practice what you preach

Be mindful every single second of your life.

“The Dhamma of the Buddha is not found in books. If you want to really see for yourself what the Buddha was talking about, you don’t need to bother with books. Watch your own mind. Examine to see how feelings come and go, how thoughts come and go. don’t be attached to anything. Just be mindful of whatever there is to see. This is the way to the truths of the Buddha. Be natural. Everything you do in your life here is a chance to practice. It is all Dhamma. When you do your chores, try to be mindful. If you are emptying a spittoon or cleaning a toilet, don’t feel you are doing it as a favor for anyone else. There is Dhamma in emptying spittoons. Don’t feel you are practicing only when sitting still, cross-legged. Some of you have complained that there is not enough time to meditate. Is there enough time to breathe? This is your meditation: mindfulness, naturalness in whatever you do.”

— Ajahn Chah


1989. Practice What You Preach

 is the third album by band Testament, released in 1989. The album’s lyrical themes are more about politics and society than the occult themes of the band’s previous two albums. The title track of this album was a moderate mainstream rock hit, which featured a music video that gained substantial MTV airplay, as did “The Ballad”. As of June 1992, Practice What You Preach sold over 450,000 copies in the U.S.  It is currently unknown if the album ever obtained Gold.

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I’m getting really tired of all the hate in the snowbarry tag. This needs to end now. Most of us ship Caitlin and Barry simply because we like how they are around each other and how they support and treat each other. It’s as simple as that. It has nothing to do with race, hating on women or supporting rape-culture. This is YOUR words, not ours. Don’t judge us all because of what ONE bad apple says. Talk to the person who wrote it, not the rest of us. We are not responsible for ONE persons thoughts and actions. Racism is not tolerated among snowbarry shippers.

If someone tags their hate in the snowbarry tag, ask them kindly to use the anti-tag or stay in the westallen tag, If someone writes post that are considered racist flag them, and tumblr will deal with it. Not liking Iris’ character is not racist, just like not liking caitlin’s character isn’t racist either. There’s no need for it to be in our tag. Be kind. Don’t go into their tag and to the same, it’s pathetic, you cheapen our ship. Kill it with kindness, it’s the only thing that truly works. Stay out of their tags, and ask them KINDLY to leave ours. 

You can’t force people to change but you can change yourself.