As part of the Luke Cage project I spent the year not only researching Luke Cage comics but also any and (almost) all scholarly works on the subject of African American superheroes.  I highly recommend

1) Super Black (terrific discussion on African American superheroes and blaxplotation films and their connection to superhero mythos.  Especially intriguing were the parts that compared Booker T Washington and Luke Cage versus W.E.B Dubois and Black Panther)

2) Black Superhero’s, Milestone Comics and their fans (Learned a lot about Milestone and its relation to Buck Wilde and of course his association with Luke Cage as well as a lot of very thoughtful interviews with comic readers)

3) Looking for a face like mine. (great collection of Essays on young African Comic book readers and their thoughts and conflicted feeling about superhero comic books)

4) Lastly let me plug again the documentary “White Scripts and Black Supermen, Black Masculinity in comics.  Terrific documentary and it really helped me gain more insight.


Cute nerd girls„„„, only one of you is doing it right.   You cannot take a random pretty girl, pose her in a skirt, slap on a pair of glasses, surround her with some comic books and say “viola” cute nerd girl.  We can tell. The nice young lady at feminerdity: has it right.  Pretty girl in a squirrel girl costume at a convention proudly showing off her costume is doing the “cute nerd girl” right.  Luke Cage’s babysitter has never looked better.


Since next year is the year that me and all my buds are hitting comic-con I had to do something to console myself, so my buddy Kat and I went to see Captain America in what we might have worn to comic-con :)