A Happy Birthday indeed!!

"You’ve turned my tears of sadness,
Into such joy and gladness;
My heart can’t keep it in
I’m shouting! Shouting!”

"How can I keep from singing Your praise.
How can I ever say enough,
How amazing is Your love.
How can I keep from shouting Your name.
I know I am loved by the King!
And it makes my heart want to sing.”

Thank you Lord — for everything! I am just so overwhelmed by your Love and Your goodness. I stand in awe of you! My love tank is full - it’s overflowing!!

Thank you for Your everlasting covenant, and thank You for the assurance of Your promises. I am declaring Isaiah 61 upon my life - this is the Year of The Lord’s Favor!!

And Thank You everyone! Not just for the greetings but for your prayers as well. I pray that God would continue to overflow his fruitfulness and goodness in your lives as well!

Spread the Love! ❀❀❀

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My soul waits in silence
In rest and in quiet for You, Spirit
In trust and dependence
I’ll walk in the promise of You, Coming
With hope and healing in Your wings
With fire and with wind
You fall on me again

Here I are waiting for this house to be shaken
For the boldness to carry Your name to the nations
Your signs and Your wonders to go now before me
For the weight of Your glory to rest as I lift You up
I’ll lift You up
Be magnified in me!