remember how i said that ghoul!yamamoto didnt work out? i take it back i taKE IT BAKC I TAKE IT AL LBACK
because imagine kind and gentle yamamoto who likes milk and baseball and is good with kids ripping apart humans when he loses control
and he never meant to hurt anyone because he knows the pain of losing someone precious, because its the exact same feeling he had when they took his mother away for being different, for being like him and he knows that he is not normal but more than anything he wants to fit in and have friends and be like everyone else
yet somehow, even if everyone at school likes him and he is popular and envied and seemingly perfect, they feel that something is off about him and stay away, always keep their distance and yamamoto fears so much that no one will ever accept him
because its in his nature to protect his friends and he wants to devote his life to whoever will rescue him
but in the end he doesnt have anyone and maybe he is also glad about it in a way, because his nature is also killing and slaughter and he would end up hurting ki̕l̶l͞inģ t̡́ę̛a̴ŗ͟i̷͘͜ń͢͜g̴̷ D͠E̡͝V̵́̕͘͠O̸̢U͏̕̕Ŗ͝҉̴I͟҉N̡͝Ģ them anyway

i also cringe when people put ‘i’ in variations of the lgbt acronym bc a lotta intersex ppl don’t consider their intersexuality as inherently queer (i hate this word but yknow what i mean) and the mantra of “intersex people are queer” is kinda. yikes. 

opponent said:

I got to know: how do you feel about the only all male playable cast for xv? I'm so upset about this tbh and seeing people defending it on forums just makes me laugh. I'm not even sure why they came up with this decision in the first place...

i’m really, really disappointed

i think the thing that hurts the most is that this is final fantasy, this is the franchise that has brought us so many strong, great, interesting female characters in the past. and, in contrast to what some people have tried to argue, their past record is not in any way shape or form an excuse to skip proper representation this time around

it actually feels worse, because they should know better. we should be getting better with things like this, but ffxv is just taking a massive step backwards in that respect. the idea that adding a female character into their boys club would have somehow damaged the story or made it less fun is just damn insulting.

i’m excited for the game, don’t get me wrong, i’m so damn hyped for it. and i’m hoping and praying that stella gets some great character development, screentime etc and that she plays a big role in the story - same with black haired girl. 

it’s just…yeah. it’s disappointing. to say the least.

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