in the philippines we have hot bananas

yeah but dont diss them because theyre infinitely better than cold as bananas

we have bananacues

yea i fuking said it. bananacues

like 2 or 3 bananas on a stick, covered in sugar and then grilled. the sugar melts around the bananas and makes them hella pperfect.

and then there’s turon.

split bananas dipped in flour/or without then white sugar and then deep fried

tasty as fuck

hot bananas motherfucks.

secretofsilence said:

72, 88, and 109

72. What colour are your towels? red! a pretty red tbh :)

88. Last person you talked to today? verbally would be my mom and by text would be da babe :)

109. Is something irritating you right now? the movie i’m watching bc i just want the characters to make out already THEY ARE PPERFECT FOR EACH OTHER K

Thanks for sending the numbers :)

anonymous said:

When you modelled, was the 1-2 hours of walking your cardio, or did you do an extra 20-30 mins of jumping around cardio? Hahaha xxx you're pperfection

That was my cardio :)