I think I favor the sixth rangers...

Maybe it’s because they’re more powerful than the first five rangers of a series. They always get stuff done. They complete the ranger squad. Also, they usually have a better costume/uniform than the regular rangers. I definitely like the Gold Zeo Ranger better than the rest of the Zeo rangers. Don’t get me wrong, I loooooove Tommy above all other zeos but I separate the zeos from their ranger personae. I may not really be a fan of Jason but I love the Gold Zeo ranger. Did that make sense? Oh well. Good.

Been wondering whether or not to change the name of this blog to something else that incorporates Super Sentai. Well, to keep this brief the name is staying! PowerRangersCaps

Much love to all of my loyal and new followers!!! Thank you so much for sharing your love of PR/SS with me!

I just finished Power Rangers Ninja Storm...

…and as soon as I finish uploading all of the screencaps, I will move on to Samurai as promised. I’ve been excited to start this season because I really want to catch up to Super Samurai. I hope you all have enjoyed the screencaps, captions and memes that I’ve created.

Stay tuned!

susan-k reblogged your photoset: Cat’s striking while the iron’s hot.

Well that’s kind of harsh putting it that way LOL. I see it as her trying to just be there for a friend…

LoL, I know she is there as a friend. But it just seems that she’s interested in him but doesn’t really realize it yet. Oh, I was rooting for Tommy & Kimmy, btw (if you couldn’t tell).