This is a little message to everyone who is:

  • Posting shitty hate crap in the Markiplier Tag and ruining the tag for everyone
  • Being offended by something that was never offensive in the first place
  • Hating on people for their fanfics and ships (NSFW or otherwise)
  • Hating on each other in the communities (JSE/Markiplier)
  • Stealing other people’s GIFs and photos and crediting yourself for them
  • Stealing other people’s shit in general 
  • Sending anonymous jealous bullshit hate
  • Being nasty to anyone for no reason other than you being a dickbag.
  • Getting mad over basically nothing 
  • doing anything fucking shitty.

If you’re not doing something positive or kind or anything not-negative in the communities you’re supposed to be a part of this photo applies to you. 

(Ps. It’s transparent)

(Pps. I am serious. This photo is serious.)

(ppps. Totally fucking serious stop it you dicks.)