Time to put your money where your mouth is!

We’ve been demanding it and demanding it and now they’re finally delivered. But if we were ever serious and if we want to see DC continue to support Stephanie Brown’s return, then we have to support her return ourselves. You can make as much noise on the internet as you want, but the comics business is a business first and if no one pays to see her, she won’t be around long.

To order your copy of Batman Eternal number one give your comic retailer the Diamond code FEB140140. Stephanie first shows up three weeks later in issue three, FEB140143.

Guess who’s coming back!

At the NYCC Scott Snyder announced:

"Your love for Stephanie Brown has been so inspiring to us, she’s a character we really love, and we’re proud to announce she’ll be coming back in this series!" Snyder said with a smile. "Tynion found a way to bring Spoiler into the story and into the New 52, and it’s really perfect." She’ll be appearing in Batman: Eternal #3 and will be a central character to the series.”

It’ll come as no surprise that I’m really looking forward to this. It won’t be the same Steph, obviously. In the past she was very much connected to Tim’s Robin, Cass’ Batgirl, and even to Damian. Completely revised, completely deleted, and dead. But let’s not be cynical. As a character she showed a great deal change and development, but at heart was always true to herself. Let’s have a little faith that she can be incorporated into the new 52.

I haven’t been reading any of DC’s new line (though I did pick up the new Batwoman and Wonder Woman hardcovers and hope to get to them soon). I’m going to ask my local to put Eternal on my pull list.


First Appearances

Today I want to start a new series of photo posts highlighting the first appearances of female characters. The idea is to post the cover of the first issue the character appeared in. Unfortunately, they don’t always get to be on the cover of the first issue they appear in!

Today: Detective Comics #647 and the first appearance of Stephanie Brown.

So, what do you think?

It’s a variant cover to Powerpuff Girls #6. I understand that it has sparked some internet outrage and, quite frankly, a part of me suspects that is exactly what it was created for: get everyone talking, raise the profile of the title. Remember the Harley Quinn art contest? Same thing.

I asked my seven year old, who gets the comic, what she thinks. She likes it. That didn’t surprise me at all. I’ve raised daughters before. At her age most girls seem to have the sort of exaggerated sense of femininity associated with drag queens. It’s why things like Bratz and Monster High appeal to them. She’ll have outgrown it by the time puberty hits.

New Batgirl, New Costume

I’m excited for the new Batgirl. I wasn’t into the New 52, with the exception of a couple of titles I’ve been following in trade, but I’ve been reading Batman Eternal and I am interested in reading more. Now I’ve put Batgirl and Catwoman on my hold list, starting with issues 35. But one thing keeps nagging at me.

In the promotional art for the new Batgirl there’s a design page and a note about the her saying ‘LEATHER JACKET NOT SPANDEX!’ It captions a picture comparing two images of her jacket. The one that highlights her breasts has a red ‘x’ beside it. No plans to go that way.

I’ve seen this before. Ten years ago Darwyn Cooke did a fantastic job of redesigning Catwoman’s costume. It too was leather and did a great job of balancing the character’s sexiness and the practical needs of a cat burglar. Then Adam Hughes got a hold of it. He half unzipped the top and most artists haven’t found a way to zip it back up again.

Now I know Barbara isn’t Selina, but it’s been nagging at me.