Alex es campeón del mundo en Judo,nadie le gana. Hasta que le agregan de compañero a Guillermo,que es capaz de defenderse. En un movimiento malo,Alex deja ver sus brazos y Guille ve cortadas.

Alex le ruega al entrenador para suspender la clase,cosa que logra. Guille tendrá que meterse en su vida para sacarlo de ese pozo oscuro en el que le metió el mundo.

[Miami, ca. 1981]

Alberto del Pozo

"OBA. Guardian of the hearth, Oba is the iyare, or first wife, of Changó. She is the legitimate landlady of all cemeteries. According to an old Yoruba tale, to guarantee Changó’s love for herself she cut off one of her ears and offered it to him to eat in an okra stew. He fled their home in horror. Obatalá gave her his white scarf in pity, so she could hide her missing ear." - University of Miami Library


The saying “the devil’s in the details” may not hold true anymore…what is there now is Josep Font. “At the end of the day, it’s the base and the foundation of this company,” he said. “Everything is high-quality, done by hand…not anything that’s cheap looking or thrown together. It’s all very thought out and strategic.”

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