Ok, can we talk about where the votes for this list are coming from? This was screencapped a bit ago off of Time’s person of the year viewer vote. I guess this corner of the internet wasn’t as engaged with what’s happening in Tahrir Square and the rest of Egypt… and Bashar al Assad? and… well, the list speaks for itself.

Pete Souza/The White House

“The President works on his Newtown speech. Two days earlier, I photographed him when John Brennan first briefed him on the shootings. Throughout that day, he reacted as we all did, which people witnessed when he delivered his statement a few hours later. Before we headed to Newtown for the Sunday night vigil, he went to watch his daughter Sasha, 11, rehearse for her ballet performance in the Nutcracker. He was going to miss her performance that night because of the trip to Newtown. During breaks in the rehearsal, he worked on the speech. His expression in this photograph may be subtle to the viewer, but not to me. There is emotion and resolve etched on his face, and I know this was perhaps the toughest day of his Presidency.”

– Chief official White House photographer Pete Souza: Portrait of a Presidency