23 Marzo / Sabato CHIC-A-GO-GO w/ AMARI live

Ci han lasciato Poweri ma dopo alcuni Kilometri son pronti per il nostro sabato notte dove corrono veloci gli chic, quelli che aspettano che smetta di piovere, l’ispirazione e le molte mani che son sicuri accarezzare questa sera al Magnolia. Aspettare aspetterò, ma manca poco, pochissimo.

line up:
AMARI (live)
LUMEN (live)
RICHEY SIXX (dj set)

Watch on adessolei.tumblr.com

Amari feat. Two Fingerz & Dargen D’Amico - Dovresti Dormire

ma quanto vincono?!

Unpopular opinion- I’m pretty sad Joan rivers dead, I thought fashion police was a funny show honestly and she was super into girl poweriness and feminism! She was a ground breaking comedian for women and I’m getting pissed off by all those who are saying they’re glad she’s dead. Yes she did make some inappropriate jokes but guess what so do a lot of people! And don’t get made at those of us who happened to find her funny, I didn’t enjoy all her jokes but she spoke her mind and said what she wanted! Isn’t that what you people want? Women who speak their mind and are strong and independent? Cause that’s what she was! It’s not like she made fun of only other people most of her career was her making fun of herself!

So my little brother just came into my room and he was like “lisee you’re going to be so proud of me i have to write a story for english and its all woman-powery. there’s a kid and instead of having a dad away doing cool stuff his mom’s away doing cool stuff and he has a single dad. that’s “breaking gender stereotypes” right???” yes. yes it is buddy way to go :)

doolallymagpie said:

yo dude what happened to analyzing the shit out of anything that might support the idea that project leda and castor were intended to make supersoldiers -yourself

uh idk bro

my powers of analysis aren’t all that good, and we don’t have anything else to go on than we did right after the finale

i’d need to do a proper rewatch of both seasons to get my mojo back

and i can only do the first season and episode one of season two

and really i’ve covered all the bases

they done fucked up with the sterilization process, which fucked with the super powery part

which is why helena, kira and possibly sarah have like, super healing. or maybe the twins thing led to helena getting the more physical augmentations and sarah getting the freaky mind shit

and something happened further and it’s not really all that obvious in sarah

but she passed it along to kira

kira is fucking spooky okay

she knows everything

i have said all this before and better but i wanted to remind everyone how brilliant i am

thanks for the ask, self

yo peepoles the theory thing that hasn’t been touched in months is here