Zayn and Louis - 10/~~


Beautifully Bodacious!

Only Way To Describe The Strapped Glutes Of Eric Decker, As Brian Winters Lifts Him In Celebration Of His TD!

Gang Green Power Glutes, Baby!

“Ow-Fuck Steve, back off a bit, Jesus.”

“’m sorry, hang on a sec… Well, I could ask if you’re happy to see me but that might be in poor-”

“Shut the fuck up, Steve.”

Steve smirks into the darkness, but huddles up against Bucky nonetheless. He practically radiates heat from his big body, his arms warm around Steve’s shoulders, his legs a furnace against Steve’s. Even the hard on he’s sporting is unforgivable because it’s just that warm, and Steve is just that cold.

Sometimes, winter in New York really blows.

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Introducing: Offbeat RPG System!


Behold! An in-development tabletop system that will allow you to use the classes you roll as actual characters in a fantasy, sci-fi, or other world of your own design! Offbeat RPG System!

What Is This Madness?

This madness is (hopefully) the answer to a commonly asked question: what the hell am I supposed to do with all these rolls? It’s a tabletop game system not unlike the games featured on this blog (Crab Truckers, Dungeon World) that will encourage unique character building opportunities with engaging but simple mechanics.

Am I Gonna Have To Pay For This?

Nope. Offbeat RPG System will be released for free on the blog. The rules, the classes, the extra goodies, all free. I’ll be releasing other sorts of things that you all can buy, though, and it’d be a grand help and a way to ensure that the game gets made if you threw a buck or two my way.

What Sort Of Game Will It Be?

Now there’s an interesting question! There are a few goals I’m aiming towards for Offbeat RPG System.

  1. Rules Light: This isn’t a competitive RPG, this is a story machine. The less time spent flipping through rule books, the better.
  2. Numbers Light: I love math! I think it’s great. I also think that it can get in the way of the characters at times. When the player is doing more calculations as a player figuring out damage than as a character assessing and responding to a situation, there’s a problem.
  3. Dice Heavy: I love dice! I think they’re great! I want to roll lots of them! Preferably at once!
  4. Character and Story Focused: The mechanics of the game should reflect the fact that the player characters are people with wants, needs, and goals, and should encourage good role-playing and entertaining storytelling.
  5. Make It Offbeat!: Offbeat Classes are specifically designed to be unusual choices for character development, and the game should revel in encouraging the players to do weird things in the name of storytelling and fun!

I hope that those goals can get you all excited about this project. I recognize that this isn’t everyone’s kind of game; some people would much prefer a big ol’ rulebook with lots of tables for all sorts of special details, and that’s fine! I’d love to make a crunchier version of ORS at some point after it’s finished. But for now, I’m sticking with the style of game that this blog is known for praising: simple mechanics that lead to effective stories.

How Far Along Is The Game?

The system is currently in pre-alpha, which in layperson’s terms means that I’m still hammering out the roughest sections of it before we start really testing it out. The base classes (seen in the tags list) are being prototyped as we speak, and they’ll form the backbone of the game’s structure. The Offbeat aspects will be extensions of the base classes, just as the snippet posts are built off of the list of base classes. Additional customization options will be explored as the game progresses in development, and you’ll have to wait and see what we’ve got in store!

Henceforth, Friday will be reserved for progress reports on the game, and will eventually give way to alpha updates and invitations to test the game out with your playgroup of choice. That’s the part I’m really looking forward to: getting the game into the hands of players and fine-tuning it to make it something really special! After the game is finished, Friday updates will include new game content to add to your playing experience, including the conversion of many existing classes to the Offbeat RPG System!

I hope you’ll all enjoy it. Have a great weekend!