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I'm an aromantic asexual, and my roommate is a panromantic pansexual. Aye there any dangers about us being in the same room?

you should watch out for power fluxes. due to the volatility of both of your powers they will become volatile and unpredictable. 

signs of power fluxes include (but are not limited to): flickering lights, vibrations, electronics malfunctioning, power cuts, minor explosions and even earthquakes.


The Signs as witch/wizard powers

Aries - Aries allows strength-based abilities, like fire manipulation, and plain strength manipulation

Taurus - Taurus uses endurance or power-based abilities, such as enhanced endurance/stamina. As an element they can have earth manipulation.

Gemini - has replication type magic, and uses air as an elemental force

Cancer - Cancer has things like ability constriction and manipulation of others. Also can use water manipulation and aquatic respiration 

Leo - Leo can control animals minds, and has superhuman senses, and enhanced reflexes. their element is fire

virgo - Virgo can heal and regenerate. Their element is earth

Libra - Libra has the power of enhanced intelligence, and their element is air.

Scorpio - Scorpio uses poison like powers, and controls things like poisonous insects and reptiles. They use water as a element.

Capricorn - Can use earth powers, manipulate the ground and environment

Sagittarius - They have enhanced crafts as a magical skill, which means accuracy, hunting and creating things like potions. They control fire

Aquarius - Aquarius has water type magic, with water ice and sometimes air as a power.

Pisces - Pisces has water magic and illusion, which can confuse others minds in what they see.

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What are the powers of a non-binary asexual, I checked the master list but it wasn't there?

non-binary asexuals have an affinity for illusions, distractions and glamours.

~ Robin

If EXO's powers had an effect on their hugs:

Hugging Xiumin: You’d be very cold. 

Hugging Suho: You’d come away sopping.

Hugging Lay: You’d instantly feel amazing because any and all illnesses/injuries would disappear. 

Hugging Baekhyun: You’d glow.  

Hugging Chen: You’d get electrocuted. 

Hugging Chanyeol: You’d acquire 3rd degree burns.

Hugging Kyungsoo: You’d get crushed. 

Hugging Tao: You’d either get sent to another time, or get stuck in time with Tao (depending on Tao’s mood). 

Hugging Kai: You’d disappear and reappear in a random location.

Hugging Sehun: You’d be violently wind-blown. 

Pro tip: If hugging Chen, Chanyeol or Kyungsoo, have Lay standing by. 

MBTI Supernatural Abilities

ISTJ-Innate Capability: Ability to know anything about a person or object without studying it. Usually gathers the information through physical contact.

ISTP-Technopath: Ability to manipulate technology. Also has the ability to create things that aren’t put together (i.e. Assemble something without doing anything physically to it).

ISFJ-Empath: Ability to sense/feel the emotions of others and eventually, when mastered, control the emotions of others.

ISFP-Invention/Animation: Ability to create things in one’s mind and bring them into existence. Also has the ability to bring inanimate objects to life.

INFJ-Precognition/Psychometry: Ability to see the past/present/future. Also has the ability to see the past or future of an object.

INFP-Tracking/Power Sensor: Ability to follow the whereabouts of a person. Also has the ability to sense other’s powers and what they are.

INTJ-Telekinesis/Astral Projection: Ability too move things with one’s mind. Also has the ability to move their own astral form (gives the impression of cloning) out of themselves and to another place, time, or even dimension.

INTP-Reality Manipulation: Ability to change, distort, or alter reality or create a new reality.

ESTP-Superhuman Speed/Strength: Ability to move at extreme speeds and exert extreme physical strength.

ESTJ-Time Manipulation: Ability to control the flow of time by either reversing it, slowing it down, stopping it, or speeding it up. (This is usually done on a smaller scale to a specific object/person but can eventually, when mastered, be done to the world as a whole.)

ESFP-Materialization: Ability to conjure anything and everything just by thinking and desiring it.

ESFJ-Healing: Ability to heal the wounds or conditions of others and eventually, when mastered, themselves.

ENFP-Muse: Ability to ignite creativity and the ideas of others. Also able to clear minds to help with focus and guidance.

ENFJ-Shielding: Ability to protect them-self and others with the use of a force field or magical shield.

ENTP-Teleportation: Ability to move them-self and/or others to a different location without occupying the space in-between.

ENTJ-Mind Control/Telepathy: Ability to control another’s mind including their thoughts, actions, and decisions. Also has the ability to read minds.

*DISCLAIMER: These are just what I could come up with after researching each type as much as I could. Open to other suggestions and ideas!*

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As a biromantic asexual, what powers should I be expecting? Also, will my dragon have a horn or will my unicorn have wings?

biromantic asexuals tend to favour the earth aspect, with heavy, bulky offence and defensive capabilities that come naturally to them. they may also have an innate ability to summon stone weapons from the ground, but this is uncommon

horned dragons are more common than winged unicorns, although neither of them are unheard of

~ Robin


Powers S01E01

based on the comic series by brianmichaelbendis and micheal avon oeming

The series involves homicide detectives Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim who investigate cases involving superheroes and supervillains, which are common in their world. They work in a special homicide division called Powers. Walker being a former Power himself.

the first episode of the series is free here:

(i kinda want to do more gifs. like that scene by the vending machine with Walker talking about the girl that hovered. but i don’t want to spoil too much. and i’m lazy. )

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Send help. I have fled north from south Canada (minnesota) to avoid the ace hunt. My protectors are getting calls from my hunters. I haven't learned how to activate my aro/ace powers yet. I'm losing hope for survival.

contact your local initiative. they will be able to provide you with a sanctuary and also train you.

stay safe

~ Robin


Hawkeye singing about Hawkeye’s powers. lol.