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Crush story: So I have a best friend who will be turning 18 soon and wants to leave his moms house. I have had a crush on him for a long time and we have become really close in these last two years and he spends the night some times and we are constantly talking. So when he told me he wanted to move out of his moms house on his 18th birthday I asked my parents if he could stay here since he practically has a room here any ways they said yes and he said yes and now I will be living with my crush.

lucky duck!

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JB + Batman. Please and Thank you! :D

JB and Batman (you’re welcome ^^)

A great way to tell when Jaebum is drunk is when he starts saying, “I’m not drunk!”

Another way is he likes telling secrets. Nothing too personal. Actually, they aren’t really secrets even though Jaebum says they’re secrets. They’re more like little confessions that you already know, but he’s whispering it as if it was a secret. But one secret was usually him playing, saying that he was a fictional character. It was kind of like playing 2 Truths, 1 Lie Game with Jaebum when he’s drunk. The lie was usually him being a fictional character.

Tonight was no different.

He had told you about a few of the members sleeping habits. What he missed from home. What Jackson was hiding under his pillow. And also where the JYP trainees hid their junk food in the practice rooms.

With one of his arms slung over your shoulders and you trying to hold him up, you and Jaebum slowly and in a very clumsy manner, climbed up the stairs to your apartment building. You thought it would be a good idea to have him stay the night instead of trying to sneak him into GOT7’s dorm where most of the kids were probably asleep.

“Psst… ____-ah… PSSSSTTTTTT…”

You turned your head away from Jaebum as he blew air whispered into your ear. He reeked of alcohol, it was a little hard to stand with him so close, but you knew if you let him walk on his own, he’ll just fall straight to the ground.

“What, Jae… we’re almost to my apartment.”

With his best deep, growling voice, he answered. “I’m Batman.”

You let out a groan and then a sigh. “Good for you, babe.”

“No. Not ‘babe.’ *growly voice* Batman!”

“Oh, for the love of…”

You propped Jaebum up a little more as you reached your door. You pressed him against the wall a bit for you to unlock the door. You tugged your boyfriend on you once again and walked you both into your dark apartment.

“I smell cookies~” he slurred. “Psst… ____-ie~ you make the best cookies~ but don’t tell anyone… it’s secret.”

You rolled your eyes and slipped off your shoes before helping Jaebum with his. You walked him into your home and was planning to take him to your room, but only managed to make it to the couch instead.

You let out a sigh and just let him get comfortable. You were about to grab a few pillows and a blanket for him, but Jaebum grabbed your arm and lightly tugged you towards him. You sat down on the couch and Jaebum slowly sat up and looked at you with a sleepy expression.

“I have to tell you something.”

“What is it?” you asked a little irritated.

“Two things, actually. But their both secrets so you can’t tell nobody.”

“What is it, Jaebum?”

He leaned in close to you, a smile on his face and you could see the sincerity in his eyes. “You’re the only person I have ever truly loved. And out of all the people that I care about in my life, I love you the most.”

His words were a little jumbled together, but it was still enough to make you blush. Words like “I love you” were only said every so often since it was still new to you both and still a bit embarrassing. But it was nice to hear.

“I love you too, Jaebummie.”


“Yes. Now, what’s the second thing?”

“*growly voice* I’m Batman.”

And with that, his head fell against your shoulder and your loving boyfriend began to snore.

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My first sex dream was just me walking into one of my schools practice rooms in the band room, and when I opened the door my conductor and my friend were doing the do??? They were using instrument parts too?? I think I screamed in my dream and then woke up.


SPOILERS The Outsiders: Johnny

So I got to the “Stay Gold Ponyboy Stay Gold.” Part so naturally I was in tears. Instead of sobbing I did something even better. We were in jazz band at the time (I don’t have any music but am required to be at practices, so I get to do whatever) I stomped out of the practice room, walked directly into practice, hopped over a chair, and the proceeded to throw the book at my friend softkitty-josie. I yelled I HATE YOU at her and stomped back into the practice room.

▮♮ ▮ Adagio’s heeled boots clicked against the floor of the school halls, a self-assured smirk ever present on her lips as she patted the keys in her pocket to the school she just was ‘gifted’ from the principals. 

On her way to the practice room where her fellow sirens resided, she turned a corner and caught–Applejack was it?– locking up her locker and getting ready to head home most likely.

The siren gave a mischievous grin at this, seeing the opportunity to tear a rift in the enemy band, and casually strolled closer to the young woman.

                        “ Well, well– the bassist of the Rainbooms, yes ? Never thought I’d catch you                                            on your own without your little ‘friends’ ! ”

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can u do it w/o making noise or nah like how do they not hear u @ home usually

im not really sure tbh and my room is practically soundproof 


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Be sure to thank her for bringing 1:1 life size Makoto and Haruka to us. @v@

If you’re interested in getting your own life size Makoto and Haruka, click the links below. Both are done by the original poster on Plurk.

Makoto | 1 | 2

Haruka | 1 | 2


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Disgustingly Cheesy Stucky AU #3

Wherein Steve and Bucky live across the hall from each other, and Steve keeps “losing the keys to his apartment” whenever Bucky is around. It’s pretty annoying at first, like having some stray dog follow him around. Even after they have sex Bucky wants Steve out right away. But after a while the big loveable jerk starts to grow on him. 

“I’m happy we met,” Bucky mumbles one night as they’re falling asleep, practically incoherent. 

“You’re just happy I was naked.” Steve chuckles.

So one of the piano professors holds a yoga class every monday evening in the small ensemble room and we’re surrounded by practice rooms so we hear everyone practicing. We’re in the middle of sun salutations when we hear a practice room door open and someone yell loudly “I AM NEVER PLAYING THIS INSTRUMENT AGAIN”. And that’s music school basically.