What is a princess in Go! Princess Precure? - An observation diary (Episode 13)

Now it becomes interesting. There is really nothing than an evil counterpart to figure out, what exactly is considered “good” in a series.

So the series introduced Princess Twilight and I have to say:

1. I’m a big fan of her voice actress.

2. Now we can see, what is considered as NOT being a princess in GoPri

So, Twilight’s way to introduce herself to the Princess Precures is quite fascinating. She helps Haruka, the main protagonist, who is basically trying to absorb anything related to become a princess, but while she is a good teacher and a source of inspiration in the beginning, only after she reveals her true position as enemy and allows Haruka to reject her, Haruka can master the subject.of this episode.

So, I want to say, like Kirara and Minami, Twilight is also a guidance for Haruka, but more in a “don’t be THAT kind of a princess” way.

And what kind of princess is Twilight: Well, she describes the “true” essence of a princess like this:

Kedakaku (い) - Sublimity, being refined; The kanji itself mean “Air” and “high”, but “Air” is actually also used for Chi, the concept of life energy in east asian cultures. Success (for example as emperor) or health was often explained by having a chi of higher purity.

Toutoku (い) - Noble, precious, valuable; The kanji is used in the japanese word for aristocrats ()

Uruwashiku (しい) - Beautiful, lovely; A very old fashioned word, you can mostly find it poems.

Basically, to be a princess, you must be born as a princess. And also Twilight’s rejections of dreams as mere illusions fit to this and make her even more a counterpart to the dreaming, hard working Haruka.

Believing in a dream means to look into the future and believing in the potential of that may become. As long as you work for it you can achieve it.

As a counterpart to this point of view, Twilight insists that you can’t change anything, because everything is determined by past. 

Dreams and working for your dreams however is a very important lesson, almost all fictions for kids try to teach in Japan. I guess, it could be related to Natsume Sôseki’s lecture about individualism in 1914. In this lecture Sôseki told the boys of the Gakushûin, the school that even today is in charge of the education of the emperor’s family, to find their own place in life, that allows them to question other people. However, he also asked them, scions of noble and rich families, not to use their power and money to force other people to walk their way of life. 

Well, of course, I have no proof that this was really the reason for all this talk about “yume” and “gambatte”, that is so beloved in stories for kids nowadays, but I’m going to look into it.

PS: With the spoiler about a fourth Princess Precure, I wonder, if they will introduce a fourth virtue for being a princess.

PPS: I liked the interaction between Twilight and Flora very much. I also like that Twilight doesn’t act so desperately evil like Eas or Siren, but feels very secure about her identity a Dark princess. It makes it feel more like a challenge, a tug-of-war between Twilight’s subtile corruption (”close your heart”) and Flora’s honest purity (”open your heart”). And yeah, I honestly think that Twilight will support the Precures in one way or another. Either she gets purified or a part of her power is transfered to Yui allowing her to ascend as Princess Precure!

PPPS: Everyone is gay for Haruka, everyone!


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