preciousgeorgecrabtree said: omg we can be like matching sweatshirt parachute buddies c:

omg great i’m totally in. wait sorry so i was just thinking about what it’d be like to wear the american secrets sweatshirt in canada i feel like it turns you into some super secret service fbi agent for parachute or something

like you know all the american secrets mwhahahah watch out america

sorry. ignore me. 

Anyway the thing that really worries me is that the status for the shipment is “order has been received,” and there’s no tracking number or anything so i’m not even sure if it’s been shipped. i guess i’ll wait a couple more days and then figure out someone to talk to. i just really want this sweatshirt gah

hi guys! i’ve been meaning to say a few things so here’s a text post with my random thoughts.

-if you’re going to the Charlottesville shows, please take tons of pictures and videos and say hi to them for all of us who can’t go. i’m sad that i can’t go but really excited for new stuff.

-just so you know, i’m going to start tagging my posts with pchute (as well as parachute). please join me in this with your band related stuff (like your concert pictures from this weekend!). not going to get into a rant about the parachute tag, but wanted to let you know my plan.

-i’m still taking submissions for ‘chuter problems and bormance pictures (ask for problem, submit for pic)

and this post got kind of long: under here is some unimportant stuff that you can read if you want. i also replied to a couple of replies. just trying not to spam your dash too much. hope you all are doing well!

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 preciousgeorgecrabtree answered: I just got my sweatshirt today and I ordered it about two weeks ago and I live in Canada, so you should be getting it soon c:

Haha okay thanks! I’m just impatient because I’ve been wanting it for so freaking long and now it’s so close that I can taste it yet it’s nowhere to be found, but I’ll keep frantically checking my doorstep every hour. Thanks :)