aristeguietas said:

i'm extremely excited for girl meets world, yes. what i'm not excited for is the laugh tracks, horribly thought out jokes with bad punchlines, and even worse outfits that they'll probably put on Riley and make her seem like an 'edgy' disney channel girl. the shows on disney now really have no substance and i feel like the show is just going to be another reincarnation of them. danielle's letter is giving me hope for it, though. .. and hopefully it delivers.

I understand what you’re saying. I felt that way, too. But I have full faith in Micheal Jacobs that he’ll try to make it as real as Boy Meets World was. However, we also have to think about the fact that this new show isn’t taking place in the 90s anymore, so some things won’t be like Boy Meets World was.

ppposey said: I saw the pilot episode a couple of days ago and wow it was just not good at all

It was so bad but once I got into the plot  I couldn’t stop watching it and I am mad I wasted 5 years just to watch the shittest series finale