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New York MLK Day 2014: Support Low Wage Workers, Demand $15/hr & a Union

Monday, January 20 - Assemble at 1pm

Union Square Park, 14th St. & Broadway, Manhattan

Millions of low-wage workers – working in fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, large retail stores like Walmart and thousands of other places including the Airports in and around New York City – are standing up and fighting for a living wage, better working conditions and the right to be in a union.      .

Support low-wage airport workers’ demand to have the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday with pay!

Right now, 15,000 low-wage workers who do maintenance work and many other jobs at NYC’s three major airports are fighting for a living wage and a union. These airport workers work for various contractors that pay close to the minimum wage, offer little or no healthcare and paid sick days. These workers do not even get the Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday off with pay.      

These workers have demanded that the Port Authority of NY & NJ, which operates JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark airports, declare that airport workers be given the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday on Mon. January 20, 2014 with pay. The airport workers and all workers who are forced to work low-wage jobs need your support.

Start the New Year with supporting this important fight for social & economic justice on Jan. 20, 2014

Called by: 

People’s Power Assemblies  
147 W 24th St., 2nd Fl.
New York, NY 1001                      
(212) 633-6646
peoplespowerassemblies.org         OccuEvolve (OWS) occuevolve.com

» Sim Download - Yvette Reed & Chadrick Slater

Two more Sims requested for upload from my ‘ASHDALE PROJECT' for download! (It's been a while!)

Sim Information

Yvette Reed - Free spirited
brave • brooding • bookworm • vegetarian • artistic

More photos here.

Chadrick Slater - Quite the hipster, quite.
workaholic • vegetarian • avant garde • snob • schmoozer

More photos here.

I own all EP’s & SP’s (except Movie Stuff). Plus, I have a ton of store content which these Sims may be using. Some outfits may not appear if you do not have the required packs and content installed. Base game compatible list can be found HERE.

Both Yvette and Chadrick are shown in everyday clothing. All other outfits are set at random.

Custom Content
I use BRNTWAFFLES ‘BLUEBERRY PIE’ as my default skin and SIMTZU’S ‘SHADOW’S OF YOU’ as my default eyes. All other custom content is provided in the download.

I used a few sliders on Yvette which includes neck height, jaw width, chin width, and head shape. Chadrick uses ear stretch and width, earlobe, and eye width. You can browse which sliders I use in my sliders folder HERE. Sliders are not provided in the download.

» Download

Yvette Reed: [ MEDIAFIRE ] [ BOX ]
Chadrick Slater: [ MEDIAFIRE ] [ BOX ]

Please tag ‘shanni-bo-banni’ or ‘shannibobanni] if you use them! I’d love to see them in your pictures. Enjoy!

Peter Pan alphabet ➴ 
a - adventures!

"The night on which the extraordinary adventures of these children may be said to have begun was the night Nana barked at the window. But there was nothing there, not a bird, or a leaf. So the children forgot about it. For what troubles a grown up, will never trouble a child.”