Strange waited, but Norrell continued to gaze at the book in his hand as though he were entirely at a loss as to how to proceed. “Then you must give it to me, sir,” said Strange gently.

Yes, indeed,” said Mr Norrell. He approached Strange cautiously and held the book out for several moments, before suddenly tipping it up and off into Strange’s hand with an odd gesture, as though it was not a book at all, but a small bird which clung to him and would on no account go to any one else, so that he was obliged to trick it into leaving his hand. He was so intent upon this manoeuvre that fortunately he did not look up at Strange who was trying not to laugh.

    So I’m actually back, but I’m just very
     exhausted because wow - I never knew
     that bike lane at the beach stretched as
     far as it did. XD I’ll be lurking here for a
     bit, but don’t expect any replies. That’ll
     be done tomorrow!

     Also, Happy father’s day to my precious
     bab Gilbert and to anybody else who’s
     spending it with their dad! And to those
     who may not have such a good relationship
     with theirs or don’t have a father figure, I
     hope you’ve had a pleasant day with your
     friends and loved ones~ <3

     Meanwhile here’s a selfie of me with my dad

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