Poprad is a city in northern Slovakia at the foot of the High Tatra Mountains famous for its picturesque historic centre and as a holiday resort. It is the biggest town of the Spiš region and the tenth largest city in Slovakia with a population of approximately 55,000. The Poprad-Tatry Airport is an international airport located just outside the city. Poprad is also the starting point of the Tatra Electric Railway (known in Slovak as Tatranská elektrická železnica), a set of special narrow-gauge trains (trams) connecting the resorts in the High Tatras with each other and with Poprad. Main line trains link Poprad to other destinations in Slovakia and beyond; in particular, there are through trains running from Poprad to Prague in the Czech Republic.

The Train-Harder Elite Program

Being up in the air with the date of the competition I have been training for in June, I decided if at this point they decide ‘ok its a go’, I will not be participating. Im not angry at the situation at all. I have decided their is a reason for this change and I am embracing it!! It was such a small scaled show anyway,  I was just stoked for the fact that it was local here in our town.
My main focus of the year overall of course has been my October show..
‘The Olympia Amateur Europe’ to be held in Prague, Czech Republic. So my focus will be 100% solely on this and I am ok with that ;)

Coming to terms with this decision, yesterday was allowed for a few indulgences before refiguring Macros and a new Training regimen for a revised Show Prep. So after pizza, some chocolate chip cookies and a strawberry ice cream cone, my taste buds were satisfied and this morning was back to the Grind!

I created a Training Program a few years ago that I follow as a base program. I always add or alter movements with something that I have advanced to, all the while keeping the same basic fundamentals of the program. With each completion of the program, I always notice advancement and growth. Today begins my fifth journey into this program- Back at day number one, which is a Leg Workout, never fails to kick my ass!! One of the very first exercises is an Overhead Squat hold which is SuperSet with a Back Squat. My first time ever doing this program (which was in its creation) my OHS Hold was 45# less than today. It is so crazy and rewarding to see such advancement!! 

As said previously, changes are happening for a reason and I am so excited!! I welcome the good to come!!!

I am constantly trying to communicate something incommunicable, to explain something inexplicable, to tell about something I only feel in my bones and which can only be experienced in those bones.
—  Franz Kafka to Milena Jesenska