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What extra powers do I have as a triple-A?

You have the associated powers of all three, however they provide some neat little synergies such as the combination of the partial transformation of dragon claws your asexuality allows you, combined with the diamond-hard toughness aromantic individuals can replace their normal squishiness with and the burning on contact that agender people can turn on and off at will. This allows you to grow diamond hard claws that burn people on contact, a rather powerful ability would you not say?

The signs with superpowers

Aries: ability to make anyone fall over

Taurus: ability to regrow limbs

Gemini: ability to make anyone need to pee

Cancer: power of flight

Leo: teleportation

Virgo: ability to locate anything and everything

Libra: telekinesis

Scorpio: ability to jump into a TV screen

Sagittarius: telepathy

Capricorn: ability to make anyone say the truth

Aquarius: ability to change the colour of anything

Pisces: ability to breathe underwater

If EXO's powers had an effect on their hugs:

Hugging Xiumin: You’d be very cold. 

Hugging Suho: You’d come away sopping.

Hugging Lay: You’d instantly feel amazing because any and all illnesses/injuries would disappear. 

Hugging Baekhyun: You’d glow.  

Hugging Chen: You’d get electrocuted. 

Hugging Chanyeol: You’d acquire 3rd degree burns.

Hugging Kyungsoo: You’d get crushed. 

Hugging Tao: You’d either get sent to another time, or get stuck in time with Tao (depending on Tao’s mood). 

Hugging Kai: You’d disappear and reappear in a random location.

Hugging Sehun: You’d be violently wind-blown. 

Pro tip: If hugging Chen, Chanyeol or Kyungsoo, have Lay standing by. 

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I'm curious of what a "dragon" is, cause I'm ace, and would like to know

Your dragon is a representation of your powers so to speak, however your powers rely on inner peace, meaning that if you deny, reject or repress thoughts and feelings rather than accept them and deal with them then your dragon will physically manifest in the real world (otherwise known as creation). If you do not know of your dragon then you are most likely at peace with yourself, however you should attempt to contact it through vigorous meditation as this will increase your potential. 

The signs as superpowers

Aries: Super Strength

  Taurus: Ability to eat anything

Gemini: Super speed

Cancer: Healing

Leo: Invisibility

Virgo: Frost

Libra: Time control

Scorpio: Flight

Sagittarius: Shape shifting

Capricorn: Teleportation

Aquarius: Telekinesis 

Pisces: Precognition

MBTI Supernatural Abilities

ISTJ-Innate Capability: Ability to know anything about a person or object without studying it. Usually gathers the information through physical contact.

ISTP-Technopath: Ability to manipulate technology. Also has the ability to create things that aren’t put together (i.e. Assemble something without doing anything physically to it).

ISFJ-Empath: Ability to sense/feel the emotions of others and eventually, when mastered, control the emotions of others.

ISFP-Invention/Animation: Ability to create things in one’s mind and bring them into existence. Also has the ability to bring inanimate objects to life.

INFJ-Precognition/Psychometry: Ability to see the past/present/future. Also has the ability to see the past or future of an object.

INFP-Tracking/Power Sensor: Ability to follow the whereabouts of a person. Also has the ability to sense other’s powers and what they are.

INTJ-Telekinesis/Astral Projection: Ability too move things with one’s mind. Also has the ability to move their own astral form (gives the impression of cloning) out of themselves and to another place, time, or even dimension.

INTP-Reality Manipulation: Ability to change, distort, or alter reality or create a new reality.

ESTP-Superhuman Speed/Strength: Ability to move at extreme speeds and exert extreme physical strength.

ESTJ-Time Manipulation: Ability to control the flow of time by either reversing it, slowing it down, stopping it, or speeding it up. (This is usually done on a smaller scale to a specific object/person but can eventually, when mastered, be done to the world as a whole.)

ESFP-Materialization: Ability to conjure anything and everything just by thinking and desiring it.

ESFJ-Healing: Ability to heal the wounds or conditions of others and eventually, when mastered, themselves.

ENFP-Muse: Ability to ignite creativity and the ideas of others. Also able to clear minds to help with focus and guidance.

ENFJ-Shielding: Ability to protect them-self and others with the use of a force field or magical shield.

ENTP-Teleportation: Ability to move them-self and/or others to a different location without occupying the space in-between.

ENTJ-Mind Control/Telepathy: Ability to control another’s mind including their thoughts, actions, and decisions. Also has the ability to read minds.

*DISCLAIMER: These are just what I could come up with after researching each type as much as I could. Open to other suggestions and ideas!*


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