Weird weird weird.
Weeks of nothing-no pics or anything. Then new pics of Josh in Sundance.
Jennifer actually attends a award show!
This week we get more pics of Josh and Jen than ever.
Jennifer is being able to hide weeks and now gets papped everyday?!
We get literally thousands of fanpics with Josh(looking miserable) and Closh PR is screaming.
Please guys-get that those two are working together! This can’t be a coincidence!
We get pics for a reason.


Well would you look at this?! I hit my 5 miles!!!! 😄🎉 I actually even went a bit over! And would you stare at those mile splits!! I can’t believe the last mile was my fastest!! Whoop! Winning for me 🙌

So Im gonna break this run down lol:
Mile 1: I had 3 (EVIL) dogs following me. I figured that since it was kind of raining, maybe they wouldn’t be out. WRONG! They were out… Evil dogs. But I figured out a hypothesis: you can’t run from them. If you run, they will chase you and look like they’re gonna eat you. If you walk and calmly talk to them… Well they still look like they’re gonna eat you, but at least they’re not completely as vicious. So mean. I am friendly, dogs! If you were nice, I would bring you treats!!
Mile 2: wet. Very wet. So much rain ☔️
3: am I almost done? Nope. Bummer. Why hasn’t my runners high kicked in yet?! Lol
4: just keep running, just keep running. What do we do? We run run run 🏃… Least the rain is slowing down
5: wet… VERY wet. This was the hardest it rained the whole run. The faster you go the faster you’ll be done! A motto I live by! Lol! :P

So yup! Over all it was a pretty awesome run! Never felt the runners high, but I still felt pretty badass for running in the rain. Lol

This is JUST my 165# overhead squat PR. Obviously had to post it on its own because it deserves all the attention. Look how freaking easy this looks, guys. Imagine what my overhead squat would be if all of my jerks felt this easy. Damn.

I get so disappointed when I PR and it feels easy. Like I could have done more. Damn time caps. But I’ll take the 5# overhead squat PR. And I’ll even call it a jerk PR, because it’s the most I’ve ever gotten overhead. Boom.

Thanks griddelman for the vid. Damn, can I stop tagging you yet?

January 31, 2015: Garwood Games Winter Classic

For Time:
4 Rounds 
5 Power Cleans 125#
10 Bar-Facing Burpees
25 Unbroken Double Unders
*8:00 time cap* 

My Time: 12/25 double unders (9)

Really thought I’d finish this one. Damn, was I close. Fucked up the first set of double unders. Got to 20 and tripped up. FML. And had one no-rep burpee in my last round (I think) because I jumped over the bar sideways. Whatever. griddelman blames me not finishing on only touch-and-going the first set of cleans. Fine, maybe should have connected more, but whatever. If I didn’t fuck up I had a good shot at finishing. But, what are you gunna do?

6 Minute Clock:
Build to a 1 Rep Max Overhead Squat

My Max: 165# (2T)

Killed the shit out of this. This put me in 4th place from 9th. Not that it matters lol. Thank the jerk gods for giving me an amazing jerk today. Because that is my limiting factor in overhead squats. Maybe all this Outlaw Barbell programming is paying off more than I think. Honestly, wish I had time to try heavier, because this felt awesome. I usually don’t split jerk for overhead squats either, but my mind/body speaks to me about which jerk I should do. And for some reason, today it told me split jerk. Is this weird? I literally get senses telling me if I should push/split/squat jerk. Okay, usually squat jerk isn’t an option. But whatever. It’s so weird. And I felt it the first time I went for 160# but I went for a push jerk instead. And I missed it. Went for it again and split jerked it. Easy. I have a sixth sense, and it is the jerk sense. Be jealous.

Click for a video of all of my attempts.

Also, I think this officially closes the argument that my crossfit strength is strength. LOL.

8 Minute AMRAP:
4 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
8 Shoulder-to-Overhead 115#
        *10 air squat penalty if you drop the bar* 
12 Box Jumps 20”

My Score: 76 reps (3 + 4 pull-ups) (8)


Pull-ups weirdly got better as I went on. My judge was super surprised when I went for alternating grip. “Wow you must have flexible shoulders.” You don’t even know, buddy. Did two air squat penalties. Once in the second round and once in the third. First round I did unbroken. Second was 4 - air squats - 4. Third was 5 - air squats - 3. Box jumps I took easy. Probably too easy. But whatever. Had a chance to make it to the final WOD (top 5 went), but obviously that didn’t happen. This entire WOD my throat was so fucking dry. I would swallow to no avail. I was dying. Also, getting over some bullshit throat cold shit. But I don’t think that affected anything I did today. So whatever.

P.S. Thank you to the lovely crossfit-cupcake for wishing me good luck! luh you! 

Also, the one and only Mr. Beautiful (Kenny Santucci) was there. I’ve seen him at a few crossfit events, but I’m too pussy to go say anything LOL. Don’t know who that is? Look it up IDC. LOL.

anonymous asked:

Seriously this fandom is a goldmine for someone who study human physiology like, it's perfect. There are 100 of proofs that say Harry and Louis are in a relationship but people deny it. Then Harry stands near a girl then they are dating, Louis looks miserable as fuck holding El's hand, they are the loved up couple. These fans can be teens but they need to understand something even if they are young and that is " Media is not the mirror image of reality" and "people lie"

Right? I really hope someone is collating everything that’s going on in this fandom as a case-study about closeting, homophobia, media narratives and self-policing behaviours. Or at the very least, I hope someone is making this fandom their thesis topic. I would read the shit out of it. 

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