pen pals // bradley & dianne

Bradley tapped his pen against the blank piece of paper sitting on his desk as he tried to think of how he wanted to word this. His leg was bouncing and he had to keep reminding himself to not bite his nails. It was stupid that he was nervous. He couldn’t even see her, he was a faceless guy writing a letter to a girl that didn’t even know him. 


Dear Dianne,

He immediately crumpled up the paper, tossing it into his trash bin. Could he get lamer than that opening?

Taking a deep breath, the blonde squared his shoulders and pulled over another blank sheet of paper. Setting his pen to it, he finally started writing

      Hey. So it's been a little while, yeah? Sorry, I got caught up with things. Life. You know how it is. I missed talking to you though. These letters have become such a constant that not writing to you makes me feel weird, y'know? So I finally got that stuff with my mom figured out. My sister's moving back home too, so there's that. No need to worry about me not eating right because I'm living alone. How are things on your end? Doing alright? Any boys you need me to beat up via letter?       There is something I wanted to maybe bring up for possibly happening, I don't know. I feel like we've really gotten to know each other, y'know? You're one of my good friends now and I trust you with a lot. And it's weird because we've never met. I don't even know what you look like! And I just think that maybe-- I dunno. I'm rambling aren't I? Sorry. I just thought maybe we should change that? Meet up? For coffee. If you want. We don't have to. But if you do want to, we should.                                                                                        Bradley

He nodded to himself, satisfied with the letter before slipping it into the envelope and taking it out to the mailbox.

penpal AU @genkiina



"Today is the first of the month. You asked me to remind you of your exchange every first."

"Right. Thank you, Ren" Aoba ruffles his allmate’s fur gently and sits up from where he’d been laying on his bed. He rolls his shoulders and stretches, getting up to rummage through his drawers.

It had been Ren’s suggestion in the first place, and Koujaku only agreed on it when he’d found out. Not as if it was a secret. At the start of every month, he’d write a letter to his penpal, although there were times when he didn’t know what to talk about.
Using paper and pen was weird, seeing as he uses his Coil every day. But it was nice getting a physical letter every so often and have Clara and Ren meet occasionally due to that.

"Found you—" he mutters to himself, snatching a yellow ballpoint from the bottom of the drawer. He sits down and leans his head in his hand, tapping the pen against the edge of his desk.

Hey Clear,
How have you been?
Work has been picking up again, and the brats have been starting to visit the store more and more. Maybe I should just rig the entrance and scare them away for good, wonder how they'd like that.
Not that I would! They keep things lively, in a way? (╯︵╰)
It's been a while since we actually met up, so maybe we should do that again soon. I don't know what you're doing right now, but I hope you're okay. Sorry this is short compared to the other times I wrote you! Nothing really out of ordinary happened! ーAoba

Somewhat happy with what he wrote, he folded it and put it in an envelope, leaving to drop it off with Ren. The delivery service would do the rest.

And now we wait.

Pirate Party Outraged by Gene Patent Case Outcome

+Pirate Party Australia is outraged that a legal challenge to the BRCA1 gene patent has failed. — via: http://pirateparty.org.au/

“This ruling is a slap in the face for all of those who will suffer or know somebody who will suffer from breast cancer within their lifetime. It is utterly disgraceful that we live in a nation where private companies can own the genetic material within our bodies,” said Brendan Molloy, Secretary of Pirate Party Australia.

#PPint @G+

Also: Landmark patent ruling over breast cancer gene BRCA1  

The decision is the first in Australia to rule on whether isolated genes can be patented, and will set a precedent in favour of commercial ownership of genetic material.

In the US, where the case against the BRCA1 patent is also being fought, there have been several decisions and appeals.

The US Supreme Court will again consider the case in its current session, meaning a hearing is expected before the middle of the year.

Pirate Party Outraged by Gene Patent Case Outcome - pirateparty.org.au/2013/02/15/pir… #patents #brca1 #genepatents #votepirate

February 15, 2013

Supernatural/Psycho Pass AU

Castiel is an inspector and Sam and Dean are their subordinates. They catch some bad guys with a high psycho pass like Alastair, Bela, Gordon, Lucifer, Ruby and Crowley. They work with Bobby, Jo and Ellen, Charlie, Kevin and Linda, Balthazar, Gabriel, Anna, Samandriel is an enforcer that is tortured, Meg is probably a double agent or something and etc~

Idk what i am doing~~

It's always nice to have the company of your best friends.

- Random talks

- Revelation of secrets

- Inhumane and real hard laughs without hiya

- Another cup of rice

- Hot box and second-hand smoking

- Tambays

- Never-ending alcohol intoxication

- Unlimited and almost nonsense chikas

- Intentional and unintentional out of tune singing

- Mistaken words to a song lyrics

- Spontaneous escapades

- Incorrect pronunciations

- Stupid dance moves

- Repeated advices

- Endless annoyance

-  Sweet teases

- Shoulders to cry on

And, hearts that will forever be yours, regardless your flaws and imperfections.

I love you all guise! 

Thank you for always staying by my side. 

Conquering The Inevitable
Conquering The Inevitable

Today is one of those “I don’t know” days. I couldn’t seem to breathe, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t think— couldn’t decide whether to keep walking or keep hurting. People try to get their shit together— fake their smiles, act strong while keeping tears out of their eyes.

It started out seamless until one day, it felt like it was just another waste of time— it’s not like what it used to be anymore. Things would’ve been so close to perfection, but, decreasingly, love is nowhere to be found. It became anger and rage instead; to the extent that it was drastic and dragging. One cannot decide for herself, while the other doesn’t have the willingness to forgive. Both had fun times, both contest to every silly argument, both were hurt, but— only the other experienced the worst and understood. That’s what every breathing human being would’ve done in the first place for they were in love, at least she thought she was. But, in the end, it only depicts selfishness and dishonesty. We tend to be selfless once in a while until tables are turned and you both can’t live in perfect bliss anymore. 

No matter how hard you try to undo your mistakes, there are certain things in life that would much rather remain unfixed. Even if we try to exert our best efforts to prove to our significant others how much we are willing to sacrifice— they wouldn’t take it. Because they don’t want it.

People don’t just give up on someone that they love, but, at some point they have to— when it’s their only choice. Sometimes, we have to let go of people who doesn’t want us to be part of their lives. It’s already given that it will hurt like hell, however, we can’t do anything about it; We cannot force ourselves to be in someone else’s life if they do not want us to be there. We just gotta accept the fact that some things are not meant to be together— especially when you almost always end up hurting each other. We need to learn how to let go and move on because life doesn’t end here, we would just eventually become stronger.

Always remember that life wouldn’t have knocked you twice, if you didn’t let it. Greater things are yet to come. Let life lead us where we’re supposed to be and in the end, it wouldn’t matter anymore— for every person in this cruel world deserves true love and happiness.

There’s something that’s holding me back— couldn’t figure out what it is till now. Maybe it’s the unforgettable moments and happy memories that I will treasure my entire life— that’s what’s keeping me from moving forward. I don’t know anymore. I don’t want to think. Thinking kills me inside. All I know is I accept him for who he is and if I could turn back time, I would.

I’m holding on to something worthless, but, I love him regardless. It kind of makes me stupid, indeed. But, then again who’s perfect? We opt to act stupid for love oftentimes.

The thing is, I know. I just don’t want to know and I wish I didn’t know.

The Verdict

Today, I woke up with a realization… I’m getting tired of being unproductive already. I’m getting sick of waking up late and watching DVDs all night. I’m getting tired about the thought of “Whatever happens-happens.” I need to get rid of the stuff that won’t make me a better person. I have to start looking for work to cease this bad feeling. I have to work. I NEED TO. I’m tired of asking for money just to go and hang out with my friends. I want to feel the urge of getting payed because you’ve hardly worked for it. I want my own money. I want to earn desperately. 

I want to reach for the dream and I’m certainly gonna make it happen.