Baby Predicon Dragon everywhere!

Man drawing dragons is a lot harder then before. Da fuck happen to me drawing them? XDD I had to look at a lot of reference to understand how things worked.

Now i didn’t know what colors to put for him, i wanted to make him be able to blend with the environment as a way of staying safe, but decided to give him earthy colors instead. 8I May change his colors.

But the bottom sketch’s where study and practice sketch’s. 8)

Right Person, Wrong Time

Final part of Chapter One, which can be found by following the tag. Please read the first two parts before this one, other wise it won’t make much sense.

Title is a play off of Smokescreen’s comment to Bumblebee in Transformers: Predicon’s Rising. Poor Smokescreen. He’s either the ‘wrong’ person or it’s the ‘wrong’ time. At least, that’s what he believes for now. ;)

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A situation pt 1


  The white feline gave a loud predicon roar, as it was backed into a corner of the main control room of the autobot base. Growling and baring its fangs, its fur bristled up tail raised, the green ball on the end was no longer curved and smooth. It looked more like a spiked-recking ball, that could probably do some serious damage if anyone got near it.



"Bulkhead stay back." the medic warned half yelling.

Quickly backing away, his ped was missed as the spiked-ball came slamming down just grazing the very edge of the metal surface that was his foot.

"Wow, that was close." the Japanese girl, commented standing a few yards away with the others.

"We can’t get anywhere near it without that thing on its tail." the rookie spoke, pointing at the dangerous weapon that adored the end of the large felines tail.

The large cat gave a growl, backing further into the corner its tail along with that weapon raised like a scorpion ready to strike.


[Heh, this was just a little story of single-aggressive Ditto meeting the team. But as you can see they think shes a decepticon spy or something.^^]