be there growing wild.

how i think tonight will go
  • Lena:losing a friend is one of th-
  • Lena:connor’s not your frien-
  • Jude:NO
  • Lena:you mean you don’t like hi-
  • Jude:NO
  • Lena:
  • Jude:
  • Lena:#JonnorIsReal?
  • Jude:#JonnorIsReal #TeamJonnor #JonnorForLife #Season3
  • Lena:I'm so happy tbh
  • Jude:same
  • Connor:same
  • Jonnor:#blessed
Larry/Elounor Predictions (March 24 - April 3)

This is going to sound really crazy but I’ve been having strange feelings and weird dreams. I don’t care…call me crazy. But the date 3/24 keeps bothering me so I know something significant will go down.

March 24- One of these may happen: Eleanor will post something on Instagram and the number of people she is following will decrease. / Lottie will post an old photo of her and Eleanor but it might be in black & white, with the caption having to do with “apologies” or “gonna miss you,” who knows….

I just know something important is on March 24 (tomorrow)

March 27- Zayn will confront rumors and tweet about coming back to 1D

March 27/28 - Louis will tweet around/near the same time Harry does

March 29 - Harry will use song lyrics in a tweet and Louis will favorite it

March 30- Leaked Larry photos and an Elounor article.

April 1- Harry will tweet a joke (possibly to Louis)

April 3- Break up rumors will cease / Larry Stylinson will be confirmed

The signs as Crayola Colours

Aries: flesh
Taurus: screamin’ green
Gemini: fuzzy wuzzy brown
Cancer: jazzberry jam
Leo: Piece of shit
Virgo: purple mountain’s majesty
Libra: Dawn’s Early Light
Scorpio: razzle dazzle rose
Sagittarius: neon carrot
Aquarius: Yankee Doodle Dandelion
Pisces: tumbleweed
Capricorn: Wisconsin Moovalous Cheese

Kurt and Blaine moved to New York where Kurt finished his studies at NYADA while Blaine attended NYU’s Steinhardt school and worked with John Simpkins to create a new musical that ran for two weekends at the Loewe Theater and bought him plenty of industry attention. After graduation, Kurt landed a few Off-Off Broadway roles but finally found his niche combining his love of fashion and his training in theatre to become the most in-demand costume designer in the business, creating costumes that not only look fierce, but are actually comfortable for the performers to wear. (Having been on both sides of the footlights helped.) He won his first Tony Award for costume design at age 30. Blaine, meanwhile, built a network of young singers and began writing original musicals and song cycles that they (and he) could perform. While he’s never had a long-running hit, his songs are frequently heard in cabarets and piano bars, and both men are highly regarded in their fields.
Editors' Choice: 8 predictions for WrestleMania 32 - The former Shield members will battle in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (WWE.Com)

When they arrived at WrestleMania 29, they were brothers. At WrestleMania 32, they’ll be bitter rivals battling for WWE’s top prize.

With his WrestleMania Moment stolen, Roman Reigns will hunt down Seth Rollins and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship with all his might over the next 12 months. Yet, fight as Reigns may, Rollins will use The Authority to remain champion and keep him oppressed. Until Royal Rumble, that is, when Reigns defies the odds and becomes the first Superstar since “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to win the titular match in back-to-back years, forcing Rollins to settle things once and for all at The Show of Shows.

But what about Dean Ambrose? The Lunatic Fringe is beginning to crack over his failures to win championships and keep Rollins from cashing in. Instead of letting it break him, though, he’ll use it to put on one of the grittiest performance in Money in the Bank history, winning the coveted contract this year. To torment Rollins, Ambrose will tease him with cash-ins for months. Once Reigns wins the Royal Rumble Match, The Lunatic Fringe will take the opportunity to prove to his former brethren that they shouldn’t treat him as an afterthought.

Ambrose announces in advance that he will cash in his contract at WrestleMania 32, setting The Grandest Stage of Them All for a battle fans have been salivating to see since the brothers became rivals. Believe that. — MICHAEL MURPHY

**This needs to happen exactly how it’s written here it’s pretty much what I want to happen in lead up to the main event of Wrestlemania 32….  MAKE THIS HAPPEN WWE!!

If There Was More...

Right now it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting more episodes of Red Band Society. I’m still hoping that Netflix or Amazon will pull through, but we’ll see. Anyhow, if there was a second season, there’s a few things I’m hoping would(’ve) happen(ed):

  • Leo: I want to know how Leo spent his Wish. I like to think he would’ve taken a trip somewhere with all of the Red Banders. Maybe it would be cliche, like Disneyland, but it would still make my heart happy. I don’t know if he’d survive this cancer. I hope he will. I think we would’ve seen Leo being supported in the way he supported others, and developing more as a person. Learning how to be Clark Kent.
  • Jordi: I think he has the surgery, keeps his leg, and comes out better than before. With friends this time, and family, and faith. I’d like to see him and his grandmother stay in the states and keep in touch with all his new friends. He and Leo and Dash are basically brothers.
  • Emma: Of course, I just want Emma to recover. I would love to see her fully recovered, happy and healthy. Returning to a home where she can feel at home, returning to school (and making friends there)! Of course she’d still do outpatient therapy for a while, and when she did she would visit Leo, and the other Red Banders (because once a Red Bander, always a Red Bander). She gets into the school of her dreams.
  • Dash: Finally gets his lung transplant! And gets to leave the hospital. He would still be the relaxed, wise, and talented guy we’ve grown to adore. I’d love to see him spending more time on his graffiti, maybe even studying art in college. I imagine he’d become something of a cult icon/local legend in LA. He comes back to Ocean Park for check-ins and to paint murals. Maybe he could even do a little art therapy?
  • Kara: Her body would not reject the heart. She has learned so much from being at OP, and I hope she would keep that with her. She doesn’t return to cheerleading at her school. She can still be quite the drama queen sometimes, and she’s tough as nails, but Kara uses her powers for good now (most of the time). She and Emma hang out often, to the shock of their respective friends. I want to see her go to Paris someday.
  • Charlie: He would be doing so well. His parents reconcile, and he’s recovering nicely. He pays visits to Red Banders still at the hospital, especially Leo. The two of them would get to be even better friends now that Charlie can talk back. Oh, and he looks out for Nurse Jackson, too.
  • Staff: Nurse Jackson continues to be awesome. She starts to sing more often- maybe even lands some sort of side-work doing that? But Ocean Park is still her place. Kenji deserves a promotion. I want him to be happy, whatever that entails. The same goes for Brittany- she deserves to feel happy and to feel like she belongs. I haven’t decided if that involves Dr McAndrew or not. They really left it open ended. And Dr McAndrew learns to keep his ego in check. I’d like to see him save a life again and remember that he’s still a good doctor.

So, those are my thoughts. Submit your own in my askbox/submission and I might post them!