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Can I ask ‘8’ with ‘earphones’ for the color palette challenge? I’m curious what will you come up with ;)

That’s me trying to convey an idea in a fairly quick way (─‿‿─)

People are already complaining that “Katniss wasn’t as bad ass as she was in the first two”?

This TEENAGE GIRL is expected to be the sole symbol and motivation for a REVOLUTION. She has endured far too much for one individual should, inevitably getting PTSD. One of the people she truly loves got kidnapped and is being brainwashed and used against her. Her entire District, the only home she knew, was destroyed, as were the majority of the people in it, mainly because of her actions. And she’s being targeted by the president for terrorism.

Sorry she’s not exactly feeling as confident as ever.

so i kinda need to get smth off my chest please bear with me and i’m sorry

it really breaks my heart how when white ppl on this website post abt the lack of representation on the night changes video everyone is like YEA WHAT A GREAT POINT WOW you are such a good person for speaking up abt this but when all us POCs were feeling shitty abt this from the get go when the first trailer came out all ppl did was unfollow us or send us rude messages abt how they were too busy looking at zayn to pay attention to the hand and we’re just making a big deal out of nothing…??

and it’s sad that ppl only pay attn to shit when a white person says it like that’s such glaring evidence of the way racial hierarchies work… and this post isn’t a criticism against the white ppl who have spoken up abt it at all i’m glad you guys have and i mean absolutely no disrespect to that, it’s just sickening the way people react differently to issues when it’s being said by different people. and it’s sad that i even need to make a disclaimer about this bc otherwise ppl r just gonna tell me i’m being ungrateful and “would you rather white people not speak up about racism at all?! something is better than nothing okay” without even realizing that POCs have been speaking up about it for ages just that we don’t have enough voice and power and no one ever really pays attention

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I think men should identify as feminists not allies bc ally implies that they approve the movement but that they are not effected by feminism when really they're effected by it too like the def is the idea that all genders should be socially politically & economically equal. And bc feminist ally implies that men are not a part of the actual fight towards gender equality, but are rather just rooting for feminism, it promotes the prob of people who say only women are fighting for feminism/equality

In reference to some peoples responses to the confession about Ppinkydolls

I made sure to confirm before posting that confession and it is the truth that the artist of Ppinky Doll is selling a modified, recast version of the Kinoko Juice Kiki body.

Best example to show the comparison is this picture from DollsToWishFor:


For those who are not aware of the situation, Chrishanthi Liaropoulou, the artist behind the company called Ppinkydoll, made a sculpt called Miko and is selling the head sculpt on the a slightly modified Kinoko Juice body, they added a chest joint and removed the carving that said “Kinoko Juice” in Japanese on the original doll body’s butt cheek, and is claiming they made the body and selling it as their own.

There has been a number of people who have contacted Chishanhti about her blatant theft, but it has resulted in people being blocked on her Facebook page and profile and ignored emails, the artist themselves has admitted that the body isn’t hers and has no intention of stopping the sales of her doll Miko, she even went as far as to gloat that the first fullest of her doll sold despite the fact the body she is selling her head on isn’t hers. The artist of Kinoko Juice has been contacted and is confronting Chishanhti so only time can tell if there will be a resolve between the two.

Here are links to where you can find her:
Her website
Facebook page

If you feel the need to, please signal boost this so more people can know of and to be aware of her.

-The Admin

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this “weeeelll you cant blame individuals for being oppressors only the system :)” mentality in response to american imperialism and state violence is such a weak derail bruh like who do you think The System is comprised of? who do you think enables The System? yall think The System just birthed itself outta thin air without human involvement and that people can’t be held responsible for perpetuating attitudes and actions that seek to justify The System? stop this madness.