tvintedmind asked:

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1. The meaning behind my URL:
     I used to stutter a ton in high school. Whenever I was nervous or spoke to fast i’d stutter. I also couldn’t say certain words like economy or municipal. 

3.  Tattoos I have:
Sadly, I have 0. I have been wanting this certain tattoo for a couple of years but I haven’t found an artist who I really like yet. (for the style i’m going for) I also want to get darth vader on my left thigh.

5.  Piercings I have:
 My left ear is gauged at 00 and my right ear is at a…… 4? I think? Because it ripped a while back. Then I have a second pair of piercings on ears. Butttt that’s it. 

6. Favorite Band:
   I really hate this question, because I can never choose XD. I guess I can just name the bands i’m currently jamming: All Get Out, Tigers Jaw, and Neck Deep. 

18. Phobia: 
I’m a big scaredy cat. I’m afraid of spiders, heights, clowns, the dark, and the list goes on.