Jay Fleadaddie Jon

Finally. I have no idea why mainstream rap, representing an art form intended to be the voice of the people, has so far failed to say what this man has said. And that Rick Ross song doesn’t count.  Finally - this man has said it.



Many of you may see pictures from Ferguson and think “Wow the police look really heavily armed” and you’re exactly right. It isn’t just Ferguson, it’s a nationwide thing. Police have recently been granted the opportunity to apply for military-grade weaponry, gear, and vehicles, and clearly they are making good use of it. I’m going to go through a few of the things pictured above. In the first image the officer has a Kabar combat knife. A COMBAT KNIFE. Do they expect any hand to hand combat? Do they need to cut through any…large pieces of canvas? What the actual fuck people.
Second image: camouflage pants, because its always good to make sure civilians cannot see you…especially when you’re holding an assault rifle similar to those issued to marines. The officer on the right has MULTIPLE magazines for his weapons, just in case the protest gets out of hand and he has to unload more than thirty bullets into a crowd. Nightvision? Because this is a special ops mission that requires you to see in the poorly lit areas in the suburbs. (I’m being sarcastic, obviously.)

Image 3: A sniper rifle. Nothing says riot control like picking off protestors at long distance, where they do not pose a threat to officers. The “Bearcat” armored vehicle, because they need protection from explosives.
Conclusion: THESE PEOPLE ARE POLICE OFFICERS. The patches on their shoulders say so. Police officers aiming an inordinate amount of firepower at protestors. At the embodiment of the democratic process. You have to ask yourself: when the police becomes militarizes, they become a fighting force….but who are they fighting?