Pre-show rituals
  • Alex Gaskarth:Some bands sacrifice virigns or goats...
  • Jack Bakarat:We sacrifice a virgin goat.
  • Alex Gaskarth:Yeah, we sacrifice virgin goats
  • Jack Bakarat:We save money that way
  • Alex Gaskarth:You kill two birds with one stone
  • Jack Bakarat:You save sacrificing tools
  • Alex Gaskarth:"Has anyone fucked this goat yet?"
  • Alex Gaskarth:Nope? Done. Kill it.
  • Interviewer:So where do you get the goats from?
  • Jack Bakarat:Goat farms.
  • Alex Gaskarth:Virgin goat farms.
  • Alex Gaskarth:We raise virgin goats.
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hahahahahaha omg Andy & Alex at the end of this is classic.

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Pre Show Rituals (Part 2). Calgary, AB.

Bound To Fall Chapter Three (Luke Hemmings)

Chapter One

Chapter Two


"You guys are such dorks," I laughed as Luke showed me their pre show rituals backstage through facetime

It’s almost been two weeks since the first time I got a message from The Luke Hemmings. And it’s been almost two weeks since I freaked out over talking to them. They were just as ridiculous as everyone thought they were and it made me so comfortable talking to them. It was weird though. We’ve never spoken to each other in real life, but I could still feel like I had a real connection with all four of them. The actual band was almost never brought up in our conversations, we spoke about life, and anything else pertaining to life to be honest. I didn’t see them as Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, and Ashton Irwin anymore. They were Luke, Mikey, Cal, and Ash to me. As much as I hate to admit it, I have WCAR to thank for these four new dorks I call my friends.

"Five minutes to show time!" I heard the tour manager yell in the background

"Have a great concert tonight!" I smiled

"Thanks Maddie, we’ll talk to you later," Luke said before ending the call

Sometimes I still have to pinch myself to remind myself that this is real. My all time favorite band was talking to me on a daily basis and it was the norm for me now. Since we were in different time zones, I was just getting out of bed while they were just about to start a concert. The smell of bacon and eggs filled my nose as I walked closer and closer to the kitchen.

"Good morning," I beamed as my parents both looked at me like I was crazy

"What’s up with you this morning?" My mom asked cocking her eyebrow

"Nothing, it’s just a really good morning" I shrugged smiling to myself

"Well you’re about to have a really good day today considering the surprise we have for you," My dad said

"Really? What is it?" I asked remembering that my birthday was in less than a week

"You’ll find out tonight at dinner," My mom winked 

In all honesty, my parents weren’t the best at surprises. I’ve had about three surprise parties and I’ve found out about all of them before they even happened and I’ve found five of my presents laying in plain sight days before my birthday. But this one was different. Why were they giving me the gift almost a week earlier than my actual birthday?

I was excited to say the least about my present being revealed soon. For the first time, I had absolutely no idea what they got me this year. I didn’t really have anything on my birthday list because I was completely content with my life at this moment so I wasn’t really hinting on anything. My mind raced through thoughts of what it might be through every passing second. Maybe it’s a puppy, or a kitten, or maybe even concert tickets to a band in town. 

There was a half hour left before we had to leave for our dinner reservations so I sat on my bed scrolling through twitter to pass time when my phone started ringing. Calum wanted to face time what a surprise

"Hey Cal," I greeted him

"Maddie did you get your gift yet?" he asked excitedly

"My gift? No. Why do you know that my parents are giving me my gift tonight?" I asked. This wasn’t information that I told them because I haven’t spoken to them since this morning.

"I-uh…" He stuttered not sure what to say

"Oi did you tell her Calum?! I knew you couldn’t keep a secret!" I heard Ashton yell in the background

"I didn’t say it!" Calum yelled back

"Say what? What’s going on?" I asked still confused

"Uhm nothing- Here. Talk to Luke," Calum said excusing himself and handing the phone to Luke

"Do you guys have something to do with my gift?" I asked him

"What? No!" Luke said a little too obvious that he was faking it

"You are a horrible actor Hemmings," 

"Are you guys flying up here for a concert or something? Is that what is happening?" I asked

"Not exactly," Luke said

"Madeline let’s go the reservation is in ten minutes!" I heard my dad yell from downstairs

"I have to go. But this conversation isn’t over Lucas!" I said ending the call

We headed down to my favorite restaurant and I still had no idea what the surprise was. About halfway through the dinner my dad lifted an envelope in front of his face

"I’ll give you the gift if you promise not to scream in the middle of this restaurant," My dad said

"Why? What is it that’s going to make me scream?" I asked

"Just promise you won’t," He said

"Okay? I promise," I stated wanting to know what was in the envelope already

He handed me the envelope which I carefully opened not wanting to rip whatever content was inside. 

"A plane ticket?" I blurted out staring at the paper in front of me

"To LA?" I breathed in disbelief

"Oh my-"

"Don’t scream," My mom said quickly stopping me

"This gift is also on behalf of We Came As Romans. They’ll be playing at Warped Tour in LA and we know how into those bands you are. They’ve promised to guard you with their life, so don’t cause too much trouble there," My dad told me

"Oh my god thank you thank you thank you!" I said getting up to hug both of them

I looked like a crazy person squeling in the middle of a restaurant but I was way to excited too even care

Pre-Show Ritual

by Fan_Girl_Forever

It happens at the same time before every show. Harry get’s a visit from his boyfriend in his dressing room.

Words: 527, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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thelostatlanteanprincess said:

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One of Enzo’s favorite things to do is to take children around Kida during the pre-show walk arounds and have her use her mean face on them. He gets a thrill out of seeing them flee in terror back to their parents. 

Now it’s sort of become one of the pairs pre-show rituals and a night without it leaves Enzo feeling slightly off. 


“Somos algo extraños”

Esas son las palabras de Liam Payne, hablando con Top Of The Pops en la revista esta semana.

Nuestro adorable Liam estaba charlando con TOTP sobre su banda One Direction, y sus misteriosos rituales pre-show.

¿Qué hacen los chicos de la banda, antes de salir al escenario?

¿Cómo se preparan bien arriba, para llevar a cabo un show frente a cientos de miles de Directioners gritando, noche tras noche tras noche?

Esto es lo que reveló Liam:

“Hacemos esta tradición”, dijo, “donde todos ponemos nuestras manos juntas y decimos algo. Pero lo cambiamos con todos los continentes a los que vamos”.

¿Por ejemplo?

“Por ejemplo,” Liam agregó: “Para América del Sur, era ‘El león duerme esta noche.’”

Liam se echó a reír, y exclamo: “¡Somos muy extraños!”

Liam también habló sobre el curso del tour del “Where We Are” por América del Norte, diciendo: “Hemos tocado en arenas antes, pero nunca en estadios. Así que es muy diferente este año, cuando salimos fuera y es al aire libre…”

“Tiene un ambiente a festival!”, Dijo.

Esto es lo que Harry Styles tenía que decir, sobre el mismo tema:

“Cuando estás haciendo estos grandes estadios,” Harry añadió, “eres consciente de que si te quedas quieto por más de unos pocos segundos, piensas, ‘Este escenario es tan grande, ¡y yo soy tan pequeño!’ ¡Así que me veo muy mal!”

Están tocando este fin de semana en Detroit, con 5SOS como teloneros en el escenario.

Esto es lo que la prensa de Detroit tenía que decir, acerca de la noche de apertura del espectáculo de 1D:

“En sólo cuatro años, el quinteto Inglés-irlandés ha subido la escalera al estrellato internacional, y el grupo está haciendo múltiples compromisos en estadios en muchas ciudades a través de América… No juegan los juegos típicos de las boy-band, y tienen una aversión a la coreografía y actuaciones coordinadas… Esa es la clave de su encanto. A su manera, ¡lo mantienen real!”