I’m calling for fashion brands, and by extension their PR departments to take a step back. Think about your long-term strategy, brand perception and promise. Consider, for example, that in another six months, the fashion consumer might find her eyes glazing over and shrug her shoulders at your latest blogger-inspired campaign and if so, what’s next? We’ve hit mainstream…and working with fashion bloggers, while important and powerful, is no longer innovative, no longer cause for self-congratulations, or god forbid, evidence of “social media savvy”.
—  Crosby in “Fashion Blogger Burnout”

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In the beginning we didn’t have any real-world experience to understand that there were PR firms out there whose entire job was pitching the story. We just thought “stuff will come” and then we kept seeing all these other brands with these great press hits. So we started actively searching for an agency to help us.

Lauren & Emma of Leoluca Handbags

Full interview by PR Couture


I was on Twitter this morning early and saw a retweet from @PRCouture from a girl named Marta. Turns out she has a blog about having an NYCPR internship and just talks about her experiences. Stuff like this is so inspiring because if a girl from Sweden can get a PR internship in NYC I sure can. Here’s to some motivation for those cover letters.

Also follow Marta on her adventures in NYC http://martasplanet.tumblr.com/

This song always gets me in a motivational mood. I mean duh


{sneak peek} Ohhhh shoot. That's pretty.

Yesterday I was fortunate to work on a pretty wicked project with some pretty wicked awesome ladies. Details coming soon. Here’s a quick sneak peek of what went down. 

Meet Hannah:


(Braid Collaboration between myself and Crosby of PR Couture)


Welcome to the jungle miss thangggg!


Isn’t she lovely? Difficult to get a bad shot. Eeeep! Can’t wait to share the deets later. I really cannot tell you how much it fills my soul to work with pretty things, wonderful people andddd braid hair all in one day!

Anddd now to workout my donk. Time for a Tone It Up, Beach Babe DVD Bikini Workout! Enjoy your night!

x to the ohhh

Fiverr is a platform where people offer to do all sorts of stuff for you, for five dollars. Whether you are a student, publicist, agency owner or brand, there are probably hundreds of different reasons to make friends with Fiverr. There’s a lot of sketchy and unethical stuff on there, but I’ve pulled up a few of the most beneficial ways you can begin to use Fiverr to make improve your work-day. Get the rest of the scoop on PR Couture.