Many frequent visitors to Vegas say that 48 hours is more than enough time for a trip to Sin City. Apparently, no one told that to One Direction, whose five members have been spending the better part of the past week shuttling to Vegas after a three-night residency at Los Angeles’ Rose Bowl. A long week of celebrating (Niall Horan turned 21 at midnight on September 13) and mysterious injuries (Liam Payne sported a bandaged hand) culminated in 1D’s opening performance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival’s second and final night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

As Payne himself said shortly after the band performed its newly minted signature hit “Story Of My Life,” “We’ve been here for too long. We lost all our money, it’s all gone. Harry’s not old enough to be here — we need someone to escort him back.”

Payne’s unexplained hand mishap aside, One Direction’s 15-minute set was an abbreviated preview of its top-grossing Where We Are summer stadium tour, complete with videos of the band globe-trotting the many markets they’ve traveled via green screen. They even kicked off with their perpetual tour-opener “Midnight Memories,” an appropriately stadium-sized guitar stomper, with miniature bursts of fireworks scattered throughout.

And though the band announced the late September release of next single “Steal My Girl,” a preview of November’s Four album, and recently released another new track “Fireproof” for 24 hours, 1D kept things strictly to the hits. That included last summer’s rousing “Best Song Ever” and debut hit “What Makes You Beautiful,” which brought out the sentimentalist in Payne. “We’ve been together as a band now just over four years, and on behalf of all the boys, thank you, iHeart, for knowing all the words and singing along,” he said.


Official chip time was 2:59:33 for the 21.1km!!! Beat my goal of sub 3 hours. As I started the race I found out my new wireless headphones weren’t charged. So no music during my run. Wore my armband for the phone for runkeeper/Nike and around 11km it started chafing. I thought it was my bra rubbing funny so I tried to adjust it and kept going. So much rain during the race. I was so soaked. Got home and had a huge burn/blister on my underarm. Couple more blisters on my feet but still managed to finish the race. So much harder than I could ever imagine but so proud of myself.
I PR’d my 10k time from June by like 11mins. Such an awesome race!
Met the Governor General of Canada, Rick Hansen and Jody Mitic!
Also got a new tom Tom GPS watch for my birthday and it worked great for the race! 54/100km


Someone caught my squat PR on camera.

I am not a graceful lifter.

Please turn your volume down.

And don’t judge me too hard.

93kg @ 65kg bodyweight.

12 week tactical conditioning program with TRX suspension trainer.

On week 2 of level 2 and feeling pretty strong. The TRX is a great bit of kit to add to your fitness program, and is a fantastic way to build on your core strength.

The program is broke down into 4 days a week in 3 different levels, for 12 weeks.

These are great for serving military, police and other rescue agencies as all you need is the kit and a door to hang it on. I use mine on a climbing bolt outside , or strap it to a tree when I go for a run.

I originally purchased this kit to aid in building core strength for climbing. Now it is part of my fitness training and helping me build on my conditioning, ready for when a slot comes available for my Swift Water Rescue course.

Train hard and stay safe,


Harry's public image - featuring The Sun

The Sun on Harry 2012.

Stories about him dating/lovelife (93)

Articles not linked to his love life (41)

Promotion (20)

TOTAL: 154. Lovelife: 60%. Promo: 13%. Other: 27%

The Sun on Harry 2013.

Stories about him dating/lovelife (96)

Articles not linked to his love life (73)

Promotion (8)

TOTAL: 177. Lovelife: 54% Promo: 5% Other: 41%

The Sun on Harry 2014.

Stories about him dating/lovelife (17)

Articles not linked to his love life (32)

Promotion (2)

TOTAL: 53. Lovelife: 32% Promo: 4% Other: 64%

  • January 7 articles. All Kendall.
  • February 5 articles. 4 Kendall, 1 “his cousin” talking about him being dumped all the time.
  • March 1 article. Supposedly interested in Allison Mosshart.
  • April 1 article. It’s actually about Taylor, mentions him as his ex.
  • May nothing.
  • June nothing (cheeky article about him asking a bride not to marry his husband, harmless). To note: this article about a stripper apologising and saying she lied about being with him in the past.
  • July 1 article, thirsty blonde.
  • August nothing. One article saying he rejected a movie role in which he had to kiss Cara.
  • September 1 article: the 8th, they mention thirsty blonde as his ex. The article is about her.

Out of the 17 articles, 12 are in the first two months. That’s 70%. Since May there have been TWO articles, with the same person (who I believe has a personal contract). And pleasant surprise: The Sun didn’t follow the story in The Mirror (in which she confirmed to be dating him) and didn’t publish the picture in NY! Also no Lou Teasdale mention (many articles of minor gossip sites did go there), no mention of Caroline Flack or Kara Rose Marshall (they crossed paths at Lou Teasdale’s book launch party).

Conclusions: open to interpretation.


Power Teen Juliette Chang-Fane 14yo. 130lbs Snatch PR!!!