Mads List of OC Waifus/Husbandos [on going] [updated 4/26/15]


I liked the new Mario Kart 8 DLC a lot! I think my favorite track is Wild Woods, it’s beautiful. Also Isabelle is so adorable!

like…kirby just feels very okay in this game

granted he’s still got speed, range, and recovery problems (outside of jumps, final cutter is SUPER bad for recovery, that’s why upper cutter is literally a direct upgrade) but kirby has some mad combo game in SSB4 and he can get really good off-stage gimps

he can contend against a lot of higher-up tiers, too. granted he still loses the MU to sheik and most likely diddy, but it’s probably not by much. i’ve faced pretty good sheiks and i’ve put up an okay fight with kirby

i feel like once players like mikekirby and maybe poyo start showing off kirby more, people will realize how pretty good he is at times

kirby has potential, i feel