if you want to see me and my friends, bangtansmistress and namjoonsprincess singing along to I Need You like idiots…here ya go…

(and vivitae we miss you and wish you were here but we know you’re having issues with your computer so talk to you soon my little snail ;-; )

Late Night Babbles

I feel so awkward about marrying my unit to any of the future children, so I personally never do it, (I don’t mind it when other people do though) but if I ever broke that rule, it would most definitely be 150% Laurent’s fault… F*cking Laurent with his wizard hat/glasses/potential blond hair/extreme thoughtfulness/endearing awkwardness/wonderful support convo/all around handsomeness trying to sway my resolve! I’LL MARRY YOU TO LUCINA FOREVER THEN!

wounded--warrior asked:

Fellow roleplayer appreciation time: it's time to tell some of your favorite blogs that you acknowledge, and appreciate their work; let them know that you love them. Spread the love to 10 of your favorite blogs, and if you don't have 10, then just spread it to the next 10 on your dash!


-clutches chest- I can’t – ohmigosh – thank you so much, babe! <333 

kyungsadistic asked:

hey cutie, do keep us updated on your new job, flat, & tattoo, i wanna know you're doing better :3

…this is like the nicest thing someone told me for such a long time omg ;____; I’m really so thankful sweetie you don’t even know ;A;♥ I’ll take a photo of the tattoo for you… if I survive, sincebecause of it’s placement, I’ll probably scream, cry and die xdd